Virus Tensei kara Hajimaru Isekai Kansen Monogatari


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I was run over by a truck and died, so for some reason, I got to decide which race to reincarnate as via roulette.

That’s how I chose…a virus!?

Seen off by a beautiful, easygoing goddess, I was sent to another world.

“As expected, a virus is too meaningless. There were dragons and the like among different races…”

I was depressed, but I soon noticed the cheat ability.

Free possession.

Copy skills that you can get every time you are infected.

An almost infinite stock of life.

Weakening the enemy to self-modify.

Having become an immortal virus, I decided to enjoy a new life in a different world.

Associated Names
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Isekai Kansen ~Hyoui Cheat de Pandemic ni natta Ore~
The Otherworldly Infection Story that Started with a Virus Reincarnation
Virus Tensei kara Isekai Kansen Monogatari
異世界感染 ~憑依チートでパンデミックになった俺~
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Darkadios rated it
March 29, 2021
Status: c30
Virus Tensei kara Hajimaru Isekai Kansen Monogatari is ok. If you've read other Isekais like That Time I was Reincarnated as a Slime, Reincarnated as a Sword, or other evolution-based novels like ReMonster, then this series should be very familiar with you. We see the same themes of slice of life, unparalleled power growth, and being your Japenese, friendly-neighborhood good samaritan. For better or worse, Virus Tensei kara Hajimaru Isekai Kansen Monogatari is just another novel in the Isekai sea. It does nothing to distinguish itself from the genre, but... more>> at the same time, it doesn't do anything bad either. In the worse case, it just feels like another "skin" of more famous novels. Read this if you're looking to kill time. Otherwise, I would recommend the three listed earlier.

Recycled Isekai Tropes

    • Overpowered Protagonist : skill copying, infinite lives - expect sudden power growths to solve every problem
    • Lack of conflict or an over-arching story - this is a slice-of-life novel where someone uses brute force and deus ex machina to solve all of their problems, nothing more and nothing less
    • Pacifist Mentality : generally being a good-person, doing the right thing, helping people without expecting things in return, avoiding conflict, doing something the hard way as to not hurt others,
    • Lack of common sense : not trying to stand out but doing it anyway, having lived a past life but not critically thinking or acting like an adult, using virus terminology to justify sudden skill gain while throwing science out of the window
    • Beta : extreme fixation on girls because they're girls, unjustified envy for couples and relationships (and no living as a bachelor in your past life is no excuse)
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ruth1ess rated it
September 12, 2021
Status: c45
It has a really interesting premise but then it turned into your generic Japanese Isekai junk with a meek, righteous MC.

The MC is a virus, it can infect creatures, steal their skills, and even possess them. He first goes through the motions of leveling up, getting used to the world, etc. But when he meets his first human being, a little girl, he gets soft and is like nah I can't kill them and refuses to possess her to learn more about the world and such, DESPITE the fact that... more>> he is a literal virus. I was hoping for a badass villainous or morally grey MC that abuses his powers to rise to the top but nope MC took over a hobgoblin, learned how to speak the language of the humans in the world, goes through the effort of trying to blend into human society as a hobgoblin, and now is teaming up with the girl he saved/spared as an adventurer while still being a hobgoblin disguised as a human.

Basically, thus far, MC is just your stereotypical meek Japanese man with your typical Japanese moralities that has an overpowered skill that lets him steal skills of beings he comes across. That's it. Which is just a shame because it was such a cool and interesting concept. <<less
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88898 rated it
August 11, 2021
Status: c44
Looking interesting in the beginning, fail at the present.

Begin with the concept of Virus was very interesting. However, either the author didn't think it thorough, or he run out of idea, it turn to normal, skill stealing, generic isekai.

I will not accept that Virus can get symptom of [Lucky][Mental Magic Aptitude][Flight Magic] as a virus symptom, even with isekai standard.
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ThomschK rated it
February 4, 2023
Status: Completed
It was a short journey but it was fun :)

There were a few moments that made me feel at a loss but it gets explained during the read.

The story centers around an potentially omnipotent person that meets up with a girl early on and wants to walk besides her to learn about the worlds common sense. Prior to it he lived in the forest for a while to increase his power, abilities and knowledge of this forests inhabitants.

The spoiler section is a summary of the story. DO NOT read... more>> it if you are going to read this story. Major spoiler!


JUST IN CASE YOU SKIPPED MY WARNING. THIS IS A SUMMARY OF THE STORY. Do not read it if you want to read the story. :)

On his way to independency he tries to stay undercover but he fails for actual reasons which are relatable unlike other stories where MC just rescues lost big titty princesses and yandere lolis left and right.

He meets the girl in the forest while discovering all the pros and cons of his ability as a virus. At first he was tempted to overtake her body to research the effects of his power on humans but halts himself out of fear. He couldnt possibly know if they had any medical wisdom to exterminate viruses at all. To avoid being identified and purged/ biologically destroyed he safes her and escorts her outside of the forest. (Because she was simply too innocent. Do not forget that even without human emotions he is still sensitive to threats and she was just a clueless kid to him)

Later he will invade the body of a hobgoblin to lead the goblins and accumulate more symptoms (power/ ability/ trait). While doing so the forests dominant species the orcs came to gather some food but they get killed by the MC and his goblins thanks to his power (which allows him to share the powers with any being that has been contaminated by him). The orcs tried to fight back by using a powerfull electicbear but failed to tame it. The bear kills the Orcs, goblins and attempts to kill the remaining goblins+MC. MC gains new powers by invading the bears body while fighting and kills it. (He couldnt overtake the bear because of its electric trait which continously destroyed his virus) With the loot he decides to visit the human town in the form of a hobgoblin (wears a mask and armor from the orcs).

In the guild he meets the girl oncemore and fights off some s*avetraders who tried to lure her into their business. He has a bad feeling about them so he follows them to finish off the possible threat. He learns that he can overtake human bodies but he doesnt need to since the disguise as a hobgoblin is sufficient. (He feels less human after killing the s*avetrader guys without thinking too much about it. He decides to not take a good humans body and also refuses to take the body of some notorious person. He still fears the multiple resistences and the possibility of strong purification magic/ medicine against virus. Simply not worth the risk. If hobgoblin body gets killed he can revive but if the humans become aware of the existence of a virus they will research it and hunt him down)

The newly formed team finishes a few quests until they decide to enter the dungeon where MC discovers the effect of levelup. He doesnt use human bodies so he never leveled up but FML levels up many times during the many fights.

They meet trolls, beaten adventurers who they end up saving and escape a deathtrap caused by mindmagic wielding demons. When they decide to return, FML "luckily (her special trait is "lucky") " triggers a breakdown of the staircase thus falling down several layers. Before getting crushed by the falling rubble a lucky transportation circle activates and transfers her to the treasure room behind the last boss room.

MC frantically chases after her and gets beaten up many times but allways stands up. He invades multiple humans and monsters on the way down. He safes some adventurers after activating the "Lucky" trait of FML on himself. Later finds a teleportcircle and meets up with a strong elf (guild master of the adventurer guild). Just by her presence he gets humbled alot and realizes how weak he is. He only used a bit of the potential of his abilities and got c*cky. She immobilzes him and ask him who he is after verifying his alignments (good- evil/ sane-ferocous). They shake hands and he takes some of her abilities.

Later he finds the FML and she doesnt care about him being a Hobgoblin eventhough it was goblins who destroyed her village. They take some of the treasures as equipment and use all the abilities at their disposal. MC told her about his power and also shared every ability with her to increase the chances of survival.

Inside boss room wait a Golem-lord. A very strong being with many resistances and fast processing speed. The fight drags on and the Golem allways adapts to the ever changing patterns of the duo.

When the MC thought he won, the golem cut half of his head of but froze after the elf immobilized him. She could enter because the duo never entered through the entrance but from the backdoor. They fight together and the MC overtakes the powerful golem. Now he has a new body that looks human but is much stronger. He thinks that he cant level up. (Because it would be too much for an ability stealing virus to be able to level up on top of that) Author never confirms that claim.

They return to the guild. MC tells the elf the same story he told to FML (That he is a human mage with possesing magic power but lost his human body) They share the rewards and fight off a group of wyverns (think it was 30-ish). The wyverns got sent to the city by someone as stated by a merchant that helped MC to enter the town at the beginning. This merchant is also an asassin. He cant show his ability to protect the city from wyverns. MC and FML fight off the wyverns only with physical abilities to prove their strength and avoid suspicions.

MC only wanted to be the strongest in the beginning but was later on happy with just being strong enough to protect the girl. There is no romance because the MC is not human. It wouldnt make sense ^^
He just wants to protect the FML and enjoy his life without being in the spotlight.

At the end of the story the people dont really know him and only 3 people are aware of his power and none of them try to drag him in any way.

The end.

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Kaiser88 rated it
June 16, 2022
Status: --
The start of this was very very interesting, but it just turned to the generic jap MC good guy save world, ability to steal skills of those who he infects, wtf is even the virus, the virus don't do crap. Once he infects a host he's just able to take it skills and able to control or possess said host, the virus don't even do nothing man this is just straight up garbage. It started with a good premise, but turned to a generic jap story. I'm disappointed as crap
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Bolovis rated it
June 2, 2022
Status: c56
This one is enjoyable.

So isekai truck-kun kills an average salaryman that meets the goddess and is forced to spin the reincarnation wheel which ends up in virus. He starts to infect living beings and doing so gets skills and develops himself. Pretty simple.

The good points are the idea, which is nice (to me), he continues to learn how to use the infection power and help his "first" friend. The fact that he is immortal as a virus that can change the consciousness from one contained being to another and develops... more>> the host power is nice too.

The bad is his flimsy excuses at some points as to not just infect em'all. I get it could get out of hand fast, get heavy with all the new skills, and the possibility of him being found out. But there are some points that would be better for him to just overdevelop himself asap to integrate faster into the world and the adventure guild. But this could backfire as he would be yet another OP isekai MC (that he kind of is, but not that exaggerated) and would kill some of the developments that are kind of nice. I would just like him to pass more time grinding some important skills, that would be useful in his integration (body modification specifically in this case), but that would f*ck the pacing if not done right and could stop some developments.

Overall this one is enjoyable and nice as a simple isekai where the MC tries to adapt to the new world while being a different species. This plot was already made and done, but even so, it does not mean there is no enjoyment to be had in this novel. <<less
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Hasenpfote rated it
April 3, 2021
Status: v1c1 part1
One of the better stories of the website, but like all JP novels the character interactions are weird and the writing is somewhat strange as well. (Easy going)

Not much world building within the first 16 chapters either. Just a Virus farming a ton of random skills off a few shown creatures and plants. Not many descriptions of areas around the MC or anything special.
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