Wealthy Family’s Warm Wedding


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“If I really want a woman now, I hope it is you!”

In the doctor’s office, Dr. Fu, who has always been proud and reserved, restrain his breathing and giving an invitation to the patient in front of him.

“Although you are very handsome,…”

“I can be responsible for you afterward!” Facing the patient’s embarrassment, Dr. Fu suggests a very responsible suggestion.

Life is not easy, she is careful at every step, attacking those who frame her.

He helped her everywhere and cherish her to the extreme.

It is said that Dr. Fu is not powerful and impotent.

Who would know that he is powerful and skilled in bed.

One night, he pressed the beauty under his body. “Doctor Fu, how can I thank you for helping me?” He caressed her small waist and made a low-key announcement. “The dowry should be prepared!”

Dr. Fu said: Happy to meet you in my lifetime!

Miss Gu said: In my lifetime, please treat me kindly!

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