Wen Le of Rebirth in the End Times


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Wen Le was reborn. This time, he vowed not to be the Virgin Mary, and not to hurt the people around him because of the ignorant sympathy. This time, he will cherish Xiao Gong’s love, in order to protect his Xiao Gong even if it is death, so what if he is gay for a while?! This time, with the space and supplies, he will never let these life and death brothers starve, freeze, and feel wronged again! This time, they will find a piece of pure land in the last days together, and live together!

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New AriaSoul16 rated it
March 10, 2023
Status: Completed
I think the novel is satisfactory but not really amazing. It is fast-paced and many things that could be explored were skipped. The romance is underwhelming. I felt the author just said he loves him and vice versa, and that's that. No further stories, especially of the past life.
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New trash_generalist rated it
March 9, 2023
Status: Completed
This is a short and straightforward infrastructure/zombie-apocalypse-survival novel that just so happened to hit all the right spots for me. I admit that it's very flawed, especially in terms of character development. But as a plot-driven work, it worked out just fine. All I can say is... don't expect too much from the characters XD. This is best described as a novel for those who enjoy farming/hoarding/management. Even the zombies and abilities are secondary. They're there mostly to give the MC a platform to build infrastructure freely LMFAO.


SUMMARY: The initial... more>> premise of this novel is similar to "Back to the Apocalypse". The MC is reborn a couple of months prior to the apocalypse to collect supplies and partner up with the ML. After which, there's a bit of adventuring as they gather comrades and move towards their chosen safe base. Then, it's all infrastructure! As for detailed plot, although the MC does suffer quite a lot in his first life, outside of mentioning it a couple of times, there's no real progress there. It's just there. So, don't expect any face-slapping or revenge plots XD. No healing either.


THOUGHTS: I would be lying if I said that this is a good work lolol. The reason why I have a high impression on it is purely based on personal preferences. That is... if I were to rate this with my usual criteria (characters, romance, setting, and plot-development), it wouldn't be able to measure up at all XD. That being the case, I decided to avoid doing a detailed review for the time being. All I can say for now is that if you like infrastructure novels, then you'll like it. If you don't, then you won't. XD The MC of this novel can be said to be very Gary Stue, whilst the ML is non-existent (I had high expectations based on his first few appearances, but..... he slowly began to be more and more superfluous. I mean, if he and the MC actually, I dunno, communicated, maybe there would be no reason for me to rate it so lowly XD. All they do in the story is cuddle. I don't think they have chemistry at all. And it really doesn't make sense that the ML is the leader when most of the time, all he does is act as the MC's vehicle (you'll know what I mean when you read it XD).

ANYWAY... so yeah, my impression of the characters and romantic plot is definitely not high. I'm saying it now so that you don't have any high expectations hehh. As for the MTL (I read this after translating the raws through Google Translate), it's pretty good! Some names are messed up (most prominently: Han Ya, who is translated as Hana or Asiana XD There's also Wen Le, who is referred to as Young Master or Wen Shao), gender pronouns are also messed up (as per usual), but altogether not bad. The author's writing style is relatively straightforward. So the readability is high (around 80-85%, which is very good for MTL). For the time being, I've decided to give this novel a 3.5/5 rating. Again, if it were based on my usual criteria, this would be A LOT lower. But, adding 'personal enjoyment' to my score, this is what I got hehe. <<less
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