When I Opened My Eyes I Was a Superstar


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Kim Bo Myung, after graduating from high school years ago was living a below average life as an employee of an entertainment agencies PR department.

After getting run over he opened his eyes to see that he was back in the past in the body of a member of an idol group?!

He gets a chance to regain his lost dreams and write a new legend in the entertainment world and also get revenge !

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눈 떠보니 슈퍼스타
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10 Reviews

Aug 22, 2022
Status: c19
It's such a good novel!!!!

the translation is wonderful, the translator really put their whole soul into this!!!

it already has my heart with only 12 chapters!

... more>> the story isn't anything new as you can tell from the summary but it's so.. OMG WHATS THE WORD

It's so catchy, once you start reading you CAN'T stop.

i was reading this during class and I just kept fighting the urge to open up my device and get on this book.

i've read other books similar to this and I have never craved more, dont get me wrong the stories I was reading weren't bad they just weren't GOOOD... yknow?


Although this story has similar tropes to the other stories I read its different.

the other stories, the main character is always too perfect but this is different he actually has to work his way up q-q
I'm not very good with words TBH SO I KEEP REPEATING THINGS TT-TT

anyways, This novel honestly gave me life.

alright so our MC is very pitiful and not a very confident person but its so interesting watching him bloom with that bit of confidence while in Do Wooks body TT-TT (i feel like a proud mother)

he was bullied while in high school so therefore his self esteem isn't really there.

He knows Do Wook from his past life, not personally but through a tv screen.. get it.. haha

i don't really have anything else to say although I did read all the way to ch 12.

his bully became a singer like right after they graduated high school and it rubbed him the wrong way considering his dream, he was traumatized to the point where even seeing his face makes him nauseous.


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Jan 02, 2023
Status: c2
Not a fan, dropped at chapter 2. The MC woke up in someone else's body (belonging to an idol he's heard of in his previous life) and the first thought he have is that 'it's an opportunity for him'...

Dunno... It just seems so wrong to me. Like, what about the og, pal? Aren't you disturb you're now in another person's body? Curious of where the og is, now that you're in his body? Not even just a little bit of worry, wonder, or thought for him? I mean, bruh it's... more>> his body (⁠。⁠•́⁠︿⁠•̀⁠。⁠) Dunno if it'll be tackled in the future/coming chapters but it just puts me off...

Anyway, it's just my thoughts. If you're interested, give it a try! EatApplePies' translation is as good as ever btw! <<less
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Jan 25, 2023
Status: c34
Plot: 3/5
The MC was bullied badly when he was in school. His dream was to be an idol. He woke up in the past in an idol trainee body and proceeded to debut. His goal is to beat a rival male idol who happens to be the bully from his past life.

Writing: 2/5
The writing style is boring. There's a lot of narrating of the events. It could have done with some third person perspectives. It doesn't evoke a lot of feelings when I'm reading it.

Overall thoughts:
Good translation.... more>> Okay story. Got bored after a while. Would recommend "Debut or Die" if you are looking for a transmigration idol story. <<less
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Oct 20, 2022
Status: c20
A good read, I would say. The story's been good so far despite not having so many details yet. I am sure the conflicts between characters, chars development, the plot and world building will be demonstrated better in later chapters. I look forward to it
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 05, 2023
Status: Completed
A very good novel, seeing how the protagonist progresses and achieves his goals, I loved it.

The protagonist is neither arrogant nor s*upid and he knows how to do things well and calmly and how he cares for the other members is manifest, the plot catches you and you feel that you need what is going to happen I think it is a realistic story of the industry of entertainment Korea.

If you like idols or kpop this novel is for you I recommend it one hundred percent.
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Jan 09, 2023
Status: c32
I don't know how to say this, but I love the content and the story, but the writing is a bit flat. There are not that much emotion, and some scenes fly by a little to fast to get the best impact. There are also a little bit too many characters.

Still, I love the MC and the road from zero to super celebrity, though reading this story feels a bit like reading a lexicon at times, because all you get is explanations of everything that happened without much thoughts.

Even though... more>> the writing is bland, I still love these kinds of fast food and will keep reading it, hopefully more interesting characters will come later, though I loved the DJ turned Music writer. <<less
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Sep 26, 2023
Status: c10
I'm a sucker for idol novels but I just cant seem to like this novel 😫

It's okay but it could be better.

The writing is boring and the characters are bland.

... more>> The scenes passed by so fast.

Maybe it's bcs im still in ch 10 -- ill update it again when I reach the latest chapter lah.

Kudos to the translator for such a good quality translation.

If you guys like idol novels like this you might want to check out The tr*shy PD Has To Survive As An Idol, Debut or Die, and Genius Sunfish Idol. <<less
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I am here to eat dogfood
I am here to
Aug 17, 2023
Status: c22
In simple words I dislike this novel.

Not even one character, not even one character made me feel enjoyable, as if am eating food without salt. *Sigh*

The writing is boring to the point that I don't even sympathize with MC.

... more>> Call me heartless or whatever.

I always felt the chapters were skipping and seriously what the hell is this all about revenge.

Dude, it's not like he knows you were the guy from back then or that he will go to Hollywood in future.

And the worst part I felt that how MC took the original owner body for granted, god this making me so mad.💢

Anyway I am dropping this.

Seriously so frustrating...

*Sigh* I am kind of disappointment...

The 3 stars all for translator. Good job 👍 <<less
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Jan 01, 2023
Status: c31
An enjoyable read. I highly recommend it.

5/5 Translation Quality. EatApplePie is a top tier translation/proofreading team and I want to offer my sincere thanks to them. It's rare to read something without worrying about grammatical mistakes or odd typos to break immersion.

5/5 Writing & Characterisation. Bo Myung is an incredibly sympathetic character and the author does a great job in conveying his determination to succeed and overcome the demons from his first life; a childhood marred with bullying, only to have the effects reverberate years into the future. It's such... more>> a poignant theme, especially if you've had similar experiences with bullying/abuse.

Most isekais use the protagonist as a reader-surrogate but, as the chapters unfold, Bo Myung's reactions are incredibly realistic. Feeling guilty when using Do Wook's money; the bittersweet jealousy when he learnt that Do Wook's parents were well-off enough to support his career choice, whereas Bo Myung's parents did everything they could for him despite being poor.

One scene stood out to me:

Bo Myung's parents bowing down in apology in the principal's office despite him being the victim. Seo Kang Jun who got away with intense bullying through his father's political sway and financial capital. This is the type of unfair reality we're introduced to, and it's such a strong premise.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 29, 2023
Status: c62
I'm really enjoying reading this. I like how the MC has his own goals and goes about it rationally.

... more>>

An example is when Ahn Hyung Seo gets injured during futsal and the one who deliberately tackled him was Seo Kang Jun and Do Wook knew that. I thought he'd stand in and replace AHS for futsal, instead of doing reckless revenge, he saves up his energy from the 100m run for the relay since AHS can't participate and wanted to win against M2M. The win was satisfying for me especially after Do Wook tells SKJ to watch his back because he would fall.


His personality is nice and just my type. Similar to the MC of Debut or Die, Moondae in terms of personality, both sharing a somewhat stoic expression and put together attitude however Do Wook is more expressive with his appreciation. What's funny is that he contrasts the MC of tr*sh of the Counts Family, Cale, because Do Wook actively finds work.


For example, when they were looking for a debut song, Do Wook went to the producer that made KK popular by finding out where he lived, making a poster targeting the producer, sticking posters around his area at night and early morning and even telling the staff to wait for a better song just so he can get the producer.


In addition to that, he attends vocal lessons, music production lessons, wakes up early and exercises every single day and alongside that he's also attending school.

The translation is also brilliant, I have no problem reading it and I like how certain words that have to be explained is literally just after the paragraph. I dislike it when I have to scroll down to the very bottom because it just ruins the reading experience. So I'm grateful for the translators for choosing this format 🤭

My only criticism is that the story pace is slow, there are still questions to be answered such as what happened to the real Do Wook? What happened to the Bo Myung's body? Is the female Bo Myung his self in the current timeline because Bo Myung is in Do Wook's body?

I do like the slight mystery but I'm dreading the fact that it might go beyond 300 chapters to answer these questions since I like to move on pretty fast between novels while I'm still interested.

Overall, a decent story to pass the time with. I definitely recommend! <<less
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