When I Changed Jobs, I Found a Company With 3 Sisters That I Used to Help, All of Whom Are Yanderes


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Takahashi Yuma, 24, is tired of the relationships in his company and decides to change jobs.

When he gets off at a station a short distance from home to take a detour after a long time, he finds three beautiful women being entangled with three dorky guys.

He helps them out as a conditioned reflex.

He realizes that he (Takahashi Yuma) and the girls (the three Kirie sisters) used to live next door to each other. He also learns that he once saved them from a terrible fate.

The three Kirie sisters’ dark and heavy love begins to move

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New NovelUpdates12342 rated it
March 10, 2023
Status: c27
Its hard for me me to rate this lower than a 3 because it is clearly not meant for me, but this novel rubs me wrong in alot of ways.

Just to preface: I am big yandere fan. I'm not too hardcore where I like femdom, but I enjoy it when my FL is inflicting emotional or physical pain onto the MC or those they care about due to her overwhelming and unhealthy love. The ideal yandere to me is like a spider slowly trapping her love by silently cutting off... more>> avenues of escape and other relationships while trying to attempt a regular relationship with the MC

In terms of yandere, this novel has nothing. Its almost insulting to call these girls yanderes. They are more like love zombies, constantly proclaiming their love for the MC and drunkingly attempting to seduce him. There is no feeling of danger or idea that the sister's love is unhealthy, just kinda one dimensional and s*upid.

In terms of romance, it feels limp. The relationship goes that the MC saved them when he was young and now they are eternally grateful to him. And that is kinda of it. Each chapter just repeats in different words this same relationship over and over again. Its just boring and dull.

The characters are also kinda bad too. The main character is for a lack of a better word, emotionally stunted.

And there is this one scene in the story where the MC and one of the sisters head to a party and she is harassed by a guy picking her up. And he just takes her hand and runs away. I figure it is meant to be emotional and showing how much he cares for her but it just reminds me of a little kid dragging his big sister's hand away because he doesn't like how she is not paying him attention.

The sisters are very similar. We get a brief synopsis of their role in their companies and their differences at the beginning of the novel but in the end it kinda washes out as each scene with the sisters is pretty much identical to each other.

And something that I am not sure is a complaint but I think adds to the monotonous nature of the novel is a lack of variety in scenes. There are two types of scenes in the novel: A single sister declaring her love to the MC, and the three sisters telling each other how much they love the MC with only the sisters around. I normally don't pay attention to stuff like this but it feels like the author refuses to attempt any other scenes.

Later in the story, the MC starts to date two of the sisters at the same time, and it feels like the perfect time for a chapter or two to show off the sister's differences or have the MC struggle with if he can love them equally or something. But the author just puts a line saying the sisters are okay with it.


But at the end of the day, this is a wish fulfillment novel where three beautiful girl love you unconditionally and there is no rocks in the relationship, and some people enjoy that. If you like that kind of stuff, then you will probably like this novel <<less
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a5yan0 rated it
February 18, 2023
Status: c13
If you turn off your brain and ignore some of the translation mistakes

you'll enjoy this novel :)
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