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The long war for supremacy between two neighboring nations came to an end.

For this reason, Raiz, the strongest tamer ever seen, was facing a difficult problem.

How could the multitude of monsters called to arms survive without work to sustain them?

Worried, he decided to open a “shop” to find jobs for his comrades.

“Right! Let’s start our own guild!”

Even though at first people were afraid, seeing the monsters working so hard for their sake made them change their mind and after forgiving those creatures, the guild started receiving quite the number of requests.

“Nice, if we put our heart and soul in working we’ll make a fortune!”

That’s how the strongest tamer started a family business (with a ranch).

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Youkoso monsutaazu girudo ~ saikyou shuudan, nandemoya hajimemashita ~
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MarutaDean rated it
March 21, 2018
Status: --
The story is interesting. He is a tamer that has a lot of beast friend. I can say he is a clever one that know how to gather intel, and the one that feared in the kingdom and neighbour kingdom because of his beast friend.

And many eyes targeting him and his beast friend even the merchant. Lol.
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MyRAMEN rated it
June 23, 2018
Status: c5
I liked the idea of the novel. A famous tamer who has tamed many beasts including mythical beasts while some of those are humonoids. Were enrolled in the army but were fired once the war ended. They decided to make their own business for they have no income. That was pretty much it so far though. The story telling was really dull and boring without comedy moments. He treats the tames as his family or friends. If you like getting plugged in info about a fantasy world read, if... more>> you care about story telling/plot/development dont read <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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