Wealthy Family’s Sweet Beloved Reborn


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In her last life, Song Qinghuan’s sister disfigured her and poisoned her throat, all her successes were heisted by her sister and she was burned to death by her sister.

With a blink, she is reborn in the times before all the misfortune takes place, strong and fierce, she guards what belongs to her.

And a handsome boy who possesses all the fortune in the world, he is willing to step back and protects her wholeheartedly.

“I think the misunderstanding between us is pretty deep, mind getting to know me?”

“Don’t bother, I only like boy toys.”

“I can be one for you.”

“The nerves you’ve got!”

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08/16/19 Flying Lines c4
08/13/19 Flying Lines c3
08/01/19 Flying Lines c2
06/13/19 Flying Lines c1
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