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The fourth son of a Margrave, Leorino Cashew remembers that in his previous life, he was once a close friend and subordinate of the current general and that he died embroiled in the flames of war.

Eventually, Leorino turns eighteen and visits the royal capital for his coming-of-age ceremony where he meets his former best friend for the first time in eighteen years.

This story centers around a pessimistic macho general ✕ a red-haired knight reborn as a beautiful boy in front of whom even the flowers blush.

Associated Names
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Senaka wo Azukeru ni wa
You Can Have My Back
背中を預けるには 外伝 この恋の涯てには (Side Story)
背中を預けるには 番外編集 運命の男達 (Extra)
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06/14/21 Watashi wa Sugoi Desu c1
06/07/21 Watashi wa Sugoi Desu prologue
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2 Reviews

Jul 09, 2021
Status: c83
An okay story that wasn't bad but I don't think this story is for me. It's plays out a lot more like reincarnation than rebirth, Leorino is his own person who inherited Ionia's memories rather than being just Ionia reborn. Leorino actually has some pretty nice characterization, he wrestles with his extreme dissatisfaction over his beauty and physical weakness while yearning for Ionia's past strength and independence. Be warned though, even though he tries to become more independent he's a 'damsel-in-distress' type protagonist who needs ML to save him. The... more>> plot's also interesting as it deals with betrayal and the reason as to why he died in the first place.

It's a lot more dramatic than I expected and I didn't really like that after 15 chapters trying to set up the story we suddenly get 20 chapters right in the middle of it all about Ionia's life before cutting back to Leorino. I also think the author isn't able to mix Leorino and Ionia very well, for example MC wants ML to see him as 'Leorino' and not 'Ionia' which ML insists that he does but then also calls him 'Io' many a time. It gets hard to tell if MC wants to be Io or Leo as well because he insists he's Leo but calls ML "Vee", which is Ionia's nickname for ML, and says things/repeatedly answers as Ionia (ex: "I can't help you anymore this body is too weak"). Leo is also a love it or hate it type of deal, the story will never let you forget Leorino is the most beautiful boy in the entire world, and while I do like that he has issues with his powerlessness, he doesn't really improve and feels very child-like.

The cover is honestly very, very pretty and I understand the appeal of "handsome, masculine older man x gorgeous, delicate young boy"; but this just isn't to my liking and I must stop here. However since it's a reincarnation story rather than rebirth and I don't really like those, please note I'm a bit bias even though I tried to give this story a fair shot. Even though I won't read any more of this story, I do recommend you give it a try and decide for yourself. <<less
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Oct 14, 2023
Status: v1
Kinda regret buying this. The cover was such a bait.

You're constantly reminded of how beautiful Leorino is, which is unnecessary. (It's every few paragraphs. It's ridiculous.) Everyone just wants to harass him for his beauty and nobody listens to him. I was rooting for him but I don't know. It seems like the author's just gonna put him through a lot more worse torment as the story progresses and that's just not my cup of tea. Poor guy.
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