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Our main character is a middle-aged chef who was involved in the traffic accident and lost his arm and leg.

Because of insurance money and stuffs, he has enough money to live a quiet life without any excessive spending.

However, sometimes a quiet life can be cruel.

As he can’t be a chef anymore, there is no motivation in his life.

The chefs who had to part ways with the way of cooking, is all alone, wasting away the days without doing anything.

One day his hikikomori younger brother passed him a headgear.

In that headgear, the latest VRMMO “Dwellers of the Infinite World” which was sold under the catch-phrase “Taking the freedom to an infinite level.” was installed.

In the virtual world that is about to be told, he regains the feeling of his lost arm and limbs.

“I can make dishes once again!”

He is trembling with joy.

A chef’s success story begins now.

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Date Group Release
07/11/17 Art of Butchery c8
07/04/17 Art of Butchery c7
06/26/17 Art of Butchery c6
06/18/17 Art of Butchery c5
06/10/17 Art of Butchery c4
06/07/17 Art of Butchery c3
06/04/17 Art of Butchery c2
06/02/17 Art of Butchery c1
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tallrice rated it
June 7, 2017
Status: c4
So far so good, the series is laid back, talks about food and casual gaming and has a nice world.

It's one of a number of JP series like this that seem to go slowly, but are enjoyable (I've added my votes to the recommendations section).

Warning: there's only 76 chapters written over 4 years, and they're really short chapters too. Don't expect much content or an intense plot, because it's not there.

If people are enjoying this one, I'd like to mention a similar series, Gate of Amitiricia Online, also about a... more>> laid back VRMMO player who cooks and gathers ingredients. It's, if anything, a bit better than this one, and, although it doesn't have many chapters either (150ish chapters over the same 4 year period), they are slightly longer. Something a translator, maybe even Art of Butchery can look into if they like this kind of series. <<less
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inacio999 rated it
February 28, 2018
Status: c8
This is quite an interesting read. The story is kind of slice of life. You can read this while you take a breather from more serious novels.

But unfortunately it's not updated in a long time.
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Le_Flemard rated it
July 5, 2017
Status: c7
Tis a nice read for those who like vrmmo and mechanics explorations. Quite calm, slow progression, sliceoflifey, so it may not be to the taste of those who prefer action novels.

The background of the OP makes it a lot enjoyable altho the novel don't explore the rehabilitation process (usually, it can takes quite a while).
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