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Wen Jianyan is a fraudster and is best at deceiving people.

One day, he was suddenly forced to become a novice anchor in the Nightmare live broadcast room.

Wen Jianyan: “…..”

A newcomer became the most-watched anchor because he was too good at deceiving people.

He lies to his teammates to deceive the audience and NPCs. He can deceive people as well as ghosts.

Sooner or later this guy will overturn!

There are more and more spectators who are gloating at the schadenfreude, but they can’t wait for that day.

But…why is the mission in this live room getting more and more strange?

【Senior streamer side quest: Kiss the evil spirit for 30 seconds】

【Reward: Unknown】

【Top streamer’s main quest: Undress the evil god for three minutes】

【Reward: Unknown】

Audience: Oh, the streamer has mastered a new wealth code? Hurry up, there’s something our paying viewers can’t watch!

The top boss approached step by step, whispering temptation:

“How is it? Are you selling CP? We can make the fake thing real.”

Wen Jianyan: “…..”

I’m sorry, I’m very principled, thank you for not deceiving yourself.

— Don’t come here!

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Welcome to the Nightmare Live Room
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Morfzine rated it
March 23, 2022
Status: c134
OMG YASSS, never would have thought that someone gonna pick this novel so fast. Now you might have think this will be similar to a certain unlimited flow novel that has both scammer MC x god ML also. But nope it's different and let's not compare them that much. Then let's talk about the character.

Our MC (shou), Wen Jianyan, is a scammer that have just succeed on scamming one billion (dollar ?) but unfortunately got sucked by Nightmare Live before he can enjoy his labor. He has great acting skill,... more>> skilled on psychological manipulation, and fluent with most languages given as being a professional international scammer need those type of ability. But unlike many horror protagonist, he's actually really REALLY scared by the horror (and weirdly fond of children/babies ?).


btw there will be some kind of horror mpreg here, though the kids are not ML's so beware if you don't like it. *Cough-Cough* the author love to make Wen Jianyan more breedable


To the point that he would still throw up his ever living guts subconsciously even after experiencing many games. Now with that skill, that face, and that personality it's only natural that he's extremely charming and he absolutely know that. Though for most of the time, there's only 3 type of situation where he uses that advantage which is :

    1. To seduce ML, so he can spare his live.
    2. Collecting information in anchor hall and teasing his sexually confused teammates (oh yeah sometimes he uses females skin / body cuz he needs multiple identity).
    3. Giving his cute fans fanservice (striptease), but for most of the time it's accidental.
Talking about fans, the viewer in this novel is actually likeable and not annoying ! (At the start it's typical skeptical viewers, but gradually they all turned into masochistic cuties :D). Generally his fanbase divided into 3 main group :

    • Strategy / career fans that loves how MC manipulating the environment to his own advantage
    • Schadenfreude that always laugh when the game dunked our MC or when he instantly got karma caused by his action
    • The simps. Wife fans, husband fans, girlfriend fans, mother fans, you name it. Some are sadistic (love it when MC got crushed) some are masochistic (want MC to step on them and scam all of their money) but they all agree to call MC = My Liar Wife (which I agree *nods*)
Now Jianyan love his dear his live, he rather be conservative playing this absurd death game. What secret item ? Completion rate ? For him living is winning enough. But a**hole game won't let him having it easy so he resort to a more 'radical' tactic which instead more often than not, breaks the game. The game goes bonker at him, so it put him to a more dangerous game but surprise, he survive, and also broke the game again, thus the cycle repeat. It's like that meme where 2 guys mad at each other:

"Please don't put me in a game that 2 level higher than my rank"

"How about YOU don't broke MY well designed game ?"

"Then don't put me there in the first place r*tard!"

"No YOU don't f*cking break my game up !"

That's one of the main comedy point of this novel. It's still scary and creepy, the comedy usually put when the thriller part is (temporarily) done so it won't disturb your immersion. The other point being MC's instant karma and how he has sh*t luck but got a luck based skill.


See that apple on the cover ? That's his skill. It revolves around making his lies come true but with his negative luck it's nearly useless unless the plot said said otherwise


Example of it :


In arc 2, the game suddenly at new faction to oppose MC's and his allies to try to balance the game (it's 3 vs 17-20 btw). So he sneak onto the opposing team by pretending to be NPC, but when victory on sight, the game summon a big red arrow to point on him (or rather the item in his hand) LMAO


Sorry for my rambling on Wen Jianyan I just love him so much any to other topic

ML, uh yeah there's not much about him at this point other than him gradually regaining his self awareness, memories, and power. He goes from an innocent monster that just want to eat a meal after eons of slumber to the sadistic perv we see in recent chapter. Kinda forgot what his name is but it's 'Witch's Candle' or something (prob bad MTL). He's a mirror god, with tomes all over his body, and also has shadow tentacle.


He will also bestow MC with some kind of tomes in his belly that look like a succubus mark and will get hot if near his fragment hehe :3


MC's will have many teammates, females also (btw the females here are very well written though there not much of it in early chapters). His teammate is basically a victim association squad lol, they are so done with Wen Jianyan sh*t but will always protect him to the last moment (cuz he's not the combat type). Here his teammates and their role :


Males :

    • The guy in arc 1 = His power is tarot, a fore casting skill skill which is rare and are monopolized by one of the biggest guild. Though in arc we see him kinda silly, he's pretty logical and calm after that.
    • A sharpshooter that MC's 'kidnaps' from a mercenary group = Skill is optimized sense especially his eyes. A dumbass and blushed when seeing MC's female bodies.

Females :

    • That girl who also has the surname 'Wen' = Skill is combat type (either whips or sword I always confused it with the other girl skill). A born leader and most likely gay. She's in a guild (will be out of it later cuz of 'reason') and also has a bad history with MC before her main introduction arc. I somehow suspicious she is MC's unknown sister or something cuz of the same surnames.
    • Only know she has western (code) name, is it laura or something ? = Illusion/auxiliary type of skill. Not a impactful as the 2 other girls, but she is the righthand women of the previous girl.
    • Blue hair girl = Also a leader, combat type skill and I think she's the one that uses whips ? Very capable too as seen as how she can bring a team with no guild to higher rank.
And here is my rank of all arc (except the newest mental hospital cuz I will only read it after author done writing it) (from good to average) (maybe some small spoilers) :

  • Based on monster design creepiness : Antai Community-arc 3 (paper dolls are creepy AF), Fukang Hospital-arc 2 (hmm body horror), Fantasy Amusement Park (return to frogge), Decai Middle School (it IS an introduction arc so don't expect something fancy, still good tho).
  • Based on the thriller : Fukang Hospital (sleep with corpses and doing things alone is not pleasant), Decai Middle School (the statues and constant pursuers), Fantasy Amusement Park (although lots of peps, every rides has player limit), Antai Community (probably cuz I already sus on who's the mastermind, not really scary except the paper dolls).
  • Based on logic chain + action = Fantasy amusement Park (rule solving's always good, the rides are AMAZING even though I don't expect much from it. The possible death scenario is like final destination + resident evil), Fukang Hospital (the challenge in every floor is exciting to read + the unexpected final confrontation is just *chef's kiss*), Antai Community (it's a bit similar with arc 2, they have unexpected faction battle but this one is more one man show cuz it uses 'trick' rather than 'deception', you got what I mean if you have read it), Decai Middle School (It mixed with some newbies so they relatively easy to use/lied to).

My personal favorite is Fantasy Amusement park if you can't see it already, because really, it's just THAT good

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Salted Eggie
Salted Eggie rated it
March 10, 2022
Status: c172
Mtl-ed of course. Readable which you can see the plot and outline whatsoever. But the rules, dungeon and prop are not that understandable. Translated may been better but I'm tempted to just read it lol.

I'm not giving any spoiler (I try). Fraudster MC as in the summary. An unlucky fraudster that always get into troubles but actually timid. I don't really understand his real self. He's good and bad but all in his calculation. Maybe some not but he still overcome it. He's charming but not really using that (use... more>> only on pervert ml). Overall likable.

ML is a obsessive bastard that claim want to eat (literal eat) MC that actually just a lunatic pervert. I kinda hate n like his nature. I like novel where ML keep showing but this one is a dilemma. Cuz MC suffer if ML appear.

The dungeon to me is SCARY. There's monster or ghost everywhere. Thankfully its mtl that I read as fast as possible. And MC fraudster nature help alleviate that scary part.

4.8/5 cuz its not completed yet. Overall, satisfying read! (I'll reread after translated) <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
May 12, 2022
Status: --
I'm kind of late to the camp, but let me shove in my bossom, I've been boasting this author so much in every review and recommending their novels simply because I fell in love with their non-mainstream type of writing and storytelling when I accidentally found them. Same is for this story.

Have we seen Infinite Flow stories with MCs who act all collected and never afraid as if they don't visit ghost-filled and blood-scented dungeons, but take a walk in their backyard? We've seen a LOT of those. Are we... more>> tired? I don't know about you, but to me it seems like a copy-paste and it lost its' novelty a long time ago. We've seen ghosts who enter copis, we've seen collected and calm MCs, we've seen them all, even cowards. But when it comes to Sangwo they will present you a complete wuss, but not only, it's a con artist. WJ was about to enjoy the spoils of his work, but was dragged to experience horror. And although he is scared inside, his line of work allowed him to keep a stone face. It doesn't matter if he retches in a nervous breakdown afterwords. The inner struggle, the tension, his intelligence create the dynamic and interesting story.

Also the best part I think is that the arcs and background stories actually make sense, they're not some nonsense where MCs just find things or solve stuff btw, but actually you can feel simple, but nicely put together plot for each dungeon, not to mention that here again we see the main story that is connected to the true story of this Nightmare Livestream being uncovered.

Although it's still on-going, but I don't expect to be disappointed with this novel when it will be fully completed. Because this author is a gem, my beautiful and bloody gem and I love them, thus if you're into this genre and would like to try it out, then please.

PS: Jianyan is the best Ghost Mom :') <<less
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March 9, 2022
Status: --
It looks like good (base on the summary). I also like the cover especially the long haired guy (he looks like lan wangji fron the manga MDZS 😂😂😍)...

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 29, 2022
Status: c150
I'm absolutely tortured by the ongoing status of this novel... it's really good, it might be one of my favorites but I haven't decided yet. Although the CP/romance-line doesn't really appeal to me because of how it leans a little too much into sadism (and it's slow burn progress so these parts are way longer than necessary) -- I like the story/instances and the MC's operations enough to just ignore the romance-line. If it could be called romance?

Honestly no part of it appeals to me, the 'I kill you, you... more>> kill me' enemies to lovers trope is nice when it's done right - but this leans a little too much into the 'no I will really kill you/there's no distinction between me and other antagonists in this story actually' territory. I don't know how to describe it, but after I got to the sanatorium arc the sadism just went up a notch and it's. Ugh. Anyways it's not sexy to me specifically so I stopped here first, waiting for the novel to be completed before I keep reading. High risk high reward is nice, but it can't just be the same type all the time.. anyways... <<less
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April 24, 2022
Status: c75
Don't read review, the following are spoilers. Wen Jianyan renamed his stream room as < Integrity First > or <Integrity above all>. Shameless! [Reader donates +50 reward points] Later, he mischievously named their team, <Law-abiding and good citizens team>. 😅😭 [Reader donates 100+ reward points]

I had just finished reading the first instance. I'm living for Wen Jianyan's character profile. A conman who's afraid of ghost but can spout bullsh*t without batting an eye. He's got a talent for remembering details that proved to help with creating his new persona to... more>> camouflage himself amongst NPCs and Anchors. If you treat him well, he won't disappoint you- well, he'll try to suck you dry still but not worse than his enemies. If you like vicious protagonists, well, probably not for you. His way of clearing missions is not usual, if his mission involves sacrificing an innocent whether they're anchors or NPCs, he will not do it in that capacity, but instead try to do the mission in a much harder way with no bloodshed. His trademark is offending everyone in the instance. To quote and unquote from Wu Zhu, "You always find a new way to offend me every time." He's asking for a beating, it was very intense to read ah!!!

I really like the barrages, it's very entertaining especially since their reactions whenever Wen Jianyan pit another person or successfully deceive an NPC, it was very exhilarating! The system is capitalist! The store prices are inhumane for rookies, the income share charges robs you in daylight, and contract must be terminated.

The instance was original and was solved by our protagonist but I don't know why I feel something's missing.

The anchors' assigned initial character settings in the instance has no bearing in the actual scene. Like seriously, they got no relationship with the plot they need to uncover. They don't need to abide by some rules or the personality and duties that their characters need to observe. (Which makes it easier for our protagonist to trick his poor victims). They could be just playing as guests and it would not change a thing. 🕯️ Before I forget, compared to other novels I read, this is not scary at all. Or maybe it is just me? I did not read this yet in a translated fashion so the nuances might had been lost. OF COURSE THIS IS STILL JUST A JUDGEMENT AFTER READING 1-20. Might change on later arcs.

Last translated status: c8

1-20 Decai Middle School
21-40 Fukang Private General Hospital


Hoh~? I wonder if Mr. Mirror is one of the former anchors turned NPC due to exceeding the limit of using supernatural powers in the instance? It can't be it was only mentioned in the passing by the commenters, right?

41-70 The blessing of the goddess of luck in the happy community


I really like Su Cheng! He's very interesting and now slowly adapting to the shenanigans of Wen Jianyan.

Su Cheng does not panic after seeing the other anchors conceal an important matter from the NPC [Wen Jianyan]:

In this world, anyone can be tricked. Only this guy [Wen Jianyan] doesn't. He's the one who will cheat. This liar must be up to something else!

In addition, this innocent anchor will be soon corrupted by our protagonist ah. :&Gt; HAHA, I like these types. I remember Qiao Yifan developing his strategy like these after being influenced by Ye Xiu, Wei Chen and that guy from One Hundred Blossoms.

Damn, I can't. This Wu Zhu's so extreme. I was very anxious even though I know that our protagonist's life won't end there.



75- Fantasy Amusement Park <<less
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Rida rated it
April 13, 2022
Status: c195
Extremely slow burn.

Up to chapter 195, the ML feels some lust for the MC but the MC is thinking about betraying and double-crossing him.

I feel the MC is frustrating at times and I can't be bothered waiting for updates to see how the MC and the ML's relationship progresses. Maybe I'll come back and pick up where I left off once the novel is completed.
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dday0425 rated it
April 10, 2022
Status: c202
I'm already addicted! 😭 It's so hard now that it's still ongoing and I have to wait for the new chapter.

The overall story is fire. 🔥 As a horror novel, the author has done an extremely excellent job. The story is creepy, thrilling and super entertaining. It's not as light-hearted as it sounds in the synopsis, instead the tone of the story is rather serious, both in copies and main storyline. The plots are complex but not confusing as the story is very well organized and constructed. I really appreciate... more>> the fact that the story direction is more towards ghost/superstitious beings instead of mystery solving. ❤️ Moreover, there are many unexpected surprises within and between the copies, which make me feels both excited and emotional. The connections between each copies are also set up very well. The pacing is great. It's quick, concise and comprehensive, and it isn't boring at all despite me reading all of it in one go.

The character developments so far are more from the side characters. Although it's slow, but still noticeable. Each of them have so many rooms for the development, and I sincerely wish to see them more in the future. On the other hand, the MC's character is very consistent. So far, there is no significant change in his character since he's set as someone who is very good at concealing himself. His character is very hard to determine to be honest. He's smart, focus, ruthless, loyal (to his friends), has clear goals and bottom lines, yet at the same time he's cunning, deceiving and very insincere. However, despite carrying all those bad traits, this man is still charming af. I lost count how many times I was fascinated by him. He's probably one of the most interesting and attractive MC I've ever seen.

I have no comment on ML though. He's scary and uncomfortable. As much as I love this story, with how the story progressed so far, I don't think the romance is necessary at all. 🤔 Although I quite like the main storyline related to ML, their relationship is just too uncomfortable and unhealthy. Now, I kind of hope he will appear less, and that the story will focus more on the MC and his teammates. <<less
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Dziera rated it
March 20, 2022
Status: c182
It's still an ongoing series, thus my review and ratings might change.

MC is a charming fraudster in real life which is the background for his intelligence and ability to solve and take advantage of any situation. He's in no way a brave person, he's really scared of ghost but manage to stay calm and think during critical situation. Well mostly I like the way he's able to scam everyone (including ghost) and that's also what makes this story interesting. MC is not a purely kind person, doesn't trust easily, but... more>> he appreciates loyalty. People also stay with him because even though he's a fraudster, they knew they can trust their life on him.

ML, there's not much to say about his personality as there's lack in background story. For now, I can said he still doesn't have enough empathy like a normal human being, hopefully not in the future. He has a goal and MC kinda unluckily need to assist him to obtain his goals.

The instances itself are very interesting to me although it's long. It's scary, complex and full of mystery. Sometimes, the closer MC got in clearing an instance, the harder it gets. 5.0 stars for now as this story made me waiting for updates every day. I recommend it for the MC personality and the instances. <<less
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March 16, 2022
Status: --
Not that much chemistry and interaction as of ch 160. Its nice that you get to look forward ml's appearance at the end of the instance but only for like 2 chapters, its dragging as each instance gets longer and longer but no tension. Author usually write op MC and background ML that makes everything amooth sailing. Too long.
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Nahira rated it
May 24, 2022
Status: c204

Quick review: Lots of action, not much romance but the characters are good and not a Mary Sue MC, I guess you could say that he's kind of "overpowered MC" but the "overpower" comes from the intelligence.

So, the long review:

So far, the romance is really, really slow,

... more>>

I don't think I've seen any real feeling apart from lust from the ML but well-


The plot is interesting, so it's easy to keep reading even after 200 chapters.

So, the characters:



MC is a liar, a really big one, quite manipulative and intelligent, he's not a bad guy, but he won't mind if someone dies around him if that person didn't gave him any benefit, but he's still somewhat gentle with his teammates, he's also really charismatic, and a big scaredy-cat even when he doesn't show his fear and values his life more than anything. So far I don't think we've been able to see anything from his past so, there's not much to say in that aspect.




ML, we don't know much about him, he's the kind of ML that appears in multiple instances and is kind of in a lot of pieces, yeah, that type -if you have read more QT/Infinite Flow I think you will know what I'm talking about- and for now I think that what he most feels is lust for MC. He's a god but he's been awaken by the MC and he's restoring his power little by little with each instance, but that doesn't mean that is a "happy cooperation" in between MC and ML, if MC has helped ML to recover has mostly been by accident, because MC doesn't really have any soft feelings towards him so far.

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