What! The Wives in My Dreams Are Real?


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Ye Yu transmigrated into a fantasy world and awakened the Dream Simulation System.

After each dream, he could randomly acquire a power from the dream.

Initially, Ye Yu planned to slowly grow stronger this way until he could dominate the entire world.

As time passed, Ye Yu experienced more and more dreams.

But he later discovered that the wives in his dreams actually existed in reality.

As the saying goes, having one girlfriend is dangerous, but having many girlfriends is life-threatening.

When these immensely powerful demonesses and empresses started showing up one by one, Ye Yu’s first reaction was to run away.

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New Dexalia rated it
July 19, 2024
Status: c56
It’s like junk food, even though it’s an average copy paste Chinese power/harem fantasy novel, I can’t stop reading. Overall the writing is average but my standards have dropped, so if you’re looking for something to waste your time with and not looking for an intricate storyline/characters, this is the novel.
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New LongXi rated it
July 19, 2024
Status: --
The novel is more like an infinite reincarnation combined with daily log in system and instance novels. MC gets a system where everyday he gets a dream simulation, these dream simulation are more like parallel worlds to his current one, where each instance is like a new reincarnation, sometimes he gets a wonderful life, sometimes he gets a harsh one, and sometimes it's a dud and he gets killed right away.

As for his "wives" each simulation doesn't really end up in getting one, what happens is each simulation gets evaluated... more>> and receives rewards which are mostly techniques and cultivation and those evaluation when it gets excellent+ grade he gets to takes more rewards and something gets materialized, something like a sword, a treasure, anything connected to him get a chance to be materialized, but not only that the dream also gets shared to his dao companion/wife in that specific simulation.

As for the simulations they are as varied as it can get, but you can see it as mini stories within the novel, which is the beauty of this novel, instead of some cliche getting dragged for a thousand chapters, so everything is very fresh to read. Though I don't know that would happen in the future, especially as he gets at least one girl per simulation, but this novel right now is a great read.

PS. Fourth dream scape is really great. <<less
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Gallad-Ne rated it
July 10, 2024
Status: c13
Just another average chinese harem cultivation novel.

Brain rot tr*sh if I’m honest.

I gave up on it after it started really getting into the second dreamscape, the whole peerless young master pleasuring every known above average or beautiful women in that world just felt weird ngl. A little uncomfortable for me and honestly just didn’t make sense. From the way he talked about them being full on scumbagage to no recuperations from sects with members who would obviously have higher cultivation stages than him (such as elders or any mass group... more>> of male cultivators that should have ended him).

This novel just felt s*upid to me, no offense to the author or translator just ain’t my cup of tea. H3ll even then the translator left a note in the beginning to turn your brain off.

Also miss click, my rating is 1/5 stars. <<less
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