What Should I Do if I’m Not Allergic to My Brother’s Pheromones?


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In an era when everyone awakens to their special abilities at the age of thirteen or fourteen, Ran Ci didn’t awaken her abilities until she was eighteen years old. 

The good news? She was not a burden to her brother because when she did awaken, her special ability was ranked at SSS level which was extremely powerful and rare.

The bad news? She gets into heat easily and she’s allergic to all of the suppressants that are available on the market and pheromones of the opposite s*x are repulsive to her.

And the only person whose pheromones Ran Ci’s body won’t reject was from her brother, Ran Wangshu.

So in order to survive, Ran Ci maintained a physical relationship with her biological brother for three years.

Until one day, three years later, Ran Ci who had safely passed the period where her estrus no longer endangered her, climbed into her brother’s bed…

Things seemed to be getting out of hand.

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只对哥哥的信息素不过敏怎么办 (骨科 1V1 甜H)
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