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Do you want revenge? Do you want to get rich overnight? Do you want to live forever? Do you want to be a heartthrob?

Then enter the dream world! By cultivating love, solving suspenseful puzzles, fighting, or killing, you can get everything you have ever wanted.

We definitely aren’t playing any tricks, we are a proper and advanced civilization, you can trust us! Hehe.

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Hoan Nghênh Đi Đến Thế Giới Giấc Mộng
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New iceflecks rated it
July 15, 2024
Status: Completed
A great read. It has its touching moments, sad moments, and comedy moments. Overall, it's about humanity, the essence of what makes us who we are, and what we should strive towards.

There were a few translation errors where 'he' is accidentally translated to 'she' and a few spots where the wrong character is attributed to speaking when it was someone else, but it's obvious enough that you're able to self-correct it in your head.

MC and ML are both very good, as are the side characters. They're decently fleshed out and... more>> contribute to the story.

The arcs aren't too long, no dragging feeling, and the story proceeds in a smooth manner, making it a nice read.

I do wish there was more than just the 3 extras, but I also feel the 3 extras are just right, and me wanting more is just me being greedy. MC and ML are will definitely be happy together wherever they are.

If you want to read a story about an MC and ML who get into a relationship early on (not slow burn), and solve their troubles in quirky ways while delving into a tiny bit of philosophy, I suggest you read this story. <<less
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Kassandra rated it
September 20, 2022
Status: Completed
If you're hesitant to read the novel because of the vague description, I'll give you another description/introduction.

Mo Yang, the protagonist, was being relentlessly chased by the police for killing 2 people and injuring 1. As he continue to escape, he encountered 006, who introduced itself as guide of the Dream World. 006 told Mo Yang that he can get anything he wants if he signs a contract with him.

[Do you want revenge? Do you want to get rich overnight? Do you want to live forever? Do you want to be... more>> a heartthrob?!

Enter the dream world! Whether it's love formation/suspense solving/killing and hunting treasure battle, it has everything you want!

We aren't playing hooliganism, we are formal higher civilizations, Dear Customer!

Ha ha.]

That's what the description meant, it's a dialogue/line from the guides.

Wan Wei, the male lead, he's a genius and a known doctor for his numerous achievements and contributions.

Wan Wei was pulled in the Dream World by 009, another guide. There, in the first game he and Mo Yang encountered each other.

The introduction I gave is short but I hope that'll convince you to try this novel. If still not, continue reading my review for more.

Author's Writing Quality:

– It's brilliant! I actually read most of the chapters thru raws relying on mtl but still! Even on mtl, it can't cover up the author's great writing quality.


– The background of the novel and the arcs are clear to me, especially so for the arcs because it's always being introduced first before we dived in to the plot of that arc.

– And I can say that the novel have many kinds of conflicts.

1. Humans vs. Self

2. Humans vs. Humans

3. Humans vs. Supernatural

Plot Development:

– Love, love, love it! The plot is immersive and very engaging. It'll really absorbed you in the story.

– I actually like how the novel didn't feel dragged out, I hate novels who drags it out. I even wished for more chapters, like another 50 chapter so the total would be 200 chapters.

– Like what @Rida, the other reviewer said, the extras are a bit unnecessary and I wished they told us more about Mo Yang's life after the dust cleared. Also, the other characters! I'm gonna miss them a lot. [Sigh]


– I love the arcs! I love how easy I can keep up with the arcs and not be clueless while reading. They entertain me enough to continue reading it all.


– I LOVE THE CHARACTERS! They really come out as flesh out of the book to me. Their scenes, their lines, their unique character, it all made me feel they're really flesh out.

– I can't get enough of the characters, specially the two guides. Even if some of the characters are just side, they really won't be overshadowed by the main characters light.


– In here, I feel that the romance revealed is a bit lackluster. Maybe I felt that way because there's too little dog food (?). Why does that express I'm begging for ab*se.

– But the relationship between the main character and male lead is great! They're very destined, in my own opinion. Sweet, sweet, sweet! Love the interactions and the sugar.

– In life/career: Mo "CEO" Yang x Wan "mad doctor" Wei.

– In the dream world: Mo "popular to NPC" Yang x Wan "hated by the NPC" Wei.

(There's a reason why NPC's hated Wan Wei, don't worry, it won't be there just for the sake of plot.)


I love how it ended, it makes me want to howl and cry. I especially love Mo Yang's end lines.


"What about Feng Zhao, the Treant Queen, Feng Yu, Ouyang Lan and the others? Have they really disappeared completely?"

Wan Wei didn't look down at his kind and brave lover who was looking at the starry sky, and suddenly felt that his heart was extremely soft.

His rare, soft voice said:


"The starry sky you look up to, the universe, is their final destination."

"They went home. Using their remaining thoughts and powers, a new cycle was opened."

After a long time, Mo Yang looked at the starry sky and smiled. His smile grew wider. Finally, he said loudly to the starry sky:

"Come on!"

My dear comrades!


My dear friends!

I just noticed the cover of the novel. It's the starry sky! _༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽_


I'm gonna miss these characters I've grown to love. I wanna tear up now.

I'm gonna come back next time for another read, since the length of the novel is just right. Really recommendng this novel because it's really nice and quite comedic in my opinion, it gives you positive vibes.

The characters dialogue made me laugh a lot, specially the main characters guides.


001, another guide and 006, Mo Yang's guide are fighting.

Along with Wan Wei's guide, 009 and 002, another guide.

It's specially funny when the author wrote the fight of the guides, because you see, guides are described as glowing metal balls. And imagine two glowing balls smashing at each other, it'll only look funny. They look more of a decoration/display than a fight.

It looks more funny because they also verbally tr*sh talk each other while smashing the other 🤣. I can't get enough of these ball guides.


I can't count how many times I tried to suppress my laughter while reading this novel. It really have many funny scenes that I can't get enough of.

The novel might not be perfect, but it's still a great one. <<less
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Wintercreeper rated it
September 12, 2023
Status: c10
I feel like I read a different novel than the other reviewers.

This isn't even close to being like The Earth is Online, it's some low-quality Fujoshi dream.

I couldn't even make it through game one, which is basically "woo as many people as possible without getting caught for cheating on every single one of them."
MC is 28, the game makes him 18, that doesn't change the fact that he's mentally NEARLY 30 and supposed to romance 18y old kids.
It makes me sick that he himself has no problem with this, he gets into it asap. Even in a game, normal people wouldn't agree to dating what's basically children, especially if you don't know who is or isn't a real person (so potentially an actual 18y old kid).
And, of course, a 28y old man doesn't know who he's attracted to, so the game forces him to explore homosexuality, because it's so common that adults around 30 are all innocent wizards who never even thought about s*x.
If you write BL then, for God's sake, just write gay/bi characters.
If you write adult character then, for God's sake, write actual adults.

I tried to get through game one due to the other reviewer pointing out that it exists for a reason, but because of the predatory setting of adults romancing kids, and no one having a problem with that, I have no interest in the rest.

I wasn't feeling it up to that point either, mainly because the writing style is very basic and characterisation too cliché.
MC isn't badass or whatever he was meant to be, he's a teen's power fantasy.
Cleverer than the best police detectives in the country, talented enough to kill a politician and run away, so intelligent that he can easily look through the guide's bullshit...

Maybe I've read too many much better survival games but even getting to chapter 10 was a battle after the 10th "indifferent gaze" and MC's very presence causing other people cold chills.

Don't read it if you liked The earth is online, or really any good (survival) game, you'll just waste your time.
Might be fine if you like young adult fiction, then it's probably a mediocre novel you won't regret reading.

Raws are easy, the translation makes it sound better than it originally was, so typical CG quality (not necessarily faithful but top notch).
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lithium carbonate
lithium carbonate rated it
December 31, 2022
Status: Completed
If you enjoyed The Earth is Online, this novel is for you

The introduction here is really vague, but essentially there's an alien system invasion that pulls humans into the 'dream world', where they have to participate in games. The first arc isn't mystery/ problem solving but the rest are. I love the MC and ML's personalities – MC is a little sh*t and the ML is a mad scientist type. Their respective systems are also the oddballs of the aliens, which makes for funny interactions. Honestly I don't know what... more>> to say except reaadddd! This novel had a very satisfactory ending and although the arcs aren't long or full of logical puzzles, they were fun and interesting to read. The novel touches on themes of greed, justice, human nature and the group psychology.

Don't be put off by the 'love game' at the beginning, it contributes to the plot later on in revealing the truth of the system. <<less
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Wynnfield rated it
June 24, 2023
Status: Completed

What will you do when aliens invade Earth with temptations of a better life?

I'd probably just lay down and be a salted fish waiting for the world's end.

MC is intelligent, cautious but can get quite emotional. ML is a mad genius scientist who is apathetic. They're a sweet power couple.

(I came back to revisit and just wanted to give context to why most reviewers aren't talking about the predatory themes in the first game, it's a huge spoiler.)

... more>>

I'm assuming that reviewer didn't finish the first arc.

The NPCs aren't actually 18yos, thought I should clear that up. They are acting, and have their own reasons to act that way. The "humans" are also conditioned by their systems to be ignorant, so most of their heads are filled with cotton.

I do agree that these themes get brushed off lightly in most novels, but in the author's defence, you are supposed to feel disgusted by the pe*verts. At the end of the day, it's a survival game, not a romance game. You can't actually clear it by romancing the NPCs. Despite it being a heartthrob game, none of their hearts are throbbing.


Aside from that, my favourite side character is MC's system 06. I love the mutual respect shown and that even though they bicker a lot you can tell 06 really supported MC.

The instances are not the most unique, but it's the way the MCs solves and handle things that made it enjoyable to read. I see people comparing it to Earth is Online, which is kinda true because of the invasion, but also not really. If I have to compare, I think the instances are a bit more similar to Game Loading without the whole gamemaster romance plot.

The ending :

I could tell the author was struggling to finish the ending since it got predictable, and the action scenes were a bit more subpar, which is why I didn't give a 5/5.


The MCs were established to be outliers and strong but even till chapter 140 I found it hard to believe they could turn the tide. So when I saw their crazy powerups and teamwork shown from the human race, it felt a little idealistic. However this kind of alien vs earth plot has always been hard to conclude in a happy end.

Even the author said that "If aliens really invaded earth, I doubt we could come together and stand our ground. However, I'm writing a fantasy novel here." And thus, I'll rate it as a fantasy novel.


It was overall better concluded than I expected. It's not the best, but it did flow better, and have a good reading length compared to some unlimited flow novels I've read. <<less
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Hinaland rated it
May 6, 2024
Status: --
The fact that only one person noted that this is literally tr*sh and everyone else is comparing it to TEIS is astounding.

Maybe I didn't read the same book?

forget about the translation that was problematic in itself. Just the plot was all over the place and the characters had the biggest golden halo I have ever seen in my life, actually, just by staring at that halo for one sec you can become blind.

I really want to go in depth of everything that was wrong, but... it was literally everything. I... more>> left half of my ranting material in the spoiler thingy. I'm having a hard time translating all my rant into english lol


The fact that the author herself refer to this as her "more serious writting" (In terms of plot I presume? the tone was really un-serious) is surpirsing, considering that this book is about how a man who should be in jail for mu*der goes on to save the world from an alien invation that happens in the form of an infinite flow game whilst escaping the police and later on bossing them about because he has plot armor so he and the ML are the only OP people to save us all. Even the secondary characters recognize this fact in a very deadpool way (They call themselves secondary characters and that they need to follow the MC and ML because they're the true protagonists lol several times)

How clever can your book and characters be when in the third act we're all calling Inspector Song this, Inspector Song that and he never suspects a thing!!!! You never told them your name!!! wake up dude, you're supposed to be a super cop! one that, at 33 YO, went to numerous pursuits and life-and-death situations an almost retired special forces JUST AT 33. You wouldn't know his age unless he told you (which he does)... he seems so much older with his tunnel vision and self-rightouness added to all that experience, this dude became a cop in the womb. He becomes suspicious of their identity in the next arc but still remains oblivious, the same dude that was looking straight into an invisibility card and being damn sure that the suspect should be where he was staring. (And he was! the card tricked you buhu)

The ML is just there to be OP. There's nothing and I repeteat NOTHING that he cannot do. He can literally open a persons brain in the middle of the garden? jungle? place with plants? and sew them up again (without needle nor thread) and not leave blood traces or anything!! He dissects ppl like they're literally insects, and I'm not talking about his psycho mentality of "everything other than my research and mi bit*h is beneat me" I mean LITERALLY.

Also the chemistry is non-existent. He loves the MC because he's the MC.

The MC reminds me of the conspiracy gods in American Gods. This dude is kinda amorphous. Not physically, we're reminded of how incredible handsome he is every paragraph of every chapter. If the secondary characters or npc don't say he's handsome, he would reminds us himself. This is how self-centered this mu*derer is.

Then why do I have problems with him? It's his personality or kinda lack off one that makes it difficult to connect to him. He's supposed to be an author... of what? we don't know, in the beggining he says que never wrote romance but that changes in the first arc when he says he's written romance but never actually experienced it... so, which is it???? what kind of books does this bit*h write??? he's a CEO, the whole book starts because some conspiracy happened and some corrupted ppl mu*dered his father and made it look like a su*cide to swallow their company... what f*ckin kind of company???? it's said that he has ties with the military by the Tang side but... tf? maybe this intel is revealed after chapter 120. I'm 30 chapters short of finishing this but I'm really fed up. (I will finish it eventually. I'm not in a hurry thoince the chapter titles are summaries for the whole chapter and full of f*ckin spoilers). About his skill set as a human being, he can do anything and everything the plot requires. He should put that in his resume.

This is so blatantly s*upid.

In an author note around the 90ish chapter that f*cking as*hole of the writter went on and said "I don't plan to make the dream world to weak"...................... tf?????? what do you mean by that? is chapter 90ish and you still don't f*ckin know the full strenght of your goddam antagonist??? if you don't know then who??? you have no storyboard for this shit??? It shows actually. It really shows that this person didn't have much of plan when writing this... Which leads me back to the affirmation that "this is a more serious work" in what f*ckin sense? plz send me help.


#What to do when every IF novel you read is tr*sh??? Waiting online for help#

*English is not my first language so sorry if this is incredibly unreadable. This is why I don't write reviews* <<less
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oLiveUzer rated it
February 20, 2023
Status: c150
I have finished reading the novel, and I have to say. I can't understand why the rating is soo low.

It's a really interesting novel and easy to read. The time is split pretty evenly between the real world and the dream world. I guess the only thing I didn't like is that it didn't focus much on romance.
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wuliao23 rated it
March 10, 2024
Status: Completed
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars

One of my top 3 favourite unlimited flow novels. It was really good. Although the story did have its dark moments (since this does involve an invasion of extraterrestrial life), the humour that's sprinkled in between makes it less depressing (the MC is honestly such an entertaining character & he's also powerful too).

This novel does take an idealistic approach because if something like this did happen irl, I feel like we would all be goners for sure lol. However, this story is an HE and I'm also satisfied... more>> with how the author wrote everything out in the end.

Although humans are often selfish and greedy, when it comes to facing a common enemy that is life threatening, it was quite meaningful to read how everyone, despite their differences, worked together to defeat the ultimate boss.


The concept of hosts and guides in this novel, was also a nice twist. Although this novel is labelled as unlimited flow, there is a concept of "hosts & guides" which is similar to "systems" that are attached to hosts in quick transmigration/world hopping novels. However, unlike the "systems" we usually see in QT novels, this story shows a darker side of this concept.

One last thing I really liked about this novel was how the author connected the previous instances cleared by the MC. Most of them did have a great significance as the MC grew stronger with each completion or

there was an emergence of a special character or item


One tiny regret regarding the instances is related to one of the items obtained by the MC (but correct me if I'm wrong).

I don't think the MC ever used the wedding card item he obtained from the Happy Town instances. I was hoping he'd summon his childhood friend using the card at one point lol


Overall, I would definitely recommend this novel for anyone interested in an unlimited flow novel (without horror elements) with a slight twist. One thing I'd keep in mind though is that the translation does have quite a bit of inconsistencies (eg. Wrong pronouns being used, or character names being mixed up). Although this can be quite distracting, you can usually tell which character should be actually saying the dialogue. <<less
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KinesisDae rated it
March 31, 2024
Status: Completed
I liked it, overall the general plot is interesting however what bugged me the most and almost made me drop it was the wrong names and pov throughout the whole thing. Like etc character A is doing smth and then all of a sudden its actually character B when its still character A, because of this it makes me wonder if it's been betaed.
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March 23, 2024
Status: c1
Well if you compare it to the other previous stories that this author has written, this story could be said to be the best.

The only weakness in this story is that there is no explanation regarding other side characters after the dream world disappears... ... more>>

There is female character who goes on same missions several times with the MC, and she was a big actress who got cancer before the dream world came.

But there is no explanation at all about what happened to her after the dream world disappeared (either she got sick again or remained in good health) as well as several other side characters who seemed to just disappear.


And as for the translation, to be honest this is the worst translation I've ever read in Chrysanthemum Garden.

1. There are too many unnecessary punctuation marks which ultimately make me as a reader uncomfortable.

2. There are so many mistakes in character povs and character names.

Like, I don't know why they keep changing the names of the characters.


A small example, there is a character named Zhou Api, whose name sometimes changes to Zhou Apu, and yes this is just the smallest example


There is also a problem with the mistranslations in misplacing the pov character's.


For example, the story is in character A's pov, but half way through the story the translator suddenly says that it is actually character B's pov, even though the original is still in A's pov.

This was really confusing, and it made me have to reread the mixed up parts again and again

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Smtha rated it
March 3, 2024
Status: Completed
Surprisingly a good read, extremely entertaining and funny survival game plot with all misfits characters! I have a good time reading this novel. Both MC and ML were darn funny and a bit essentric / or plain crazy. Lol

I would love to read more the aftermath of other characters and more extras but I have to be content with the not so logic scenario. But its kinda funny too. There’s also sometimes confusing with he and she nd some names mix up, but it’s overall a smooth read. And you... more>> will love the author notes. So far it’s really out of the cliche survival, world hoping games. At least for me it’s quite a new plot. And I love all the humour in it. So it’s a very recommended read from me. Thank you <<less
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PLND rated it
June 18, 2023
Status: Completed
Read it. Love it. Don’t let the short description fool you

This is one of the few novel where is on the same level as the Ml

They really have a lot of chemistry between them and really I think only the MC can catch up with the ML brain wave. I’m not a big fan of calling the bottom with female title but I’ll let this one slide due to the fury reason

The background character are flesh out and I like how the author used them to expand and explain how... more>> the dream world works <<less
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ThattAnimeeLoverrr rated it
March 28, 2024
Status: Completed
For me everytime I read a genre and I like it I have to find other novels in that genre to read and I have been obsessed with unlimited flow🤩. This novel has been in my list for a while and I just didn’t want to read it 🤦🏾‍♀️ but I was finally able to read it and when I tell you it is one of my favorites 🥰. The MC and ML you can say they are op but at the same time I like reading characters that are... more>> more stronger than normal or more smarter because it’s just way better to me like that🤷🏾‍♀️. The MC came off to me as this guy that wanted revenge but then he gradually changed into this amazing leader that wanted to save the world with his own morals. The ML he was the same from beginning to end the only thing that changed was his emotions that only showed up when the MC was around. I like the fact that the author didn’t change the ML character he will always be the research scientist that like to dissect people 😂. Well anyway this novels is definitely in my top 10 for unlimited flow and if I can go back I would read it again 🥳 <<less
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Mika-28 rated it
March 23, 2024
Status: Completed
10/10. It was a wonderful read! I usually never write a review but I just felt this story was super interesting and the characters just make me feel all kinds of emotions. The plot was spectacular in my opinion, it wasn't too focused on the romance but there were countless cute moments of the gong pampering our MC.

MC isn't like an invincible god kind of Mary stu but is still very strong and badass. I love his arrogant and fun personality.

... more>>
The gong and MC got together pretty early in the story and there wasn't any unnecessary drama or misunderstandings as both of them are very smart especially the gong as he is a researcher lol. So their relationship is smooth sailing!

I won't say more as you should read it yourself to get a grasp of the full story and eventually fall in love with it like I did.

So in conclusion I fully recommend this novel! <<less
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Shlhtwwmhl rated it
February 17, 2024
Status: Completed
3.5 Stars

There weren't any horror elements or scary jumpscares so you can read this with a peace of mind. It's a good read to pass time.
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Rida rated it
May 25, 2022
Status: Completed
I loved the MC and his personality. He was fleshed out and wasn't the typical MC in infinite flow novels. However, I wouldn't say he was unlucky (like the tags say). He conveniently had all the props he needed at all times and his favourability attribute also made everything quite easy for him.

The arcs were resolved quickly and weren't drawn out- which I liked. However, this meant that some of the things were also skimmed over.

For example, why did the MC and ML's mental power increase so quickly? Was it plot armor or was there a reason? How is mental power increased in general? What was the origin of the dream world?


I also feel the extras were unnecessary, so I'll knock a star off. They didn't add anything to the plot and they didn't give us much information about the MC's life after surviving the dream world. I feel like it would have been better if they were about the side characters or even the MC's life or relationship with the ML in the future.
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