Warm Place


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That girl departed from this world when she was still young. About one year after her death, she was reborn as a different person with her memories intact. She lived her second life in a different city, with a different family, a different body, and with a new name. She had been leading an uneventful life, until one day, she had to move out of town due to her mother’s work circumstances. That is, to the nostalgic town where [the girl before she was reborn] had once lived. She returned to the town where she had lost everything, and she encountered a young lady whose face resembled that of her special one.

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Keichizu rated it
May 4, 2018
Status: c4
Really love it and looking forward for the further development of the characters and wish it have a good ending for them and thank for always translating 😊😊
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_Wulf_ rated it
June 13, 2018
Status: c11
Ok, first review ever on NU cuz yea......

K so let me praise the translator for updating this and keep up the good work!!!

So the novel itself, taking into consideration that I have read up to 11 chapters, I find it to be really interesting and having a lot of potential to develop into several situations. I love seeing her conflict between her past life and her present life, especially when she is confronted by her past acquaintances and relatives. Those situations end up being bittersweet and salty, because of the... more>> conflict and resolution she has. It just let me feel the feels and that just got me.

~~~~~~~~End of my first review on NU <<less
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Quhon rated it
June 10, 2018
Status: c10
Its just a slice of life story, but I can't this one is just to good. I'm always almost crying because it's so sadining, but at the same time it's so beatiful.

She's dead, her soul still alive thats not easy to anowledge I want them to now, but such a thing coming out of the blue, hard to accept.

Translator you have choosen a well novel ordinary and full with emotions I like it. Thank you for translating it and to share with us.

At first I had an light interest, but... more>> did not want to read it after wards. I thought mah... I will try it even if I was not in the mood and it payed of.

A novel that brought me to the point of crying I had to control myself now my trout hurts and at chapter ten a tear rolled down my cheek 😢 <<less
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Suou rated it
August 11, 2018
Status: c20
After reading so many fantasy stories, it is a slice of life story that touch my heart the most. An amazing piece, I can't wait to see it translated fully.
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trippy-chan rated it
July 22, 2018
Status: c17
After reading this, I could eat 5 whole bowls of rice!! It's just so pure and soft. I mean, not to say that nothing hurts, because boy are there some emotional punches in here, but nonetheless there's an inherent warmth. A Warm Place is a really apt title.
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