What a Coincidence, Senior Brother Is Also Here for Circumcision!


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Shocking news! A senior from the Medical University Department asked his fellow junior sister to circumcise for him and they are secretly dating! The news suddenly spreads like a wildfire in the hospital.

Lu Ci:[????]

The female lead Xu Li:[ I didn’t spread the rumour, believe me.]

Later, Lu Ci took the initiative to confirm the rumour and started the romance and what he enjoyed the most is pin Xu Li on the bed and give her a refresher course on “Human Anatomy” and unlock various positions for the occasion.

_____The first time Xu Li gave him a blowjob, she thought that it was too big for her and that she would never be able to have a harmonious s*x life with her other half.

It feels so good in bed, senior brother is amazing.


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