Welcome to Hell!


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Once upon a time, there lived a person consumed by the desire for revenge.

After finally achieving his goal of seeking revenge against all of his enemies, he was ultimately sentenced to death. Though he accepted his punishment, he suddenly found himself standing in an unfamiliar and surreal place, as if caught in a hallucination during his final moments. As his consciousness began to fade, a distinct voice accompanied him and whispered—”Welcome to Hell!”

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Jigoku e yōkoso!
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Dojmopo rated it
June 30, 2023
Status: c73
I was hooked in by the first arc, but as the story moved on it just kept dragging on with no satisfying conclusion in sight. I believe this novel is a compilation of creative ideas, but suffers from unnecessary padding that slows down the pacing. As if the author is trying to turn it into a shonen battle anime with filler and 12-episode long fight scenes. I'm going to explain the various point that I liked or disliked about this story, in no particular order.

  • Isekai
I initially questioned if reincarnation is... more>> necessary for this, but I think this is a good example of how reincarnation genre is correctly done and ties into characterization.

The protagonist loses his earth memories, only retaining his earth morals. However, instead of becoming a mu*derhobo like you'd expect, he perseveres with his internal beliefs and does his best given the terrible circumstances. You never get the sense that he's fighting to only satiate his bloodlust or fulfill the reader's power fantasy (like many edgy stories these days). He does the things he does only because fate has forced his hand. It's an excellent way to show character depth and strength.


  • Arcs are too long
As mentioned above, the war arc was so fantastically boring that I stopped reading. If you enjoy reading 40 chapters of fluff that's just battle, battle, battle, drip feed a little world building, drip feed side characters, then drip feed plot development every 10 chapters, this is for you. But it's as if I'm reading about someone playing a game, and their internal monologue about how they killed every mob and miniboss in explicit detail.

  • Side characters.
It's hard to place what I dislike here, I may be far too picky. The author makes an effort, but no one in the war arc particularly interested me. Their personalities, plot tie in, and interactions were generic and they often don't stay long enough to become relevant to us even though the story tries to go in that direction. Everything else was satisfactory. It is not to the level of excellence in world/character that you would get from something like Overlord, but nonetheless solid for an entry level web novel (as far as I can tell).

  • Inconsistent power scaling / powers breaking the SOD
Remember what I said about this story being a compilation of creative ideas? This is where that rears its ugly head the most. The MC is reportedly one of the strongest entities on the continent. This is in a world with Gods, so we know for certain this power difference will only grow until he becomes one of those Gods. But after all the hype about him being a calamity,

defeating one of the strongest knights ever,

he's still just... struggling to take down foot soldiers. It's hard to place, but the progression of power does not make any sense. Even though the MC is a fighter that's focused on clever tactics and deception, it's hard for me to believe this person ever made any impacts continent despite the story trying to sell us on the idea.

As I said before, the author is piecing together creative ideas. He wants to write about a powerful and cunning gladiator animal triumphing against other beasts. He wants to write about a rampaging beast that kills his way through the capital city and puts down an army himself. He wants to write about a famed war s*ave who's a skilled infiltrator that can go in, start a bloodbath, and allow his allies to take down the fortress. But the elements are forced together, and I only suspect that the next arc will have some shift in the dynamic that doesn't make sense.

  • MC's circumstances do not change, no character growth in sight.
This speaks for itself. You'll know it when you see it. I believe the author is going out of his way to force the MC to not mature, remaining in this sort of innocent shell forever. I am convinced that:

1) the character will not mature or really show any change other than some slice of life stuff where he learns about human culture

2) in the next arc, the MC will remain

a s*ave through some dumb coincidence


and, 3) even if he's freed he will become an adventurer and drag the story to becoming a generic isekai.

The MC never really goes out of his way to strategize or think long term about his goals. He has an important goal, for sure, but for such a grand mission it's almost like he's just being swept along by other's schemes and has no real agency despite the opportunities. <<less
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BritishRaptor rated it
May 25, 2023
Status: c52
A novel I’m enjoying a lot, enough so that I considering MTL’ing the rest.

Welcome to Hell, is not, in fact, set in Hell. There’s no demons to be seen here (so far). It is, however, a reincarnation story in which the MC is reborn as a monster in another world ... more>>

(a scorpion, which is refreshing!)

and has to serve out his ‘sentence’ given to him from Hell.

The novel combines perspectives from different characters to build the world on several different levels, from very on-the-ground and restricted understanding from our MC, to greater politics and movements from other characters. I’m not usually a fan of these kind of developments and use of perspective, but I always found the perspective was focused back on MC (which was more interesting to me!) before I got bored.

MC is a little bland personality wise, a real neutral-guy character. Kill the bad guys, won’t always save everyone because he’s practical, ect. It’s a little underwhelming to be honest, but I’m willing to overlook it as I’m starting to see some personality development in the later chapters.

Fight scenes were written incredibly well. Well scripted and I was able to visualise it very clearly as I read. Fantasy story fights on here often fall into the trap of characters yelling spell names at each other and limited descriptions such as ‘I dodged the strike then attacked.’

Welcome to Hell!’ does a great job of painting environments and utilising said environments in its action. Combat is pretty brutal and powering scaling is a done pretty satisfyingly, since everything relies on actual skill and not “Skills” or “Levels”.

World building, especially religion had me eye-rolling at the beginning where

one of the main antagonistic forces is a cult believing in a single ‘superior’ god


For reincarnated as a monster fans, you’ll find this series fairly satisfying although suffering from the usual trope

of MC eventually getting himself a human form. In this case, it’s still pretty alien though, and it wasn’t by choice.


At the time of this review, the series is still ongoing on Syosetsu, with a bunch in the backlog to be translated (about ~150 chapters) so I’m looking forward to where this is going. <<less
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Dg2 rated it
November 13, 2023
Status: c160
The first arc is amazing, but once the MC joins the empire it is just annoying. I hate stories that only revolve around warfare with time skips and pointless filler. Especially when the MC is a literal jarhead.

There needs to be something else. At least a goal the MC is striving towards. Surviving for a hundred years is the long term, but there is nothing short term. Our MC is just letting fate play out as he is just a passenger in the events. Never during the second arc has... more>> the MC done anything to go against the tide.

Besides for the pointless fights, know that the MC will never lose anything. Removing any sense of tension since we already know that things will work out for him. He's like a shonen protag at this point with nothing else going on for the fic.

This quickly became mediocre with the drawn out war arc. And with this I have lost all interest.

Rate 3/5

[Edit] - I literally read another review and he has the same thoughts as I. Guess I'm rather spot on with this review. <<less
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