Want to Ascend? Then Fall in Love


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Shen Qingxian is the Honored Lord Lianhua, only lacking ascending to the heavens.

Gu Jianshen is the Demonic Emperor Jiuyuan, only lacking destroying the three worlds.

Everyone believed that a meeting between Shen Qingxian and Gu Jianshen must result in a war spanning the three worlds, the two of them dueling to the death.

Until Shen Qingxian went through a hundred years of closed-door cultivation, and spied upon heaven’s mysteries.

Words of heaven’s mysteries: For ten thousand years, no one in the cultivation world has ascended to the heavens. This is because the Heavenly Staircase has long since collapsed. The only way to set this right is to follow the directions of this jade scroll.

Jade Scroll Writing: First, meet with Gu Jianshen. Second, drink and get drunk together with Gu Jianshen……. Thirteenth, pass a ‘spring night’ together with Gu Jianshen…….

Shen Qingxian: “……”

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January 20, 2019
Status: Completed
OMG. Please, someone translate this it's worth it I promise. Especially for the people who liked Sansheng, Wangchuan Wu Shang (Sansheng, Death Exists Not at the River of Oblivion) and Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse, you will love every moment of this story.

As the person who reviewed this first already said everything that I wanted to say, just take it from me as a second source that this novel is really really good. I really loved the way the story was told, the... more>> characters, and basically everything! The progress of their relationship is really one of the most beautiful and one of my top relationships that I've ever read. Their moments just makes you want to go back, and the author really planned everything well, with no chapter being an obvious "filler" as most novels have

for example, simply because they want to add modern in one of their travels, doesn't mean they just added it there for the audience that likes modern, there's a reason why that setting was picked. As well as the relationship that they had in there.


I really recommend someone to translate because, it's really different from the normal and cliche bl transmigration and xianxia story. <<less
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November 25, 2018
Status: Completed
I was the one who added adventure, yaoi, and gender bender

... more>>

the reason why is, they had multiple realms where they go to achieve the tasks given to them. Also one of that is where shen became a woman that's why I put the gender bender tag


Thank you for having the opportunity to be the ine to review this

First of all there are some serious plot twist here. Second, the MC and male lead relationshio will gradually develop and some secrets are unfold which made me amazed by the author's wittiness. There's currently 2 chapters out but if you love bl and you like to take risk by doing mtl then no worries, it is worth it.

I like how they eventually fall in love with eachother, also it shows that even thou they love eachother shen still shows killing intent and gu still doesn't trust shen (it's because gu doesn't trust even his own self) I can't say that it's alow or fast romance. Maybe it's because things are happening naturally by the flow of story and by their characters


they actually grew up togsther thousands years ago but their memories were eraze for certain reason that I wont tell, I'm giving too much spoiler



the ML also has tasks that is related to the MC tasks, that will be revealed in early chapters



there's no third party. Also they love eachother very much


Please give this story a chance and read it, I am hoping for more reviews because this one deserves to be recognized <<less
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