Watashi ga Koibito ni Nareru Wakenaijan, Muri Muri! (*Muri Janakatta!?)


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The me who threw away my past loner self and succeed in doing a high-school debut, Amaori Renako. But, as a shabby character it’s hard for me to live this kind of bright life! At that time, I met the school’s super star, Oozuka Mai, and we exchanged our problems with each other. Since then, we started our relationship as ‘secret friends’. As long as I have her as my friend, I could do anything! Is what I thought.

“It seems like I fell in love with you”

“Wait! What about being friends!?”

Some unstable relationship like lovers, it’s impossible! What I wanted is a best friend who I can enjoy my high school life with! But Mai won’t give up.

“Let’s decide which relationship suit us more, lovers or best friends. We will determine the outcome by this match”

And with that, our everyday’s non-stop love comedy has started!

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There's No Way I Can Have a Lover! *Or Maybe There Is!?
There’s No Freaking Way I’ll be Your Lover! Unless…
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02/26/23 Ashigaya High School... v5 prologue part1
13 Reviews

Jan 28, 2021
Status: v2c1 part2
I tried reading this and as the story progresses I keep checking and asking myself, who is the main character? I thought this is about Renako and Mai but somehow there's other girl like Ajisai and Satsuki. Out of the two main characters, I could relate and emphatize more with Mai because she is straightforward, she like her so she tries really hard to make her like her although she's a bit too aggressive doing it. She like her so she kisses and touch her. She like her so she... more>> get jealous when she goes on a date and spend intimate time together with someone else.

Meanwhile, the MC self esteem is so low and she always did things in a way that cause misunderstanding making it hard liking and understanding her. So as I read the story from Mai perspective, I kept thinking, does the MC like Mai, like at all? It's like she's not even trying to like her and at the end of Volume 1 she somehow confesses to Ajisai instead and on Volume 2 she's suddenly dating Satsuki? What the heck? What kind of NTR bullsh*t is this?! What about Mai?

MC said she want a best friend and doesn't want a lover but kept going to other girls for romance? F*ck this. Right know I hate Renako so much that I hope she just explode. Mai can just dump her and find someone else who could appreciate her more. I want to drop this but I'm too invested in Mai to let go.

I just hope that somehow their relationship improves and Mai can have her happy ending. <<less
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Jun 14, 2021
Status: v3 epilogue
I can't comprehend Crea's review whatsoever.

Watanare is a romcom yuri light novel and should definitely be read and understood as such. There's no NTR in this novel.

That being said, I have found this to be an enjoyable read. Especially Volume 3, which has been my favority, has been a very nice experience. It's a very cute and adorable and mostly funny story about Renako and her interactions with the other female characters. There are lots of scenes where the romantic and personal developments shine through and with the insert of... more>> comedic situations, such as misunderstandings and small self-reflecting moments of Renako's past NEET life, the novel is comedic with plenty of romance too. Exactly just what a romcom is.
If you can't possibly read romcoms with the possibility of multiple romantic choices to the death of you like some other reviewer, then don't read this novel.

This is not a novel you read when you're looking for a romantic dramatic story of two individuals that focuses on their relationship and romantic feelings. While romance doesn't fall short in Watanare, this is a romcom. (3rd time I've said this, but I can't stress this enough)

If you're down for a very cute yuri romcom (4th time) that may get a laugh out of you while still showing considerable progress in terms of storytelling and romance, please give this novel a try and possibly leave a review here, be it criticism or your appreciation for Watanare.

Edit: No, there is only one protagonist. Renako.

And preaching one character to the heavens does not make her another main character. Liking one chracter doesn't automatically make every other character who's not 100% in love with them and acts on their well-being a bad, awful person. Please get your **** together, Crea, and read the romcom instead of ******* off to Mai. Thanks. <<less
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Nov 13, 2021
Status: c4
This sh*t is garbage. The main love interest might be the worst character of all time. She's actually just so awful.

She asks out the main character, and gets turned down. Then she insists on being lovers every other day as a "compromise", then completely ignores her own rules and just acts as her lover all the time.

She gets jealous and angry at the main character for hanging out with other girls despite the fact that she was rejected. She comes and interrupts the main character uninvited when she knows about... more>> her hanging out with others.

She literally tries to r*pe the main character while the main character repeatedly says "no, I don't want this, no" and tries to push her off. She only stops when the main character's little sister happens to walk in.

Then everyone including the main character takes the rapist's side. Saying garbage like "You were being too half hearted towards her". SHE f*ckING REJECTED HER FROM THE VERY START, NEVER ONCE SAID ANYTHING ABOUT WANTING TO BE LOVERS. How the f*ck is that being half hearted??? And no matter how she acted towards her before, she was saying no repeatedly over and over and Mai just kept f*cking going.

But the main character f*cking feels bad about it and wants to apologize. Are you f*cking kidding me?

Then to top it off, what does Mai do? Mai goes and cries about it to someone she thinks likes her, telling that person to do to her what Mai just did to the MC. Because she wants to feel as bad as the MC just did, getting attacked by someone "she has absolutely no feelings for". How f*cking selfish can you get?

Imagine having the f*cking gall to say something like that. "Hey, you like me, right? I have absolutely no interest in you, so I want you to attack my body so I feel like sh*t to make up for the fact that I did that to someone else."

And yeah, this person takes Mai's side and tells off the main character for "hurting Mai".

Holy shit, this is tr*sh. I was reading up to this point because the Ajisai relationship was actually really cute but it seems incredibly obvious that she's gonna end up with Mai, and she's literally an attempted rapist. And the main character is acting like it's her fault that Mai tried to r*pe her. So f*ck this tr*sh. I f*cking hate Mai so much. <<less
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Jan 11, 2021
Status: --
The story is really fun. I mean I would prefer a more self assured protagonist but Renako's reaction to thing are appreciated. Because seriously why do other protags always just go with the flow. I like the fact that she's like "this is so weird and unrealistic, how the heck is this happening to me."

The fact that each volume explores different relationships she has gives the story more flavour without overusing the same tropes again and again.
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May 20, 2022
Status: --
I want to add a few more words to dippityboppity's review.

TLDR: if you like "girl is getting mol*sted and eventually she starts enjoying it" kind of smut, you might actually enjoy watanare. Otherwise this is really a garbage - or to be precise Mai makes this story a garbage.

[Vol. 1 spoilers]

For reasons MC - Renako - lost her friends in middle school. She really longs for friends in high school. She made a high school debut and kind of succeeded. Her new friends were amazing, but MC is just a... more>> simple girl. She could barely keep conversation, her new relationships were shallow and she was tired of it. It is easy to tell that she longed for a true friend even more. (so far pretty good - this part is important to understand why Mai is so awful).

Then the main heroin - Mai - comes in. She fell in love with MC without good reason and confessed. MC wanted to reject her, she wanted a friend not a lover. But Mai kept pushing and eventually they had a "compromise" - they were sometimes lovers, sometimes friends. Renako agreed - remember how much she longs for friends? - how could she refuse?

There is another (untold) reason why MC could not refuse Mai. Mai is sort of school idol that everyone obsessively admires, people call her "super-darling". Just imagine what would happen to Renako's school life if students were to find out that she refused Mai's confession and made her upset.

Mai abused the "compromise" she really tried to r*pe MC (mc's sis stopped that) and mol*sted her regularly, even if MC resisted and kept saying that she only wants to be friends. Mai wanted to prove how much she loves Renako. (sounds familiar? yeah, Mai acts very similar to typical obsessive fan that would r*pe an idol to show how much he likes her).

At some point Mai goes way overboard, Renako slaps her and the drama begins. The story is told as if it was Renako's fault that Mai was sexually harassing her. People that MC talks to are on the rapist side - even Satsuki (Mai rival - that really wants to make Mai upset).

Meanwhile Mai wants to atone. She makes an event where people that once confessed to her in the past could perform "romantic activities" with her. WTF? At this point it is clear that Mai is mentally ill. She does not have empathy at all and she tries to work on that - if she cannot understand how much she hurt MC then she will have to feel it herself. That idea was very good, it would lead to interesting character development, but the story does not go in that direction.

For some reason everyone takes Mai side including MC - she apologizes to mol*ster for resisting and after some time the relationship between Mai and Renako goes back to s*xual harassment. (but now Reanko is aware that if she would resist too strong Mai might try to pull some strange sh*t again). Just pretend that Mai character development never happened.

That is not the worst part of the story...

You see there is a well written character Ajisai - she is really cute, unlike most "cute" characters she is not annoying, she does not do cringe stuff, but she is not Mary Sue, she has her flaws. She could be the true friend or even a lover to Renako. Renako actually wanted that.

But every time Renako is about to deepen her relationship with Ajisai, Mai butts in...

Yup, the author put Ajisai and mentally ill mol*ster in the same story. When you think that Mai's behavior might hurt Ajisai you cannot enjoy reading. <<less
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Nov 12, 2020
Status: v1 epiloque
This novel is really cute and adorable 😍 I LOVE The Characters ESPECIALLY MAI SAMA AND SENA CHAN She is super cute I want Her to be my Girlfriend though Hehehe... My Heart is being Melted by Her Cuteness and Kindness 😍😍😍😍💘💘💘💘❤️❤️❤️


I Love Rena too... BUT She's super hard to get that's why I Hope She will Date Mai Sama 😇😇😇😇😘






















👧🧑 😍😍😍
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Jun 26, 2021
Status: v3 epilogue
Man, that was a good read. The FMC is really self-aware of her weakness and tries to improve herself. I love how the author tries to keep it interesting by constantly adding and subtracting comedy and pinch of drama, it made the story really enjoyable and kept you from getting bored. The side characters are interesting, they have their own story/life (whatever that mean), and it's like we are exploring each side character in each volume.

I'm looking forward to V04.
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Apr 23, 2021
Status: v2 epilogue
hi thank you for your hard work <3

i want to say that the volume 3 of this light novel had been release today... when you will gonna update?

we all waiting for the next volume and chapter and we also understand that you're such a busy person like us. I want you to know that we really appreciate this one. thank you so much~
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Jul 29, 2021
Status: v3 prologue
I've already been waiting for the past month, and so excited for the fourth arc!

I know the main love interest will be Mai, but I honestly want Ajisai to be the final lover!

So far, I love the plot and this is getting good, though the latest update left us with a cliffhanger, I'm excited to see where this goes. One of the best LN I've read so far. I personally think it's better than the manga, but it's only my opinion. And warning before you read it, it's full of cute, heartwarming scenes and sweetness, which could lead to diabetes lol. But be prepared to feel a lot of second hand embarrassment, because of all the cringe moments ¯_ (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) _/¯
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Dec 27, 2021
Status: v3 epilogue
It's so sweet I have trouble putting it into words. Maybe it's because it's yuri, but it beats a lot of other romance novels by leaps and bounds. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would.

If I had to pick one thing that bothered me out of the entire novel, it's that the POV changes in the third volume aren't in the chonological order and thus spoil some of the story. But since they appropriately indicate that they're set in the future, I was able to read them... more>> after the main story and enjoy it more that way, which is something I also recommend for future readers.

The protagonist is a bit of a pushover, but it's well-founded in her background. While she is sometimes oblivious to the advances of the other girls, it's purely because of her low self-esteem and she actually has a considerable amount of desire that she's holding back. Due to her being a loner in middle school, she's extremely focused on remaining friends rather than entering romantic or physical relationships, but at the same time doesn't manage to fully reject them.

The characters are cute and actually develop significantly over the course of the story. Reading about them dealing with their issues and emotions as well as their friendships with each other is interesting and heartwarming.

It shouldn't be neglected to mention that there's a good amount of comedy as well, which makes a nice contrast to the occasional negative feelings of the characters and keeps the story lighthearted.

It's a novel that leaves me wanting to read more, but I'll wait until the entire fourth volume is translated before I continue reading, because I'm not sure if I could handle a cliffhanger. <<less
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Jul 06, 2021
Status: v2c4
legend of a shut in lesbian. Protaganist of galge. Mastered the art of friendzone.

waifus so far:

-korean erot*c forceful rich ceo genius boi but it's she because this is yuri

-tsuntsun cold black hair guts and hardworks girl

-classic anime waifu. Gentle kind but scary when angry.

the catch is, all of them got problems and protaganist came in to help. (Not fix)
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Oct 10, 2021
Status: v3 prologue
RenaAji is the best :D

But it seems like the story will end with Mai anyway ;-; so sad, at least I want an ending where everyone is happy (can't really think of anything except harem ending damn it)

oh and nice translation, thankyou
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Jan 02, 2024
Status: v4 epilogue
The main reason I like this novel so much is because I resonate with the main character quite a bit and can really empathize with her feelings - especially in volume 4 where she REALLY starts self-reflecting. Honestly, I find it really admirable watching her persevere and work on herself.

Story-wise though... the first volume what even was happening. Mai's and Renako's relationship dynamic was really weird ... more>>

you learn that Renako is unable to fully commit to relationships because she is scared that people will find out that she isn't as amazing as she presents herself to be + other personal stuff in vol4 which helps you realise why she compromises with a 'friend one day, lover the next & repeat' type of relationship in vol1.


I don't really understand Mai maybe because our personalities vastly differ but.. wtf?? you don't just go ahead and sa someone. Mai does not have a sense of boundaries, is extremely stubborn and just does whatever SHE thinks will be the best idk man I feel like she has a hard time empathizing with others and altogether has a... very different way of expressing herself compared to most? people.

Mai is confident in winning Renako and Renako plays along. Renako mentions in vol4 that at that time she felt okay with this relationship dynamic because she DOES actually like Mai but is too scared to take the step and be in a relationship with her as a result of her feeling not good enough for the 'perfect' 'dazzling' Mai.
Enaris said: "TLDR: if you like "girl is getting mol*sted and eventually she starts enjoying it" kind of smut, you might actually enjoy watanare. Otherwise this is really a garbage - or to be precise Mai makes this story a garbage."
I agree Mai's actions were off-putting but it isn't as shallow as "girl is getting mol*sted and eventually she starts enjoying it"

i dont really know how to feel about renako having two girlfriends at the same time its not even polyamory they're just consensually both her gf??? how does that work


Overall, nice LN. Dont expect anything too realistic
japanese rom com for a reason.

im not very good at expressing my opinions so I hope I got my point across <<less
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