When A Villain Meets A Villain


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“Please, become Atalante Blanc.”

Being proposed by the man she was supposed to kill, in a nutshell, it s**ked.

Atalante went against her foster father’s last words to be a good child, and became the boss of the underground organisation.

She received a request from the Emperor to assassinate the tyrant, Grand Duke Lionel Blanc.

Of course, there was also a suggestion to bewitch him.

‘As long as I finish this, I can wash my hands off from the underground.’

After assassinating the Grand Duke, she dreamt of halting all villainous acts and living peacefully with her group’s members, but what was this?

“What’s your name?”

As the Grand Duke asked for his assassin’s name, he was blushing. His eyes, definitely… they were ones of someone that had fallen in love.

Love potion. Because of that absurd drug, Atalante had stolen the heart that she wanted to cease.

As Atalante was half-forcibly ascended to Grand Duchess’s position, she made a resolution.

Since the situation was like that, she’ll reap a substantial profit before divorcing him, just like the part of a villain. However…

“I don’t have any intention of letting go of someone that’s mine.”


“In this world, I only have one person, and that is my wife, you.”

It seems that it would be a little difficult to actualize her resolution.

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악당과 악당이 만나면
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R34der rated it
August 18, 2023
Status: c88
It's nice! Aside from the fact that the FL seems really weak around the ML, it's cool. The FL is some super strong and attractive girl who does have a heart and will do anything for the ones she cares for. The ML is some kind of heartless guy that will do anything for the FL, whilst we might not see it much, the FL falls in love probably around chapter 50 or so.

... more>>

So far, we haven't found out about the love potion, but it's either that the potion wore off at some point or it never worked in the first place. There was a theory that it did work but when she killed him shortly after making him drink it, it stopped working since his heart stopped beating. I can't see the FL leaving her position as Grand Duchess anytime soon and I also can't see the ML falling out of love with the FL anytime soon.

Also, they get married around chapter 60. He still doesn't explain why he is immortal.


Edit: She feels really guilty about the love potion so she tries to reject him at every possible moment. <<less
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