When an Adventurer Exits the Dungeon, They Become Just an Ordinary Person


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A dungeon suddenly appeared on Earth, granting humanity newfound abilities. However, these powers were confined to the inside of the dungeon. The use of magic and the manifestation of supernatural abilities were only possible within the confines of the dungeon, leaving the real world largely unaffected. Despite this, the lives of many people continued unchanged.

In the midst of this, the protagonist, a high school student, awakens to a skill known as “Gate,” a teleportation-like ability. With a displayed level in his hands, a new adventure seemed to unfold.

On his way home from school, the protagonist decides to test the Gate skill at a normal street corner. In an instant, he finds himself standing in a different dimension, surrounded by unfamiliar landscapes.

In this modern fantasy world, the protagonist levels up, learns magic, and hones various skills. He faces the mysteries of the dungeon, encounters new allies, and immerses himself in adventures different from the real world.

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Date Group Release
01/26/24 Story Seedling v1c50 part3
01/25/24 Story Seedling v1c49
01/24/24 Story Seedling v1c48
01/23/24 Story Seedling v1c47
01/22/24 Story Seedling v1c46
01/21/24 Story Seedling v1c45
01/19/24 Story Seedling v1c43
01/18/24 Story Seedling v1c42
01/17/24 Story Seedling v1c41
01/16/24 Story Seedling v1c40
01/15/24 Story Seedling v1c39-19
01/14/24 Story Seedling v1c38
01/13/24 Story Seedling v1c37
01/12/24 Story Seedling v1c36 part2
01/11/24 Story Seedling v1c35 part1
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2 Reviews

New hdseventh
Mar 24, 2024
Status: v1c41
This is quite good for a casual read. Tho the Translate feels like MTL, and often times some confusing words appears.
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Jan 06, 2024
Status: v1c13
The story feels very flat and the elements of magic/level system are rather poorly displayed. The protagonist seems to more a player in front of the computer rather than living within the story. If he feels nothing when his magic points are 2/60 and he oblivously can call forth without any problems and consequences magic it makes it seem more like button pushing rather than using a skill.
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