Water Magician


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This is the story of Ryo, who was reincarnated in the world of swords and magic.

It is a story of the royal road to survive using the magic of water attribute.

What is magic? What is swordsmanship?

How does it relate to the laws of physics that we know?

Or what is politics? What is a nation?

Why are there many 『kingdoms』 in reincarnation stories? Will republics not work?

Can it be written …?

Since it is a water-based magician, so it shall start with 『Hydrogen bond』!

Associated Names
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Mizu Zokusei no Mahou Tsukai
The Water Magician (Official)
Water Attribute Magician
Water Mage
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31 Reviews

Jun 22, 2021
Status: c270
Hello! I'm Tseirp, translating this novel. I'm pretty much hooked on this novel at this moment. Currently at ch114 and reading it every day. (Edit on 14 Jul: I'm at Ch270 now)

- The story really picks up in world building and character building once MC meets other characters from Chapter 28 onward. The other characters are quite well built, the banter between MC and others is interesting and hilarious at moments, the MC is seriously OP but its not as though the world around is hopeless without him (Almost the entire first arc battle is done without MC at all).

- There are other strong characters in the book. Some are allies, some are neutral with other goals, some are rivals?, some are enemies. Being OP, the MC can bulldoze over most people in the world but he does have a few characters on par with him that he can't win against as of the current chapter. - The battles are interesting and diverse, not those one hit and its over fights. But when MC dominates he really does. - The romance with FMC, albeit little, is quite nice.


- Some might find that the story is too slow life at times (the MC isn't those shonen protagonist who goes around the world solving everyone's problems).

- Towards the later parts of the 1st book, its clear that the author places emphasis on world building more than MC growth (since he's already OP), so there are a lot of shadow movements, conspiracies, clashes between nations that doesn't necessarily involve the MC.

At any rate, give the novel a chance until you finish Volume 1 Part 4 (Chapter 74) :)
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Jul 12, 2021
Status: c182
Well... Few things about this novel. I'll probably start with the romance.... more>>

IT IS NOT SLOW. Yes it takes like 100 chapters for them to hug. Which might seem like it's a lot but after the "training" arc it's like 2 month into the story and he was away from the city where she was for more than a month on requests but I'll get to that later. And she usually gets like 2-3 sentences per her appearance so not a lot of screentime for the FMC. Right from their first meeting she was staring at him fascinated because of the Robe he got from the fairy king or whatever that was then she helps him find some books then they spar once and then he leaves for 10 days (reminder that she is supposed to be like 200 years old seasoned veteran adventurer who broke an arm of some noble she is training because he tried to r*pe her) and she IS GRUMPY and behaves in such a way that everyone in the castle she is staying in immediately notices her weird behaviour. Even she is saying to herself how she misses him. After literally meeting him 3 times. When he is coming back in 10 days... Then they eat curry. Yes because when you use the trope of getting transported/reincarnated to a completely different world that's what you do if you are Japanese. You eat curry/rice take a lot of baths and use honorifics. This is obviously not something specific to this novel but yeah. And while eating curry she notices that he is really enjoying the meal so that means he is awesome and they are close to each other. Then he buys a house and she is halfway living there. Then another request this time for 40 days. She finds out that he had to go to a different city in the kingdom (royal capital) on the way back because of reasons so she jumps on the captain of the knights so that she can go there. After they know each other (the MC) for 2 months. Because this 200 y.o. highschool teenager can't stand it if she can't see him right this instant. Then they meet there and she hugs him in front of everyone like it is the obvious thing to do as if he was her long lost lover she hasn't seen for centuries. Then they meet another elf. This time 2000 years old. And she is completely smitten by him (more or less). In an instant. Because of the robe. And another male elf thinks the MC somehow charmed the uber old elf and tries to beat the MC and get's beaten instead by the main female character. I hate myself for reading it and even more for even bothering to write this review. TLDR of the romance he is a plank of wood and she behaves like a brain-damaged 13y.o. fan of a pop idol. About his enemies. There are none. So far he met a few "beings" that he could not kill. A Dragon king in the early chapters that wasn't hostile. A griffon that wasn't hostile. A kraken he was fighting under water. And one demon thingy that he fought twice and hasn't really lost. That demon thingy was able to literally demolish a Hero character of the different world who is supposed to kill the Demon king and the demon thingy said that the MC is 10000x stronger than the Hero. Everyone else be it allies or enemies are so far beneath the MC it's not even worth mentioning them. His allies constantly say things like "we can't antagonize him ever otherwise we are gone." Or he can make this country disappear in an instant hopefully he won't defect to another country.

The sad part is that this novel isn't even the shittiest thing I've read in past few days it's just that some of the reviews were a bit... biased so I felt the need to jump on the opportunity to be a smartass and "fix" them. So far I've read worse and if you have nothing else to read go for it. Translation is good which is something I am willing to say about anything other than blatant mtl. <<less
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Jan 31, 2021
Status: c126
Slow-paced slice of life story. The key is the last line of the description:

"Please enjoy Ryo’s world that expands little by little."

So here's a story where the main character starts off in the middle of nowhere, all alone, gradually gets used to his abilities, starts meeting people, starts traveling, gets to know the world, gets involved with the world, so on and so forth. While I say it's slow-paced slice of life, there is proper action and adventure along the way. Ryo starts as kind of a chicken, but gradually... more>> gains confidence and strength. Various tags are lacking, but at least up to the point where I've read there is no harem (and a very good reason for it despite harems being acceptable in the setting). There are some "misunderstandings" setting up humor or Ryo showing off his strength to amaze people, but they actually get resolved pretty fast and even Ryo seems to understand when he's become strong despite being a japanese protagonist. There's a little romance. Slow-paced, but by the point the heroine shows up it should be obvious that neither she nor Ryo needs to rush.

It's not for everyone because it is: slow-paced, slice of life, isekai, non-harem, a protagonist who feels like an average person for better or worse. If you don't mind those things, give it a try for sure. <<less
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Feb 11, 2022
Status: --
This novel is... nonsense. I understand that this is fantasy novel. There has to be logic in every story, except comedy. For comedy, it's enough if it's funny. This story is not comedy, but I found no logic here. For instance, Abel tried to hide the fact about MC's power (by not selling golem's core or something) so that the MC would not be pulled into political turbulance, but he told everyone about how strong the MC was and said to everyone to not be MC's enemy. I mean, WTF.... more>> Did the author get amnesia or something?

Logic aside, the characters' interactions make my head hurts. The author tried to make some joke but it's completely dry.

Conclusion: not recommended <<less
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Sep 09, 2021
Status: c118

Not particularly good. The story has a lot of problems especially the Japanese politeness. Even if MC faces enemies that try to kill him, he can still speak some lame comments and have polite banter with them. The entire tense atmosphere was ruined. You can't have epic battles here.

The romance that just start off, where I currently am, is pretty much at the rubbish level. The female elf somehow unknowingly falls in love with MC, for free, with just some chance encounters in the library, curry shop, and a sparring... more>> match. He hasn't helped her once. I have zero clues on how come they were suddenly together. There was no mention of the inner thought of FM on how she perceives MC, why he is suitable for her. It's just happened.

Edit: Change my mind. After reaching the assassin village part, I just realise this is just another rubbish Death March. The plot development doesn't make sense at all. What the hell, why would he got the best Alchemy legacy that easily. The banter with the assassin boss is utterly at childish level, keep complimenting each other moves. That bunch behind the scene that tries to kill both of them never show up and is just there to help MC not feel guilty killing the boss. This novel would place well in my garbage can. <<less
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Aug 11, 2022
Status: c198
oh boi what is author thinking.

i like the novel at first, it's all about a man living in dangerous area alone & survive slice of life story, at this stage he still normal guy training to become stronger, hunting & farming ext ext.

but then

... more>> the problem is the MC that you call normal guy after become very strong, throwing common sense right out the windows, become borderline insane guy / madmen & the most annoying MC you ever seen in your entire life, the author does not respect inteligence.

also the story is not about slow life anymore no more survival no more hunting or farming MC abandon it, turn into annoying MC story and side character is MC story.

wow, character development but the worst character development, from bad ass character SOL survival to Annoying MC is side character.

want comparison ? Imagine a normal guy turn into FGO Gudako of insane & annoying type of guy, yeah thats how the transformations is and MC feels like a side characters.

the side character is the main characters, this is just the worst avoid this novel at all cost if you hate this type of story.

because it will wasted your time, this webnovel really need reboot /or just abandon it, I can see why author abandon the survival slice of life story because author literally run out idea & not focus to what does main character mean or do for a story.

from fresh idea into the worst generic isekai. <<less
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Mar 07, 2022
Status: v1c124
I didn't expect to like this one as much as I do.

The initial arc, with the protagonist adjusting to the new world following his transmigration, is definitely a bit of a slog. It's not boring, but it does go on for slightly too long. Once you get past that, though, it turns into one of the better stories about a cheat character's impact on international politics that I've read. The main is a bit of an airhead, but he is niether blind to his own strength nor arrogant in his... more>> power, unlike far too many similar characters. The richest part of the story, however, is how the world's natives react to having this walking WMD drop in on them seemingly out of nowhere, and how all the existing plots and machinations start to get warped by his existence. I really look forward to seeing where this story goes. <<less
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Nov 12, 2021
Status: c37
After reading 37 chapters, I still couldn't get hooked with this story. I like Slice of life WN but this one isn't working for me. I'm not that good with science but I feel that there are several mistakes in this novel.

... more>>

an example is MC checking Abel's pulse. You don't check the pulse at nape. You check it at the front of the neck midway between the jaw and the collarbone. Another is him stopping the bleeding by stopping the flow of blood in the artery. What happens there is that not only will the wound not close due to him stopping blood flow but also result to the death of a limb due to the absence of oxygen from the absence of blood.


Another thing I'm bothered is how MC has this strange mental fortitude that wasn't clearly explained as to how he got it.


he lived alone for 20 years without talking to anyone and even though he met the dullahan, a certain amount of time has passed way before that. How was he still sane afterall that?

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May 18, 2022
Status: c162
This is simply a decent isekai story nothing too amazing but there were a few chuckles here and there, the only gripe I have is as the story progresses ryo the MC who has no experience of the world and very little contact with humans is delusional, this was kinda funny at first but over time his unwillingness to believe what others say and some of the mean things he says out of nowhere are getting annoying.
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Feb 12, 2022
Status: v2c372
I was always partial/liked stories with many characters and good banter. This novel got them both.

The MC is OP, but it does not affect the story that much cuz almost half of the story focuses on other characters and goes into the world building. And there are more OP characters than the MC and the MC is conscious of that fact. But the other characters obviously don't know that. Leads to some funny interactions.

The story is also pretty chill. I am also not bothered so much abt the lack... more>> of romance - most of the novels have romance that school boys would yearn for, those scenes become cringe/better to skip them when u grow up. I can say ppl of all ages who just like the fantasy/isekai setting can enjoy this novel. The novel also got all the isekai troupes as Ryo was an isekai lover in earth. So he references isekai flags for all the interesting events he comes across. And I shouldn't miss this - the translation is pretty good. No MTL or broken language! Will make u binge read chapters if u r hooked!! <<less
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Dec 05, 2022
Status: v1c231
This is so f*cking boring. Out of the 235 chapters released, half do not even feature the MC. The attempts at fleshing out the world through political machinations, POVs of characters whose names I can't even remember, and whatnot are so eye-wateringly bad I can't believe I even got to chapter 231. Although, I probably scrolled through at least 50 chapters seeing as how boring they were. Every dozen chapters, the story introduces a new character and after said introductory chapter, the reader forgets about said character.

tl;dr - sh*t story,... more>> go read something else <<less
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Oct 11, 2022
Status: v1c221
This novel is a poor written story. Let just say that the MC tells the readers that this novel is about slow life with intense battle. On the contrary, the Novel structure was at first up held its slow life with intense battle but it changes during the middle chapters. The Point of View changes to the side characters such as Abel or the trio party of Room 10 which is okay at first then suddenly it became a mess. The Author was skipping on the daily life of MC... more>> such as time skip or by using the sentence "MC daily life were unchanging" including when MC meets a certain event/person were not elaborated further.

And the most annoying thing is the info dump ranging from lectures on How TAXES and Countries works from our worlds were somehow discussed by the government of fantasy. Further more, It just does not makes sense where the MC discovers food ingredients, minerals and food which he eventually proclaimed that it was actually taste the same as the existing stuff in the Earth. The difference was only its name. Seriously, this is just silly and wrong. <<less
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Oct 19, 2022
Status: c80
TL:DR The author stops writing detail after chapter 10, and each chapter after feels less appealing to read than the last.

In the beginning the author put lots of explanation into the science behind molecular bonds, and the magic the main character uses with it. He goes into detail on rice farming and molecules, and yet he hardly describes things later on.

My first gripe about the story, is the forced misunderstandings the author puts in. In one scene, the main character will show someone his sword, without the ice powers in... more>> use. This makes the sword look like a big handle with a small knife like blade attached. In another scene, he will show a different character the sword with the ice power in use. These two scenes have a completely different impact on the characters, because obviously one is a weird knife and the other is an ice light-saber. The author conveniently decides that the main character will absolutely only show their power to people who are inconsequential to the story, and never show their power in front of characters who are very consequential.

My second gripe, is the lack of believable interaction between the main character and the world. Not a single interaction between him and other people came off as believable. Every interaction felt like two sock-puppets, and felt completely unlike how people interact. I would say, the main character generously describes himself as not a genius, I would generously describe him as dumber than rocks. The conclusions he comes to, for why someone is behaving a certain way, or the decisions he makes about people are all the dumbest furthest from the true reason possible. He behaves and uses magic completely differently when he's by himself in the forest, and when he's with people. He goes from using strong versions of his magic all the time, to using it once in a while or not at all. Even when fighting wyverns, he nerfs himself so that his traveling partner can get a hit in. He also stops almost all practice of his magic or sword fighting when he's in the company of others, even if they're practicing near him.

My third gripe, is how time skips are used to say the character got stronger, but not how the character was affected mentally by living alone for decades training non-stop. It's never really touched on, but many aspects of it scream about how the author put no thought into how this would change a person. The time skips don't affect the main character mentally, he doesn't lose the ability to speak, or change his personality. It's just a means to say, "in this period of time, the main character continued to do the things he was doing and nothing changed except he got stronger the end". It's very disappointing and a clear sign the author didn't give a sh*t when writing this novel.

My final gripe, is about how much knowledge the main character has before coming to this world. He knows how to perform a number of survival feats that would elude many people today. He knows how to tan hides, how to make footwear, how to farm and prepare raw rice. He knows how to skin, bleed, and prepare raw animals, as well as detailed information about molecular structures of water, ice, boiling water. It's not super clearly described what he did before he died, but this man has lots of very specific and detailed knowledge on lots of things needed to survive and it's definitely too convenient.


I don't like when the author says a monster or person moved at sub-sonic or super sonic speed, and that the main character dodges them. It's completely unrealistic and breaks all immersion. That's like asking me to believe an average salary man dodging The Flash. <<less
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Jun 23, 2022
Status: v1c165
A relatively wholesome power fantasy. Has a comedic tone that's inoffensive and can inspire a light chuckle. Thinking on this review a bit more, I appreciate the world and it's plots being developed by the author. It feels like there are several fronts occurring in the story, from mysterious folk collecting MacGuffins, to nation's acting on competitive interests, to simple stories of powerful people seeking out personal ambitions. For the most part, I'm interested in what's going on in most of the conflicts.

Biggest criticism is how all the heroes and... more>> heroines are beautiful / fit, with not many other adjectives. It's not very descriptively diverse and is kind of boring on the character side of things. There's an index/character page around 165, where folk are described in one or two sentences and yeah, they really aren't much more than that.

Also, the main character mu*ders a lot of monsters with magic cores, and assassins but there doesn't seem to be a lot of engagement on what a goblin village actually is, beyond mindless creatures humans can kill without concern. Kind of a shallow setting there. Not every book needs to be deep, or really challenge the general conventions of genre, but I think it's a missed opportunity for this protagonist, who often comparing their world to the conventions of a light novel. They aren't the biggest mu*der hobo either, which is nice.

Those criticism aside, I rather like the series. Will be following this story! <<less
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Mar 26, 2022
Status: v1c133
The only reason I'm not giving this a 5* is that I would actually like to see more scenes of the ML and his future waifu. They just fast-forward their scenes and you don't really see too much development on that aspect

The story has really slow pacing so if you are not into that, you'll get bored. The MC puts effort into getting stronger, he doesn't just get a power boost out of nowhere or due to the "power of friendship". They do give him OP equipment at the beginning.... more>> Of course, he does make the best use of them which is what you would do, but he doesn't solely rely on them. And he isn't the strongest by any means.

Another thing I appreciate is the effort the author puts into the side characters. It doesn't revolve around the ML, the POV changes a lot of times. The only thing I don't quite like is how they skim past the relationship's developments (non-romantic as well) between the characters. Except for the ML and his BFF.

I've read up to c160 and there's not any drama which is a huge plus on my book. It's not all flowers and rainbows either. <<less
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Sep 09, 2021
Status: c360
This is an OP MC story with an MC thats just likes to indulge in his hobby (mainly magic reasearch and eating sweets), beating up enemies and make fun of his coleague..

The events just comes one after another not because the MC have ambitions or seeks them out but because the author throws them one after another.

The MC isnt a puahover or anything tho, like most JP MC. And theres no harem, since the author only introduce 1 love interest and shove her off somewhere after the arc is over...

Its... more>> a nice and fun shounen battle series isekai with an OP MC..

But its nothing more than that..

An okay time waster. <<less
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Aug 21, 2021
Status: c36
As of now, surprisingly entertaining. I have to give kudos to an Isekai without a sistem, lvls, or powers that are simply there as a "cheat", since I have the opinion that previously mentioned game like systems not only lack imagination but are the worst way you can use to justify the magic and powers in writing.

Other than that, the story is slow paced, so if you want instant dopamine hit like in the more well known Isekai power fantasies, well... this isn't that. But to me, it was exactly... more>> what I was searching for, so 10/10. <<less
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Sep 05, 2022
Status: v1c45
There is a lot of things I want to say about this novel.

First off, the starting 20 or so chapters. The start is almost impossible to read. The starting 20 chapters is a hybrid of training arc and slice of life. And from all the slice of life options that the author can choose, he decides to go with food and cooking. Sure, food is important when considering the context, but it is so boring and oversaturated that I have no idea why people keep on writing those stuff. Then,... more>> even if the plot is boring, you can still make it up with good characters and fun character interactions, right? Unfortunately, the MC is a childish and hardworking person, and that is all he is. His childishness can get to the point where it's annoying, and he doesn't show much personality besides that. It is also fine if the 20 chapters also served to develop the MC, but of course, it didn't. There is no other characters besides him at the start, so you're stuck with such a childishly annoying MC's training/cooking hybrid for 20 chapters without any character development. Even worse, this 20 chapters is located at the start of the novel, so your motivation for reading will be killed off the moment you started reading. Good luck.

But even then, I still kept on reading. Because I thought its gonna get good. The question, did it get good? Yes, it did, but not by a lot.

The author decides to finally move the plot along by having a 20 year time skip, during which the MC didn't mature mentally by even a bit, and introducing another character called Abel. The MC decides to travel with Abel to the nearest human settlement. So you're saying that I read all those cooking slice of life for nothing? I read more than 20 chapters worth of boring cooking slice of life just for the author to render that all irrelevant by making the MC go out of his house and leaving all the things he build?

Sure you can say the 20 chapters isn't irrelevant because he cooked food and did training, but the only food he brought with him is some self-made seasoning. Even the training arc can be shortened to 5 chapters instead of an overextended 20 chapters.

Anyway, to this point I thought the story is finally gonna get good, but I'm wrong again. The new characters introduced are mentally deficient. They didn't seem to know what it means to "ask". Abel is wondering what the MC's power is, he asked, but he never asked the "right" question. All it takes is "what can you do with your full power?" and the characters iq deficiency can be solved, but the author decided to not do that because, from what I presume, he wants to make it a big surprise to the characters by revealing the MC is actually op! Wow! So cool! (Yes, I'm really salty rn)

So he decides to sacrifice the characters' intelligence for the plot.

He also decides to sacrifice the MC's own iq to make him dense about his own power level.

A lot of things are also questionable. Like, the MC didn't have any problem communicating with others despite living alone without a conversation partner for 20 years. Sure, he kept on talking to himself, but it's not rocket science to know that talking to yourself and talking to others is way different. There is also the Dullahan, but the Dullahan doesn't talk. The 20 years time skip only served to make the MC stronger, without developing him at all.

Also, the MC never once used his sword during the travel with Abel to a human settlement. I find that a little questionable, bu the MC is a mage, so I guess that's alright?

The MC's background is also questionable, but for some reason the side characters just never questioned him.

Good thing is, the world-building is at least alright. It's not good, but not bad either.

The only thing I find even the slightest bit enjoyable in this novel is the character interactions. The banter is a little bit entertaining, it's not fun, but at least it's something you'll be able to read.

All in all, this is a very slow novel. Without much things happening or an overarching plot. If you're searching for a chilling slow life novel. Then I guess this one is for you. <<less
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Jul 17, 2021
Status: c358
A slow-paced adventure story about Ryo and his friends. This story has similar vibes as I got Transferred in the Middle of a Mountain. Less drama, no romance, and a lot of funny dialogue with the side characters (I love Abel!). Don't expect something like dramatic up-and-down plot development with this one. If you like fun adventure story to read during leisure then you may like this one!
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Jun 10, 2022
Status: --
Honestly a pretty fresh isekai. Some snags but pretty enjoyable.

No level-up, no status, almost zero litrpg content. MC is in the upper echelons thanks to having more mana than most people, but that's really it. Magic goes the route of "image is more important than chanting" but does well enough to explain why the MC is better than most other mages. The reason being preconceived notions actually get in the way of one's magic, or the image of it so to speak. So being taught magic is actually a hindrance... more>> unless you have a great teacher. Ryo, the MC, is self taught so after hitting that block once he quickly realizes his mistake and is able to make considerable progress.

Ryo's personality is fairly unique too, he's neither an edgy revenge protagonist nor the stereotypical "nice-guy" Doormat-kun. If I had to briefly describe him I'd say he's an even mix between a huge magic nerd, and a psychopath with a little bit of chuuni thrown in. But when I say psychopath its not so much that he's gleefully violent but more he can be pretty cold about human life, and rather cruel without realizing it. Less cringe joker fanboy more textbook psychopathy.

All in all its a good read but there are a couple things I dislike. First and foremost the main character doesn't feel like he is central to anything whatsoever. It is nice to see a story where the world doesn't revolve around the protagonist, but Ryo is so detached from the important events that it makes you wonder why he's even the protagonist at times. It makes the already slow pace feel like its dragging when you hit a huge chunk of chapters that have absolutely nothing to do with him. That brings me to the second dislike actually, the pace is reeeeally slow, I don't have much to say beyond that but yeah it can really drag in spots. <<less
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