Welcome to Cheap Restaurant of Outcasts!


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Dennis is a chef who was expelled from the world’s most powerful adventurer party, the Silver Wing Battalion. He was betrayed and blamed for the failure of a quest.

In the first place, Dennis has always felt that he couldn’t use his cooking skills to the fullest in the adventurer’s party. He considers his banishment as a fortunate event and started to open his dreamed adventurer’s restaurant in the countryside.

But many troubles occurred around his ordinary restaurant (Lv.99)!

I don’t care about my former strongest party; just leave me alone! All I want to do is cook!

But if you hurt my customers, I won’t forgive you! I’ll beat up all the bad guys! Just eat my fried rice quietly!

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Tsuihousha Shokudou e Youkoso!
Welcome to the Outcast’s Restaurant!
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