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My name is Hasegawa Hiroto, and my nee-chan is a yandere. “Ototo-kun~ once you’ve written the synopsis then quickly come and play some embarrassing games with mee, I can’t wait anymore alreadyy, I still wanttt some moreee~~” I glanced at the naked figure of Asaka nee-chan lying on the bed and continued writing

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DarwenGwein rated it
February 16, 2017
Status: c12
I just can't. I'm not certain I can remain coherent while I explain why, but I'll do my best.

It may have been the intention, but the only characters that have any value whatsoever are the yanderes. The main character is a birdbrain who can't think of anything longer than three seconds if it's not in front of his face. His best friend is a walking, talking, tactless Deus ex Machina. The non-crazy-yandere conversations are almost all more cringe-worthy than the evangelist I walked past today that literally called out "if... more>> you like to do the pot, well I say you should come and get hiiigh off the holy spirit".


The protagonist's parents die only a few chapters in (after a long conversation with an empty room explaining how they found their son a bride). Immediately after the protagonist finds out, best friend gives him a pat on the back and tells him not to be sad. Um, f*ck off, thanks? I might well have strangled the boy right there. It seems the advice worked out though, because the protagonist just shrugs off his issues like nothing, ending up "kinda sad right now". Pretty much every event that occurs afterwards is stilted and disconnected, as though everything is happening in a vacuum where no one has to face any consequences, helped in part by the mentally-deficient-level density of the protagonist's head.


Honestly, the allure of a yandere is seeing how they clash with "normal" folks; seeing their "love" triumph before jarring us back to the reality that it's definitely not right to call that love. What we have here, however, is a mess reminiscent of several children playing with Ken and Barbie dolls, deciding the script as they go along. Every character is a smoldering pile of unmentionable material; this might as well be fanfiction for a C-rate anime. <<less
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Redmi rated it
February 11, 2017
Status: c17
From what I have read for now, this novel has two good things going for it:-

1. The violence starts very early, unlike the two yandere-themed novels I've listed in the 'Recommendation' list above.

2. Ecchi things are minimal or done outside the view of the readers. So is the violence.

... more>> No.1 means that character developments suffers quite a bit though, especially for the rapist. I overlooked this because with some skills, the author should be able to fix this.

edit at c17:-
This novel has lots of technical flaws, but god damn, sh*t sure hits the fan. <<less
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February 14, 2017
Status: c15
It's a Chinesse Yandere so those with weak soul shouldn't read this bloody novel.
Yup this is not for children.

The story feels rushed and it ruined the pace and potential. There is almost no logic here.
It's beyond Yandere, most characters in this novel is mentally unstable... and also very OP.
After reading this novel, Dantalian seems so innocent.

... more>>

Every girls in contact with MC is Yandere and Harem member go killing each other for MC affection, there even one that killed her parent as they against her relationship with MC. Yup she just blatantly chop them with OP yandere's knife.

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godofabc rated it
February 20, 2017
Status: c24
Hi guys.

My thoughts on this novel is that: It's just for light-hearted reading, don't think too much into it.

Well, if you really want to have some logic explained into this, the concept of yandere, having a woman with superhuman strength like wonder-woman is quite impossibish. Only thing that this novel could improve on, is the plot as well as having the dialogue more deep, I guess. (The author said he's trying to improve on that)

If you're a dedicated yandere-fan, you'll not want to miss out on this novel, as... more>> it's one of the rare novels you could find in NU that has a pure yandere theme around it. (Only other novel so far that comes to my mind is kuro no maou). Hey, it's free to read, so why not just read it if you're bored with nothing else to do?

Last but not least, the author is planning on revamping the earlier chapters (noticably chapter1 had already been revamped) to give the characters more vibrancy to improve the storyline. <<less
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Lolistalker rated it
February 19, 2017
Status: --
Either you like it or you hate it, give it a try if you are into yandere

dont expect much and read it "just for fun", as it is anything but logical (at least for normal people), the character is quite 2 dimensional stereotype and the MC is nowhere near competent, or maybe if the author is good enough he would make a twist about the MC is actually not normal at all/kinda twisted but sadly he seems to be just dumb, the dialogue are bellow average I guess and plot?... more>> Of course such a thing is nonexistence, so far.

if you want some quality read go somewhere else but if you dont mind all of that above then go ahead as it is quite entertaining for twisted people like me :3 <<less
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Nokaru rated it
June 26, 2018
Status: c2
What is a yandere? Is what the author should ask someone with more knowledge on this part.

the author failed miserably at depicting both the charm and horror factor of a yandere. She doesn’t make one feel any kind of insecurity like a good yandere does.

a charm point of a yandere is how off putting they are. They’ll show you a side that makes you want to flee, but then they’ll make a 180 and make one wonder whether or not she has dual-personality, like Yoko from mirai niki.

this yandere lays... more>> it bare from the start, and offers no eerie mystery, like:

why did she do that? Is there something wrong here or is she just nice?


should I trust her?

here, it’s laid bare from the moment she speaks, that she is wierd (not crazy) and that you can’t trust, but don’t worry, she is no threat... another mistake.

like the manga “ijousha no ai” where she is considerably horrifying. You truly have the gut feeling that there is no escape, and that MC is at her mercy and wim... there is no such thing here.

i can’t even find her attractive, as she doesnt even pass as an onee-san character (my favourite kind). In my head, I can only hear some kind of whiny and screechy voice whenever I read a line of hers.

when it was rewritten, the author realised that he failed at making a horror, and also finds out how unrealistic it is, he decided to make it a comedy... at which point I quit.

bottom line, it utterly fails at everything it tries to accomplish in my humble opinion. <<less
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