What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub


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He Ruge was addicted to “Your Exclusive Lover” this love nurturing game. Captivated by the attractive military uniforms person, whose original form was a White Tiger Male God.

When the game came to the end, He Ruge suddenly become a mermaid and transmigrated, and he was even the legendary Koi Mermaid with flourishing beauty, charming singing and exceeding good luck?

The place where he fell was even more unusual – the bathtub of the Male God!


The federation’s Xi Guican, a man whose stamp of his foot could make the whole intersteller tremble. During his recuperation, there appeared a love game that could not be deleted from the optical computer.

The plot of the game was his secret past. In this love game, he returned to the experimental days of No. 20, allowing people to slaughter and bully him, there was only one variable.——

It’s his exclusive lover.

The love that came from the light, taking him out of the dark.

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New Nanano
May 21, 2020
Status: --
Well it a good novel!! But!!! If u like self-abuse!!! Plz read!!! This novel have many dark side... I will tell u abit... it a novel told u about experience of experiment subjects.. it so dark cuz all of them are children...

it broke my eyes and I feel so bad that I want to skip every times to the main story but the translator sama always there to tell me not to... I will skip a lot of connections and plots part!!! Ahhhhh it broke me!!!
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New anon25 rated it
May 4, 2020
Status: Completed
I wanted to rate 4.

Very Emotional and Touching.

Not the common adventurous dashing clever MC or ML who overturns all plots against them. Both MC and ML have insecurities and are hurt. They heal each other.

... more>> The characters feel genuine and you feel for them. Their stories are heart wrenching. There is no real face slapping. What makes it so good are the thoughts of the MC and ML throughout the novel. The plot is solid.

The side stories about their kids are also very touching. You can literally feel how much the MC loves his kids. And its real cute too. I think people who like to read more realistic love story BL novels might like it too despite the setting being purely fantasy as the characters and their stories are well developed and the feelings are max. I would give this full rating if not for the sudden twist towards the end of the novel that messed it up some. The ending is not satisfactory. The mystery behind who is the evil behind the scenes is unveiled and the answer is too nonsense....


Only con of this novel I feel is the reincarnation part. So the mysterious mastermind behind the ML's suffering and the experimentation program is found out to be himself from his past life?? And then there is the side villain who barely got acknowledged and then died within a chapter or so.

Its like you feel love and pity for the character for his tragic life to find out in the end it was sort of fake as his past incarnation set himself up for this for some reason. Feels like crazy mind games. Also about their previous incarnations being god beasts basically god in this life is too meh. Could have done without these crazy twists in the plot.


But the cute and touching side stories make up for the less than satisfactory ending. Its worth reading for those who like touching love stories.

And for those who feel its boring because of the MC and ML interaction being only through an game with "yes" or "no" options, there is a transmigration and transported to another world tag though it takes till chapter 72. Also the game becomes not really a game and both meet other characters in real life too. <<less
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YellowNoodle rated it
November 18, 2019
Status: c7
Very intriguing and to be honest I felt it illogical how close the two protagonists were until I remembered,

It's a love simulator.

Meaning the protagonists thinks their love interest (capture target) isnt real.

*flashbacks to caressing handsome cg's of otome games*

Ahem, anyways, can't wait to see the development (///•//v//•///)
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ike_00000 rated it
August 4, 2019
Status: c4
Plot: Two parties meet across space and time through a "game" called Exclusive Lover. One is a young and struggling novelist while the other is a great General of an interstellar empire. The mysterious game reenacts the general's painful past as a laboratory experiment; except this time, the young novelist also appears in the role of one of the Orphanage's cruel employees.

Oh my goodness, too much meng. Tbh I didn't really understand the synopsis but read the story anyway, and so far it's worth it. Excited going forward.

Thanks for the... more>> translator's hard work! <<less
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Youkonos rated it
April 1, 2020
Status: c101
The first half of the novel is very tense, emotional, and intriguing, but the second half started to wear on me to the point I just slowly lost interest due to the change in dynamic between the leads. It just slowly got more and more stereotypical with the ML showering gifts onto a talented holy-saint like MC. You could argue that the MC has been like that from the start, but without the threat of immediate death and suffering hanging over their heads, it became increasing flat and lack luster-... more>> for me at least. It just sort of felt like the characters and their relationship stopped progressing.

Credit where credit is due, the first half is emotional and you really feel the weight of the situation. That adventure is almost enough to justify mtling the through the novel even if my interest in where the story was going didn't last. <<less
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November 6, 2019
Status: Completed
Very interesting story. No fluff in the beginning whatsoever.

but that is the driving force for the readers to continue reading it.

the author's tirades at the end of some chapters are hilarious! Hahaha not all tho.😋

This is a 1malex1male novel. No extra parties no green tea bi**es. Just some very warrisome villains who are good at camoflouge. Mind you this is a thriller romance.

... more>>

He Ruge (MC) has one of the best characterization out of all the novels i've read. He did not come out as mary sue at all. Even at the latter parts.

This is an interstellar/thriller romance/horror novel. But it was not until chapter 71 that they faced each other in reality.

Very good ML also. I kinda liked the fanwei parts the author included. It was written on the side of tge ML. Sorta like a diary he first posted unanimous online then madevit private after.

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CultivatorBunnyLan rated it
April 18, 2020
Status: Completed
5 stars!!


I'm so touched.

... more>> From the MC being a normal person from Earth and the ML being a sick (literally) high ranking soldier from the interstellar age who didn't have a positive outlook in life, then the MC finding this mysterious game and then slowly transforming into his true form (mermaid koi fish) while the ML slowly heals himself and tries to unravel the knots in his traumatic past, and then finally meeting each other in the interstellar age...... This novel is just so good.

I like how the author created this world and even though in the end, it wasn't really mentioned how the mysterious game was created (only implied that it must've come from a much higher realm) I really like how their paths have crossed.

I am so touched by the ML. I didn't feel like the novel was long or dragging. It was very simple.

What really made its mark on me was the extra chapters.

This novel is an mpreg btw.


The ML and MC will be gifted an egg by the game and they will raise their own cubs once it hatches.

The egg is so cute btw.

And if you're curious, they're going to have twins. The oldest is also a little mermaid (boy) with blue eyes and black hair, the youngest is a white tiger with wings (boy) with blue eyes and white hair.


The extras are in a diary form. It's written and is in the point of view of the ML.


If you're gonna read the novel, you'll really feel for the ML since he was also just a baby when he was taken in and used for human experiments. He was depressed, he didn't hate the world — he probably did but its more of a distrust and the feeling of not veing able to feel anything at all.

He expressed his fears of not being a good father. He didn't know how to react or raise the children well since he never had a proper childhood. His childhood was all about "be weak and get killed" and this casted a shadow over him.

He also never experienced puberty since the ML was just injected growth hormones and was forced to become an adult.

He's full of conflicting emotions but this cannot deny how much he loves and treasures his cubs. Especially his lover. The MC is the light of the ML's life.

Sometimes the ML had thought that: "What if it was just a dream? What if the cubs didn't exist? What is the MC didn't exist? What if he's still alone and laying on the bed just waiting to die?" but after seeing the MC's face and his children, all of those thoughts go away.

The ML swore to make sure that his children won't have to worry about anything. He'll make sure that they'll live a normal life.

This novel is quite short (I nevel felt that it was close to the ending since the chapters are short and engaging.) I'm soft about baby cubs.

I'm just so happy for them.

I want to thank the translator/s and editor/s for taking up this novel and I especially want to thank the author for making such a lovely novel. <<less
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Tutubitter rated it
March 1, 2020
Status: --
Interesting story and the driving force to continue reading is there. All the characters are very likeable too, although I wish the MC could be brighter.

... more>>

It actually took him around 40 chapters, 2 cubs he like, and a friend (?) to realise that him doing nothing but watch also makes him a perpetrator albeit at the same time giving the 3 cubs hope and feeling sorry for them, which in the end still ended with 2 cubs dying.

I actually think him saying that he likes the 3 cubs is hypocrisy because he never thought of saving them. Or maybe he just never liked them that much. Until the little monster told him about the "bullying" anyway.

There were even clues in the early stages of the game like; the rabbit asking him to sing.


The story is interesting but the MC is too slow for my taste.

But then again, I'm just reading through MTL so my brain might have been so damaged or the translation so broken that I missed something. <<less
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Miccie368 rated it
May 3, 2020
Status: c7
The title and the summary would have you believe this is a story about a mermaid and a general... That's what I was expecting and wanted. I'm 7 chapters into the story and its like watching someone playing an otome game where you click "yes" or "no" options and watch the interactions. Not sure when the mermaid story actually starts, but I'm too impatient to try and click through the rest of the chapters to find out.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sonialu rated it
April 19, 2020
Status: c12
Highly recommended~! This novel is filled with sweetness to the brim. The cute and loving temperament of the MC whilst the cautious and in need of love ML fits each other harmoniously as if bonded by fate - just entirely makes this novel more appealing than ever.

Translation quality is superb so jump right in as I highly doubt you'd be regretting reading 'what to do when I become a koi and fall into the male gods bathtub' =^~^=/~*****
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XavierForest rated it
December 15, 2019
Status: c8
As of ch8:

This story is pretty interesting and I keep coming back to reread it.

So far the plot is just the MC and ML playing the game for their own respective reasons. The POV switches between the two and you see that although the both of them think that the other is a game character they're slowly getting interested in each other. It's not exactly love, but more of a fondness. The MC thinks the ML is cute and wants to protect the furry lil guy, and the ML thinks... more>> that, because the MC is his "exclusive lover", only the MC will be kind to him and give him love, even if that kindness and love was set by the game developers. He likes it even if it's fake because it's his first time being treated like he's precious, though this leads to a bit of dissatisfaction when the being that should be his shows consideration for anyone else, which the MC obviously does because he's a real person. I'm not gonna lie though; this is depressing AF at times. The Author MC thought he was in for a love game that would give him some help with his latest book, but ended up playing one of the characters who assists with illegal experimentation on orphaned children. He tries his best to soothe the kids within the limits of what the game will allow. The Male God ML is pessimistic and defensive, and the only reason he's playing the game is because he wants to know how it ended up on his personal computer in the first place and why its contents are about his past. He keeps at it even though it's triggering his illness and causing him pain.

Prepare for cuteness and heart pain. 'Tis bittersweet. <<less
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hastingsj rated it
May 4, 2020
Status: c85
Warning to all readers: Our 2 protagonists do not meet in person until chapter 71.

Get some snacks and settle in for a long sotry. there is a lot more going on then the bathtub scene we all desperately want (and were promised by the title).

Summary: A young novelist (of the 21st century) gets a mysterious game he thinks is a cute cub raising sim. Turns out it is actually a sifi/horror adventure game. Turns out it is also a depiction of real events (in the far future), and the "cub"... more>> he is raising is another player... the sifi era general who first experienced those events and is reliving them as part of exposure therapy. The two slowly bond in the game as they try to uncover the true mysteries behind the evenrs that happened in those years. <<less
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