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This is an indestructible train, this is an unstoppable train. How can the train be stopped?
After crashing through 7 cities in a row and killing millions of people outside the carriages, all 1,057passengers in the train chose to give up their lives and let the train be bombed to a halt.

The explosion shook the world, but the train still didn’t stop — they were still alive. How on earth can the train be stopped? For a while, the whole world began to feel anxious.

*The shared fate of all mankind
*48 hours time limit to save itself

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Huan Yin Cheng Zuo Hun Dun Hao Lie Che
The Chaos Train
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seemanta rated it
March 5, 2022
Status: Completed
This is good stuff. It was really interesting and the plot twists were amazing. But beware that lots of people dies. And by that, I mean it's comparable to AOT. Mobs will obviously die in billions but then you'll see the some of the only few important characters die too. You will probably cry like a baby during the most emotional deaths and then you'll hate the villain to death! Which is also good cause a villain is meant to be hated. If you don't hate a villain, then that's... more>> no longer a villain but a fan-fiction material.

The whole novel happens in the goddamn train. Istg I want to kill "it" every time I think about what "it" did! But I really like the characters there. My personal favourite was Yue Chengtian. Anyway, the story depicts how all of them tried to stop the train and then how it was stopped. Or not. Who knows? I won't spoil this. He. He. :) Oh, yeah! Forgot to mention. There's an ML but whether they end up together or not is a mystry. You have to read the novel to know. But no need to be worried about unnecessary drama as the whole novel is rather dark themed and there's no fluff. When everybody's dying left and right, you simply don't have the free time to do fluff. ¯_ (ツ) _/¯ But I do like their romance as both of them are mature and serious persons.

There aren't many cons of this novel. If I have to say one, it's gotta be the not-so-subtle chinese nationalism. But then again, ML is a soldier and FL's work is also government related so I can kinda excuse that. And after reading so many novels, I I've become a bit immune to it. The other thing is how the author thinks every country except for China is so small. I mean, I they are smaller than most but it's definitely not as small as they portrays. Both of these are common problems of CN novels and the author actually did better than others in regards to this but I would have liked it more if they were not there at all.

.⚠⚠⚠ Here's a big spoiler for people who wants to know about the ending. But please adhere to caution as it will basically ruin the suspense for you. The reason I'm even giving this spoiler is purely because I like to spoil and for people who have weak heart that can't bear tragedy. ⚠⚠⚠

EVERYBODY in the train dies! Including FL and ML!! It's a f*cking BE!!! But it's still a very good BE so I still recommend to read the novel.

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