What a Coincidence, Senior Brother Is Also Here for Circumcision!


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Shocking news! A senior from the Medical University Department asked his fellow junior sister to circumcise for him and they are secretly dating! The news suddenly spreads like a wildfire in the hospital.

Lu Ci:[????]

The female lead Xu Li:[ I didn’t spread the rumour, believe me.]

Later, Lu Ci took the initiative to confirm the rumour and started the romance and what he enjoyed the most is pin Xu Li on the bed and give her a refresher course on “Human Anatomy” and unlock various positions for the occasion.

_____The first time Xu Li gave him a bl**job, she thought that it was too big for her and that she would never be able to have a harmonious s*x life with her other half.

It feels so good in bed, senior brother is amazing.


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Fathom rated it
February 7, 2023
Status: Completed
Cute short story.

The FL is a thick skinned snarky and smart character. The relationship is abrupt, but it's definitely well done within the plot.

The ML travels 2 hours a way to have a circumcision procedure performed on him to prevent anyone from recognizing him. However, he ends up meeting his new medical junior graduate classmate assisting in the procedure. Of course, the FL dares to tease him during such a time. So it's an amusing and heated beginning to their relationship.

There's no drama, just lots of smut and romance.
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