Weird Live Broadcast: I Can Deduce Endlessly


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Weird World revival, strange stories unfold. The “Unspeakable” has come to the real world, and those chosen will enter the weird world to represent their respective countries and challenge the Unspeakable.

Now, Gu Yi has been selected by the weird world to represent the Dragon Country and challenge the first dungeon world, the Chongshan Hospital, where the death rate is 99%.

[Patient Handbook]

1. Take medicine on time three times a day.

2. Please keep the ward clean at all times.

3. People wearing bird beak masks are doctors or nurses, please follow their advice carefully.

4. If you see blood dripping from the ceiling in the hallway, do not panic, as this is normal.

5. If you notice any equipment damage, please contact someone wearing an elephant mask for repairs immediately.

6. There are always two people in the ICU, please keep this in mind.

On the back of the page was written in blood: “Do not take any medication given to you. They are a group of demons who will lead you into the abyss.”

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OppressedBeans rated it
June 24, 2023
Status: c40
I like it. The MC isn’t a moron and he actually learns from his mistakes.

He doesn’t just give up and continues to find a way. The thought of perspective of this novel is super interesting, especially when he has to change his own perspective to go forward.

It can be a bit tiring trying to remember all the details but when everything starts to click it fascinating.

Cant wait for more, worth the read.
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Decarabia rated it
July 17, 2023
Status: c54
I've finished the first arc and it's certainly interesting enough to be worth 5 stars, although I need to clarify a few things about this novel.

First of all, this is a thriller, not a horror novel. It focuses exclusively on unveiling a web of mysteries, the horror elements are a part of the scenario.

Second of all, the summary + first few chapters are a bit misleading and don't do justice to the story. The game-like system used and the live broadcast elements are, thus far, irrelevant to the plot, although... more>> they take up some space in starting chapters. Complete immersion only kicks in after some 4-6 chapters, when they almost disappear.

Lastly, it's not immediately obvious from the summary+tags that this is a simulation type story. This means that MC has an ability (here called deduction), that allows him to simulate what would happen if he took a certain course of action, running off his mental strength. So although piecing together clues does require some intelligent choices and conjectures, trial and error is the most used approach.

With all of that clear, the plot is very straightforward: Gu Yi is thrown into such a ridiculously difficult Weird World stage that without the ability to simulate I can't fathom how anyone would be able to clear it. There is a death trap at every alley, and you have no clue what's going on. Since direct confrontation is ineffective, information gathering is the way to go. Going with that logic, MC observes his surroundings, makes some conjectures, decides on a course of action and proceeds with simulations. He'll repeat those steps indefinitely as long as he's allowed to, sometimes being forced to go through an unknown route, sometimes going forward on the scouted path.

The story truly shines in the element of mystery. It gave me similar vibes to Harvester Games' titles such as Downfall. At least in the first arc, the world and actions taken to proceed in it are often symbolic, seemingly out of place and disturbing. There is always a layer to uncover, and even after going through simulations, future developments shine new light on past sights, as well as showcase detrimental actions taken. Retroactivity plays a large role in this story, as things MC did not pay attention to or minor things that he took for granted, turns out weren't so simple after all.

If I had to say anything against it, it's that the closing scene and revelation was a little lackluster for such a huge buildup. Halfway through the stage we have a faint image of its backstory, so although there were exciting things at the very end, it gives a feeling of "as expected" when it really goes down.

Nevertheless, a fine read. <<less
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yugmodnar rated it
September 28, 2023
Status: c94
This is not amazing but no where near as terrible as it seems at first. The main issue is the protagonist imo: he never learns from his mistakes! He constantly comes to the same conclusions about how the world works and how he should treat the people within it... but fails to actually change the way he thinks and acts.

... more>>

his first reaction is always to react with violence and fear even though he knows he isn’t suppose to. Eventually he come to the realization (again and again and again...) that he should be kind and understanding when it’s possible. Then he goes off mu*der, steal, and generally be an evil person because he doesn’t see these entities as real people.


'why are there consequences for my actions' goes the protagonist with average intelligence but incapable of lasting growth. <<less
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Yugao702 rated it
August 30, 2023
Status: --
So far this a really enjoyable story. The pacing is really good, and the concept is interesting.

The way the MC makes his deductions kinda reminds me of Horror Adventure games that have multiple bad endings and you can just reload to a saved point to pick a new path. You can really picture the scenes like a game from the way the story is worded.

MC isn't op, he only seems op because he learns from his mistakes when he does his deductions and that makes him a really good character.

Most... more>> unlimited flow MCs usually act like they know what is going to happen next and they mostly come out unscratched with very low consequences to their actions but I like this MC since he (somewhat) experiences the consequences if he makes a mistake and learns from them, making him pretty unique.

Its really fun to read and it really gets you s**ked into the story. <<less
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Juslin rated it
April 1, 2024
Status: c193
Pretty interesting story. I'm rating it 5 stars only because the rating at time of writing (3.6) seems a little too low. First of all, massive warning. If you hate excessive China praising and slander on every other country (especially America), this novel isn't for you. Every Chinese webnovel possesses these traits to some extent, but this one really can go too far at times.

The actual story is solid, in my opinion. The tag is Horror, but it's really more like Mystery more than anything. The lack of a visual... more>> element and psychological horror aspects makes the novel not very scary at all. The main hook the novel uses is just exploring countless unknown worlds with the protagonist, kind of like playing a Mystery Horror adventure game. And even then, the Horror element of the novel seems to get more and more forgotten as time passes.

The novel places a drawback of mental power on the protagonist in the beginning, but as time passes, it seems like the author forgets about this drawback. Either that, or he just can't be bothered to write it in anymore, but the resource regeneration rate adds up. Who knows. As the novel progresses, the protagonist is instead constrained by forcing him to put himself in danger before he can use his power. I think these are a good inclusion to the novel, because it stops you from feeling like the protagonist is invulnerable.

As with any other webnovel, loopholes and nonsensical plot points also exist in this novel. It's better to just take the webnovel at face value, and to not think about certain things too much.

Overall, I think the novel is pretty good. I liked the first arc in particular, even if the ending was a little weak. <<less
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XXXXX rated it
September 18, 2023
Status: c76
I'd give it a 3.5

interesting premise but the live broadcast part of it is a mistake in my opinion

there was maybe 1 chapter of real world reactions up to chapter 76

it'd be better to have it be a game like the Terror Infinity genre or something similar, the deductions is also just straight-up future simulation, it has nothing to do with deduction so far, MC does not need any previous knowledge to be able to deduce what's inside a locked box for example
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