When I Rescued a Beautiful Girl Who Was About to Be Mol*sted, It Was My Childhood Friend Sitting Next to Me


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[I have a childhood friend next to me. That’s all I need to know about this romantic comedy]. Fushimi Hina is the most universally recognized S-class beauty in the school. She is a childhood friend of Ryo, but they hardly spoke to each other from junior high school to senior high school, but one thing leads them to talk to each other again. After that, Hina takes care of Ryo and acts aggressively, but Ryo doesn’t really understand the meaning of her actions.

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Chikan Saresou ni Natteiru S-kyuu Bishoujo wo Tasuketara Tonari no Seki no Osananajimi datta
The Girl I Saved on the Train Turned Out to Be My Childhood Friend
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March 29, 2021
Status: c8
This novel is good and all but, forgive me for saying this: the translation sucks so much that I can understand the machine translated CN novels I'm reading better than this novel. With my limited english knowledge, it's painful to imagine the things I read. I know that it's not easy to translate novels and I'm very sorry about this but I just hope that they can make the translation better. Well just hoping, I'm not pressuring them or anything.

Ps. This is my first review so please do understand my... more>> mistakes. <<less
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MarkMyWords rated it
November 22, 2020
Status: --
Honestly, I can't stand this dense MC.

The childhood friend gives the most blatant signs of liking him, and he just shrugs it off as "something that the childhood friend would do to reminisce the past."

When the childhood friend strays away from him, he doesn't even try to find the cause of it, saying that it's because she's popular.

He's the standard school loner protagonist: s*upid, dense, and constantly putting himself down.
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