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Though her mother-in-law always picked on her, Qu Wan’s love for her husband had never changed until one day, a woman came to her and claimed that she was pregnant with her husband’s child. After leaving the Ling family flat on her back without a penny, Qu Wan was reduced from Mrs. Ling, who had been admired by everyone to a penniless wretch overnight. She thought she would never have anything to do with Ling Mubai in her remaining years, but fate brought them together again. “Please! Leaving me alone is all I ask of you!” “Last time I checked, you still have my sperm! How can I let you go easily?”

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Book Lover Slytherine
Book Lover Slytherine rated it
October 5, 2022
Status: c253
I really tried to like this novel, really I tried so hard! But couldn't due to some problems.


... more>>

So our FL is a strong girl. Cause her father brought a mistress and an illegitimate daughter (who is her age) right after her mother's death, she broke all relations with him. She lived with her poor uncle but refused to see her cheater wealthy mayor father. She earned her livelihood and was self-proclaimed and independent. That's why people love her. She met ML when she was in a relationship with her bf. But bf family didn't accept her as she was poor, so she and bf broke up. I loved her strongness for still not going back to her scum father to make her bf family accept her as the rich heir. And then ML and FL got into a fling.

They got married and all was ok, but her mother-in-law started abusing her. Her step sis came and told her she was pregnant with her husband's child (which was FL and ml's child). Her mother and she fed FL drugs for not giving birth. How they did that to someone else's house without anyone knowing confuses me. Lots of drama. She got divorced. I really liked how she didn't accept ML cause she's very prideful. All was ok but the reason for my dislike for this novel is the ml.




So the ML is a... I don't even know what to say about him. Anyway...

    • So first he never knew his mother abusing his wife.
    • Then he surrogates FL's sister without asking for her consent
    • He doesn't even explain it to her and asks why FL blames her innocent sister.? like wtf!
    • He divorced her cause of his mother's words and didn't try to talk to her.
    • He orders her not to bring anything don't give her alimony and even use his connection to not get her a job. When she leaves without anything, he blames her for not begging him, Asks why she didn't love him. Bro she thinks you cheated then you order her to sign the papers? What do you expect from her? She'll say, " Ok you go do wham bam thank you mam with other women and I'm ok with it?" he's a mental
    • He's in an engagement with her sister & if FL tries to date, he blames her for betraying him.? Only he can marry someone else, but she can't.
    • Even when he knew FL was the wealthy mayor's daughter his 1st action was how can she not tell that? If she did then his mother would accept her, and they would be happy. blah... blah blah... If she compromised, she would end up with her bf the very beginning and will not end up with you. She never compromised and still knowing that you blame her and claim to love her for who she is?

He never understood her. He said he fell in love cause she's independent, and never compromises her values for anything. But he expects her to accept her scum father and bootlick to his mother? He's really something else. He never physically abuses her or betray her but if you don't explain how can the other party understand what you meant?

I don't like him or dislike him. I've seen way worst CN Mls. That's why maybe I have this opinion. And I hated that they ended up together.


Side Characters:


The side characters were the worst. They worked as a foil for FL and Ml.

    • The ex-bf of FL first couldn't fight for her. Then when she got divorced with a child, he fought with the world for her and was successful to get acceptance by his family.... like the logic?????? Why couldn't he persuade them at the beginning when she was unmarried? Why the elders accepted her now when she was divorced and had a child? The logic was out of my head!
    • Next will be the boss of the Fl. he disliked FL cause she was ugly. What's the ugly's definition? She wore big sunglass and shabby clothes that's why she's ugly??? When he saw her without sunglass, he fell in love cause she was pretty???? Like wtf?? Anyway, leaving these aside he was not that bad. he was dedicated and most of the commenters including me wanted her to end up with him. He understood her that's why. but he's doomed as a supporting character.
    • Then we have Fl's stepsister. As a low eq character, she served a foil to Fl's radiance. She fell in love with ML but he ignored her. Tried to cling to him in every possible way but he didn't glance at her and loved the fl. So as an antagonist, she did what all braindead people do. Why must you cling to a man when he rejected you? Move on! There are so many better men!
My Thoughts:

I have mixed feelings about this novel. I liked the FL but as for the ml... I would not like to say anything! It's a 2.5 for me.

    1. I rated 2 only for fl.
    2. I cut 1 star out for the site I was reading. It asks for money to read. I don't understand how can nu accept such a novel which promotes downloading an app and reading there with money.
    3. Another star was cut cause the ML never understood fl.
    4. And the last star was cut cause of the racist thoughts, the novel's poor logic, weak writing ml's loose thinking, and brain-dead characters.
It's up to you if you want to read it or not. For me, I didn't like it at all. <<less
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Az_Dl rated it
July 20, 2020
Status: c265
While the book is 987 chapters, the book actually seems to cover a few couples, the characters in the summary make up the first 253 chapters and then it goes into a new story, so if you're only interested in the main couple just read up to there.

The book was fairly easy to MTL and a little bit different that the usual novels in that the ML knows he loves the FL and spends most of their story trying to get her back. FL is not a soft persimmon after... more>> the divorce and is quite tough against the ML (which I enjoyed, finally a FL with a backbone and principles!) Most of the characters weren't developed in too much detail, unlike some other novels where you really hate all the villains and can't wait to see them get face-slapped even their endings are not drawn out (which can be a good or bad thing, depending on your preference). A lot of the villains are very s*upid and not subtle at all, they outright admit or get caught doing things against the FL and then keep trying to do things until someone deals with them... (they were probably the most annoying part of the story)


even the step sister, she's like typical white locus throughout the whole story and then she has a brain fart at the end and gets dealt with in a single chapter


The lack of communication between the couple when they were married is a bit silly, I mean


only read if you want to know about the 'a woman came to her and claimed that she was pregnant with her husband’s child' bit


why would you decide to allow someone to be a surrogate without actually discussing with your wife at all...


and then

FL keeps saying that the ML cheated and when the ML hears this, he just says that she misunderstood and he didn't but doesn't go into detail.... I mean will it kill you to say a few more words to explain?!


Good story if you want something to kill time, it doesn't tax the brain

I've only just started the second story which seems to be about an university student who agrees to be a surrogate so she can pay for her mum's medical treatment, she ends up having twins (she gives birth to a girl immediately after the son gets taken away, so I guess the father doesn't know about the second child... yet), time skip to 5 years later... <<less
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pimni rated it
November 24, 2020
Status: c283
I liked the premise of the story and so MTL ed because flying lines don't update it that much. Anyway, a very good story with a strong FL who doesn't go back to the ML just because he said sorry. She really makes me work for the second chance which I loved.

... more>>

If you are interested to know, the husband is the ML and there are two SML, the boss and the previous boyfriend mentioned. There are quite many b*tchy women around the pair starting with the evil mother and daughter duo. The Mother-in-law may seem bad but she rectifies herself and was not that brain dead. Another interesting thing I liked was how entwined the lives of the parents (the FL and the boss) was which was revealed slowly.


Overall a great read if you wait or MTL and read up to the chapter said in the first review. <<less
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Tully rated it
October 12, 2020
Status: c35
I'm giving this a 3.5. Just because I can tell who the ML is. BLEASE NO. REDEEM YOURSELF AUTHOR

... more>>

The ML is not the worst Chinese Male Lead I've seen but he's inconsistent and dumb.

I mean, he is clueless about what wrong he did and keeps rationalizing himself. I hope for all that it good and wise, that he's actually not the ML.

Currently I'm still rooting for the ex-boyfriend before who barely gets anything. He's like a 3rd Male Lead and I get it that he's also unworthy in a sense. He prolly did not stand up for her as he should have but he's better than the 2nd ML and (WAY WAY MORE) than the ML.

The 2nd ML is tolerable. I like him actually but I didn't like how he because fascinated with the FL because of her looks. Also, he's not willing to come clean that she's divorced and the child is not his to his grandpa. He's making a way to compromise.

By conclusion, all these wealthy handsome, tall men suck. They are all s*aves to their parents and wealth. Like, they have no agency and ability to take responsibility and ARE UNDERSERVING of the FL. I mean, they should learn from her!!! She took her life in her hands. She left behind her wealthy dad and lived her own. Shame on them. They're like chicks. I mean what's the use of being wealthy and educated if you can't decide on your own.


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