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The most impressive thing that the timid and cowardly Wen ZhiChu has done in his entire life was rescuing two grade schoolers who had ignored the red light and crossed the streets recklessly. As for the result of his one-time bravery, he also sent himself off.

When he woke up again, he discovered that he had transmigrated into a book as a cannon fodder villain who keeps hopping back and forth on the edge of a minefield— ultimately, receiving the ending of sleeping on the streets for offending the protagonist.

Wen ZhiChu, who’s been told by his mom since young that he has a delicate body and couldn’t sleep on the streets: !

Just as Wen ZhiChu planned to stop participating in this world’s story plot and become an insignificant, transparent character, he accidentally became bound to a villain system. If he didn’t follow the original plotline to cause trouble for the protagonist, he’d be deducted money and forced to sleep on the streets even sooner than the original story.

Wen ZhiChu: : )

Wen ZhiChu was forced onto the path of a villain. Every time he sees the protagonist’s strong, robust body, even his calves start trembling.

One punch would probably K.O. two of him.

The villain’s mission: Destroy the protagonist’s lunch.

Looking at the protagonist sitting to the side, Wen ZhiChu swallowed his saliva, threw a handful of rainbow-colored skittles into the food, and then ran off immediately.

Qin JiaShu: ……

The Villain’s mission: Ruin the Protagonist’s main love line.

Heading to the protagonist’s locker, Wen ZhiChu scooped out the mountain pile of love letters inside, leaving behind only his own falsified love letter.

Qin JiaShu, who just happened to see everything after returning from playing basketball: ……

The Villain’s mission: Destroy the protagonist’s belonging.

Holding a needle, Wen ZhiChu stealthily arrived at the school’s parking lot and prepared to puncture the protagonist’s car tire.

Who’d expect the utterly unreliable Wen ZhiChu would bump straight into the protagonist this time.

Wen ZhiChu hastily hid the needle behind his back.

Two of him was not even enough for the other to beat up.

The protagonist raised his hand. Wen ZhiChu subconsciously covered his head.

Qin JiaShu patted the front bumper of the car: “Get in, I’ll drive you.”

Wen ZhiChu: ? ? ?

All of Qin JiaShu’s bros knew that about the dark and withdrawn, annoying pest in the neighboring class, who came over every few days to cause trouble.

Once Qin JiaShu was buying a sports drink at the store, sure enough, that annoying pest followed over as well. Not surprisingly, that annoying pest snatched away the item that Qin JiaShu wanted to buy in advance and even opened it to take a drink right in front of him.

Qin JiaShu stopped him. Right before they thought he’d teach that annoying as*hole a lesson, Qin JiaShu actually grabbed the already opened sports drink from Wen ZhiChu’s hand, tossed his head back, and started drinking it.

Qin JiaShu: Very sorry, but I’ve already reached happy ending.

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Nhân vật phản diện công lược
The Villain's Attack Plan
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New yayoi rated it
April 8, 2024
Status: Completed
This definitely my current fav novel so far!! Funny and lightweight story! Good character development and satisfying ending. Also good translation!

Recommended if you want to read funny and light, slice of life story!
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
New SayMrrp rated it
April 8, 2024
Status: Completed
I think it's more of a 4.5, but it was still a decent read. I'll give it a 5 then.

It's definitely a slow burn. The plot is very slice-of-life / school life, so I was a little bored of it, but the characters are charming!

The MC is quite dumb. He's what those sly shous try to pretend to be... dumb and cute. Also, he stutters for almost all of the novel, so if you can't tolerate that... RIP

Still, despite the MC's s*upidity, he still feels real. The characters in the... more>> novel aren't the most fleshed out, but they feel realistic enough. I feel like some tr*shy BL novels feel kinda flat and soulless, but this one has a soul despite it not being the most high quality.

The ML is also amusing enough. I really appreciate that he's not toxic or super extreme despite his setting as a dude with a rotten two-faced personality. The MC/ML's relationship was super sweet, and even before they got together, the ML acted pretty decently considering the MC was out there trying to make ML's life difficult.

The MC's character development was a bit rushed, but I'm glad it happened. I also think the system (the character) wasn't the most annoying/boring. It wasn't the abusive/forceful type of system novel either.

Overall, not the best novel out there, but if you like school romance BL + mostly slice of life + a silly MC and don't mind a few minor plotholes, go for it. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kyaaaaaaaaa rated it
June 11, 2022
Status: Completed
Rating: 4

I liked it. The author could've made this novel a typical silly BL, but instead chose to incorporate some serious elements as well while not destroying the light hearted/school-life tone of this novel. We have very flawed characters—both our MC and ML—and that's the charm of the story. Our MC stutters and is timid. Our ML is two-faced, arrogant, and cold. But then we see the other sides of them—where the MC is timid but courageous and kind, while the ML is arrogant but insecure and just needing love... more>> in order to soften. You pair them up, and wallah, there's love. I loved seeing both of the characters work towards repairing their own flaws as the novel progressed.

Anyways, I liked the story. The story mainly focuses on romance development and our MC and ML. Keep that in mind (because other parts of this story may lack in development). You're gonna find the ML despising the poor MC for just doing his tasks, and then eventually falling in love with our MC anyway. Our MC is the most lovable being ever, so I don't blame him. I just want to cuddle him.

Also, the system and MC were so cute! Love their bantering. I also think the author wrapped up the ending pretty well, which is why the novel wasn't a 3.5 or something.

As for the 4, some parts of the romance development weren't my favorite (some of ML's actions made me iffy), but overall it's still good. MTL is mostly smooth, and I'm looking forward to this being translated! <<less
32 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 3, 2023
Status: Completed
I MTLed this novel but also read the raw. I rate this novel 3.5.

About the story

MC transmigrates into a world where he has to do missions as a villain in a novel. MC timidly earns living expenses while doing villainous deeds against the protagonist. In the process of doing so, ML sees him slowly in a different light and finds in him the emotions he's never received before. It's a coming of age story of two very different teenagers and a system that is absolutely comedy gold.

... more>> About the MC

MC is timid because of his circumstances. His parents died early causing him to be passed around between his relatives. He had to control himself and make no trouble for others for fear of being abandoned. This novel sees him from being reviled and friendless to making friends with different chance encounters that help draw him out of his bubble. Of all the timid characters I've read in other novels, I really enjoyed reading about the MC. He was never timid without reason and there would be times when he is brave, but the novel did not give any cliche timid to brave moments for him which was refreshing. His personality, perseverance and honesty endear him to others, especially the ML. Even if he's not going to fight anyone, there is an everyday strength in him that I find more real than many novels that deal with timid personalities. Also his introspection and conversations with the system are super hilarious. I was constantly laughing out loud which is rare for me. However it might be because reading the original raws helps to understand the linguistic and cultural humour that is present in every page.

About the ML (mild spoilers)

The ML has a perfect facade in front of everyone but his one friend and the MC. The ML had a horribly lonely home life as his parents both chose career over family, foisting him onto a nanny and tutor. The tutor treated him horribly making him feel that his achievements weren't worth mentioning or being acknowledged by his parents if he didn't get first place. His childhood shaped him to want to be perfect in front of everyone, but as he interacts with the MC, his true self shows through. He has a lot of dark thoughts that lead him to excess in smoking, drinking and fighting. But even in rebellion he is absolutely in control. It is his encounters with the MC that destabilize him slowly. He resists these emotions and is adverse to it for a long time until he stumbles onto the truth and faces his own emotions and desires.

About MC and ML's relationship and why I didn't rate this novel higher (mild spoilers)

This novel did a really amazing job for 2/3rds setting up the weird, uneasy, and comedic encounters between the MC and ML. However the transition into the emotional part of the novel and the romance was abrupt and lacking in depth. It felt really rushed compared to all the care and attention the author gave to developing MC and ML's characters. The novel needed to be a lot longer to convincingly develop the romance. I think I felt like I was reading an abridged latter half of the novel which had all the important parts but was missing the connective tissue. There are parts of the romance that just gets described but not shown. ML actually has a lot of dark aspects to his personality and it's not so easily resolved just by being restrained and careful around MC. However, the parts that were written were well done. I didn't find the romance as sweet as some of the reviewers have mentioned. There's a lot of tension and manipulation on the ML's side that I don't think I can write off as sweet and cute. I wanted more of a resolution because I think the author did a great job describing those dark moments. The MC had a decent understanding of the ML's dark side but he needed to go a lot deeper to sustain a relationship. That didn't really get shown so it can't help but leave the relationship being depicted appear too shallow. Ultimately I just wanted this novel to be longer.


Read this novel if you don't mind reading a timid MC and dark ML who grow from being very awkward acquaintances to becoming people who can support each other. The romance part of the novel is not long so don't expect a long sweet novel. However the novel despite some of the serious dark topics remains hopeful with lots of comedic moments. MC and system's interactions are some of the most hilarious I've ever read. Definitely worth a read for the laughs. <<less
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Wintercreeper rated it
April 3, 2023
Status: Completed
Very sweet novel when you go into it with the right expectations.

MC isn't just a bit timid, he's the most timid and cowardly character you'll ever read about, so much that you want to slap him for being absolutely useless.
He stutters, nearly always, to highlight how timid he is, means conversations can be frustrating to read.
That's the whole point, MC is a frustratingly cowardly character.

The story wants to be funny and sweet, and it does both very well.

ML is an unlikeable character because he's meant to be unlikable at first, the story is nearly finished before his growth even starts.

The romance is a very tiny part of the story, it focuses on character development and introspection while being damn funny, the light-heartedness keeps it from being a depressing drama.

And oh boy, some of the themes are serious and sad, but all are done with care, there's no preaching or weird excuses for why characters behave like a-holes, it only explains the reason.

Family problems are an important aspect, kudos to the writer for not pulling the "family has to be forgiven no matter what they have done".
There's a clear emphasis on family being people who truly love and care about you, not on blood relations, that everyone has to work for and find their own happiness outside of their birth family.
Sometimes it's just better not to forgive and forget, but to simply walk away and start your own life without them.

The novel will make you laugh, sad, and feel warm, just don't expect pure comedy or intricate romance.
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LukeLukeru rated it
June 9, 2022
Status: Completed
This is an absolute gem, not a piece of brainless disposable literature and there's real depth to the characters. The author is very socially aware of modern Chinese society and you can see a bit of their social commentary here and there.

... more>>

the greatest strength of this novel is the character development, the story is about the MC doing "villain-like" tasks to make money as a broke high school student living alone. The overall theme is post-traumatic growth and the world is so believable it feels like a biography of people that existed (apart from there being a system and transmigration). The comedy is not forced but a mix of goofiness, sarcasm and awkwardness, capturing the school life atmosphere, but at the same time not overlooking some of the darker elements like bullying and the overly competitive Chinese school system.

Some of the actions of the ML can feel a little off because of a lack of proper consent, but apart from that he is very supportive of the MC, respecting his boundaries most of the time, and is better than most MLs of east-Asian bl web novels.

The system is very cute and doesn't intrude at all in the flow of the story, but rather adds a lot to it as a character.

11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lukyoniv rated it
June 9, 2022
Status: Completed
THIS IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL STORY I LOVE IT SO MUCH IT WAS SO PERFECT 😭. Even though I MTLed it it was quite understandable. There was so many scenes that made me laugh loudly and I love how it's realistic, dark and sweet at the same time. 😭😭 I rarely write up comments but seriously please read this wonderful story!!
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 31, 2023
Status: Completed
5/5 for the comedy

3.5/5 for the romance

Not the best I've read, but I'm glad I gave it a second chance.

I dropped it once because the MC's personality was very grating to me. He's shy, timid, but at the same time he gets bursts of confidence out of no-where to fight against bullies and be a villain. I definitely got annoyed at how wishy-washy his character was portrayed because it didn't feel as if he was either. As I carried on when I picked it up again, I understood his character... more>> better.

MC is a timid person, but he stands up for what he thinks is right. He is stubborn in the weirdest way and even though he is shy, and acts like a hamster, he will still try to complete missions for the sake of living.

ML on the other hand is a very good actor. He looks like a child born with a silver spoon but he lacks love because of his parents' neglect, thus growing up and becoming shewd. I'd say the author must love his muscles a lot. Everytime he appears, the author suddenly gets a bout of linguistic ability to write 2 whole paragraphs about how handsome he is.

My favourite character is neither of them, it's the father system. The system of this novel really carried it for me due to how it was a parental figure to the timid MC. It really felt like a friend and a father-figure everytime it bickers with the MC.

The whole novel was very funny and honestly it felt more comedic than romantic. To me, the romance did not develop very smoothly as it was built up on misunderstandings, but their relationship is cute nonetheless. The characters had character developments as well, and I had a lot of fun reading it. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
periperi rated it
July 9, 2023
Status: Completed
4.5 stars

Humour is definitely 5 stars. Especially the banter between MC and the system. I also like the quick come backs between MC and the second-to-last classmate.

It's a slow burn with the romance suddenly ramping up towards the end before it finishes. Almost a tad abruptly. I really like the beginning as I thought it was believable how ML actually doesn't like MC (especially past MC's actions) and it shows. It gives an almost enemies to lovers vibe. I liked ML's character development more than MC. As for MC, the... more>> way he fell into the romance felt more abrupt.

There's no significant side characters, except maybe the system, but I liked those that showed up. Especially MC's friend the second-to-last classmate and ML's childhood friend (who treats that childhood promise VERY seriously). Even ML's younger brother was really cute even though it's hard to say if ML will ever change his opinion on his brother.

It's a relaxing read without much conflict. Perhaps I wanted a little more fluff in the romance department. But it's definitely a funny read. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
devils_dont_fly rated it
December 31, 2022
Status: Completed
This is such a simple, perfect fluff story. An absolute gem to be honest. This novel is exactly how it describes itself in the summary, and will melt your heart!!

The MC is a very sweet boy who is just trying his best everyday, upholding morals and trying repeatedly to be better! I got endeared to him right off the start. My cute baby : (he just wanted to be brave.

The ML is standoffish at first. He is double-faced, as he pretends to be nice in front of everyone, but... more>> doesn't bother to hide his true nature in front of MC as he doesn't have a good impression of MC at first (cause of original owner).

In so many novels the MLs behaviour is explained by family situation (typical sad rich boy) but in this book I was actually really sad for him, even if it's a typical backstory. The pressure to always be the first, only then will anyone like him, it hits home : ((

His parents weren't there for him in his childhood, and then they gave all their love to his little brother, and ML had already grown up. He was left out. His parents were compensating him but who were they really trying to make up for? Only themselves, out of their guilt. They didn't understand their son well.

MC was the first one to tell ML that it's okay if he isn't always first, and that just made me so emotional. They each motivate the other to become better. MC and ML both fell deeply for each other, and their sweet innocent love was so wonderful to read.

One more thing I loved was the little piglet, aka the ML's 4 year old brother. ML doesn't like his brother much and he has valid reasons for it, but tbh I think that in time MLs heart will be melted by his cute brother. His brother is literally the cutest!! He idealises his brother very much and just wants to spend more time with him. He thought that his brother was illiterate (lol) and was very worried for his elder brother 😂

Overall this novel is perfect if you want a funny, cute, fluffy story. The banter between MC and system is hilarious, and all characters are somewhat endearing. Do not expect much plot from this novel, it's just a nice story about teenage love and self-growth. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
HiddenHermit rated it
December 27, 2023
Status: Completed
Novel was okay, a little funny but mostly dry. The bulk of character interactions is between MC (Wen ZhiChu) and the system. It gets a lil boring since I'm reading for the romance but get a comedy duo instead. So it's waiting and waiting and hoping the glimmer of romance will show up soon.

Very slow romance... for a good bit of the novel, ML (Qin JiaShu) doesn't like MC and wants nothing to do with him. However, the system's missions pushes MC to interact with ML. This leads to the... more>> predictable outcome of good feelings due to misunderstandings.


Once the villain's value reaches 100%, MC was suppose to end up "sleeping in the streets." The result was that the apartment MC owned was slated to be demolished by the government. According the the author, this is a good thing since MC will be compensated with a lot more money than what the apartment was originally worth. So MC got his happy ending of love and money.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jessy_m rated it
November 2, 2023
Status: Completed
it's a gem!!!!

I enjoyed this story a lot. I love everything about it. The humor is on a next level. I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe and needed my inhaler to calm my asthma.

The translator did a great job for the translated parts, adding explanations to Chinese idioms and some jokes that need you to have knowledge of Chinese novels or understand the language. Being able to click directly to see the explanation instead of heading to the end of the page to look in the footer is a... more>> big plus. But my tiny complaint is I noticed when changing to the raws that some small details are missing in the translation.

The main character is so cute. All the interactions and misunderstandings with the male lead are adorable. I finished the story in 2 days and kept wishing it was longer and there were more... I really wish there were more extra chapters. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
7starkiller99 rated it
January 1, 2023
Status: Completed
Novel is pretty empty.

MC is a weak stuttering guy forced by system to “bully” the ML as a villain.

ML is a sadistic two faced stereotypical figure who doesn’t like MC but magically falls in love over the course of the story.

Nothing particularly special in the first half, with nothing bad and nothing particularly good. MC is somewhat unbelievably slow, and the ML has serious mental issues and is somehow also a delinquent while being #1 at literally everything. There’s lots of your typical “MC stumbles into Ml’s arms! MC falls... more>> on top of ML! MC gets drunk and runs into ML just after ML considering underage s*x at wine accompanying etc.”

Novel slightly better when ML sorts out that they don’t actually hate MC and there’s less angsty home drama comedy like ML lying and messing with his brother.

Better than some other of these tropey stories but there’s really not much holding the story together at all. Comedy is mainly hit or Miss depending on the misunderstandings. Several weak segments of storytelling due to Mc’s vague background after crossing and especially why nobody likes the MC. Hordes of faceless fodder pop in now and then. About the same energy as the weak SOL sort of dramas -300bil/10.

P.S. Poor MC sure suffers in the novel especially due to his Airheaded second time system lol. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
taluluday rated it
December 26, 2023
Status: Completed
the development in plot and characters are lacking and inconsistent. MC and ML personality seems interesting at first, but then later on their characters just felt lack depth. MC stutters, super naive, innocently blunt, dumb, like helpless animal or something. ML is two-face gentle in front a delinquent in the back. His personality is very inconsistent. There’s a part where I really hate about him.

... more>>

When they first had penetration s*x, MC was screaming that it hurts and want ML to stop. ML just got more excited and just do it more and harder. Like, I thought ML doesn’t want to scare MC and wants to go at MC pace? I would be traumatize as hell if I were MC.


For MC, I personally relate at first because I had a time when I was confident then became less confident and stutter as well. But MC is just pure idiot, that have some smart moment depends on the plot device author want to use. I’m surprised I even finished the story (didn’t read extras though) <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nitan rated it
January 3, 2023
Status: Completed
I didn't expect to like this novel so much, but it went above and beyond my expectations!

I laughed so much the entire time, and I liked both the MC and ML's personality. Unexpectedly, I didn't think I'd mesh well with the MC's timid personality. But because of how the writing is hilarious, his meek nature didn't feel annoying to me at all! I actually enjoyed him as an MC, also think he's quite interesting!

The entire novel is leading up to them confessing and being together, so just a warning there... more>> in case you're like me and was expecting to see post-relationship stuff from them. It's quite sweet, and honestly I was a little touched by their love story at the end. Although the ML is 'cold' but he has more of a distinctively bad personality than other apathetic highschool ML. I really liked them both, I hope you find joy and hilarity in the article. And have a good time!! Recommend!! <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
AnuBis28 rated it
October 15, 2022
Status: Completed
It is mostly hilarious, sweet, light-hearted.. No face unnecessary face slapping to bore the readers..

MC : He is simply adorable.. He is timid, pitiful, gentle, but not a typical pushover character.. His brain doesn't follow the norm which makes this story this much enjoyable.. He can be determined, brave and strong when needed..

ML : He is quite in line with the usual Mls.. Bleck-bellied, genius, handsome, rich etc etc.. Has his own family problems..

System : Like host, like system.. Lol.. Its tasks and conditions to completion will make others speechless... more>> without failure..

Others : Background characters aren't there to just accentuate the main characters.. They all have their own presence.. No one is annoying or drags the story..

School : For once the students actually study, take exams and try to do better.. School campus actually feel like a real school..

Side story : The second extra is about the system's first host.. If that host is not a masochist then his situation, in my opinion, isn't okay at all.. He tries to get away from that world's ML, but fails.. Just from a single chapter its not clear whether that MC enjoys this tug-of-war or not.. But this part just resembles most of other novels, where the MC is forced to be with the ML in name of so called love.. Anyway it is just my point of view..

For this extra story my rating is 4.5 /5.. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 17, 2023
Status: Completed
this novel had be giggling the whole time, its sooo funny. Regarding the main couple, I do love the development but I just wish there were more chapters for their sweet love!!
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 15, 2023
Status: --
Overall, the content of this story could be said "standard".

The conflict in the story itself is relatively light, in fact there are no antagonists at all throughout the story (there may be one or two villains appearing, but in any case they are more like trolls)

Btw there are many comments that discussing ML parents... some say that their actions were 100% wrong, and there are also those who say that their actions are wrong but still understandable.

However, in my personal opinion, everything that happens to ML is still 100%... more>> the fault of his parents.

Many comments justified the actions of ML parents by saying that they did this because they were "forced by the situation" and after all the results of their hard work were for ML.

But for me this is a wrong mindset.

When you want to get married and have your own children, then at the same time you also should be prepared for the chain that called "responsibility".

If you still want to pursue a career, or still want to be a free individual (have no dependents other than yourself) then don't get married, or having children.

Note : Sometimes ML acts like a black-bellied, but overall he is a very good person towards MC, because he always respects, appreciates and supports all MC wishes. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lotuslilac rated it
December 12, 2023
Status: Completed
Oh my heart!!!!!! First off, thank you to the AMAZING translator!

I will surely miss this novel so much, this was SOO SOOO SOOOOOO FREAKING GOOD!!!!!!! I love our male lead, Qin Jiashu and our MC Wen Zhichu soo freaking much!!!

if I can say one thing to convince you to read it, the comedy!!!! I was up at 2 am laughing so hard in bed!!!!!!! This author is too good at bringing each character to life! I loved every character including the Dean and English teacher omg it was hilarious seeing... more>> our MC interact with them!!!

My absolute fav part of this whole novel was our MC meeting the Qin family. OMGGGG!!!! I LAUGHED SOOO FREAKING HARD!!!!!!!!!! I’ve read soo many novels on this website and legit, out of all the “romantic partner meeting family” scenarios, THIS WAS GOLD!!!!! So fkn wholesome, so fkn cute!!!!!!

one other thing I loved about this novel was the male lead. He felt so real, he wasn’t a perfect ML with a perfect family and perfect everything. He had his struggles too and in the beginning, I never thought he’d be able to open his heart to our MC but I’m soo glad he did!!!!

this novel was simply delightful, I had been reading esports BL novels back to back and took a break to read this one. I finished it within 2 days, sooo sooo soo good!!!

And omg that last chapter, the extra about the former host??? Soo good omg I want a story of that side couple please author!!!!!!!

To Qin Jiashu & Wen Zhichu, I hope you remain together forever and thank you for sharing your pure love with us😭🩷


the kiss scenes aren’t censored

the kiss scenes aren’t censored

the kiss scenes aren’t censored

important things must be said three times!!!!!!! <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
shuulys rated it
December 8, 2023
Status: Completed
The MC Wen Zhichu is a gem I swear. I laughed at almost every single thing he said throughout the novel. It's that funny!

This novel is more of a comedic relief. Not much heavy plots other than the MC and ML's past (which is quite short and hmmm not vvv bad). The romance part was quite cute and it only happens near the end. So the pacing is mainly the MC doing things that make the ML misunderstand and the ML misunderstanding, followed by one of them realising their feelings,... more>> then them being ambiguous, and them officially getting together. But the story is not that long so even though they got together near the end, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

As for the characters, I have to say that they are the complete opposite hahaha. MC Wen Zhichu can be described as timid and low eq. Why? Cause sometimes our MC really speaks way too freely HAHAHAHAHAHAHA too freely that I couldn't stop laughing when he accidentally roasts someone. But in a way it's also good because he speaks his mind and doesn't really lie often. Whereas the ML Qin Jiashu is a two faced scheming fella! Not that it's bad also haha cause who doesn't have another face hidden from those that they are not familiar with right? (Maybe except the MC) But anyways, it's not like the ML caused harm to others while being two faced. Also, there might be some that don't like the ML for being so mean to the MC at the start but I hope yall understand that from his perspective, the MC is still that annoying and ignorant brat (og MC) that has constantly caused trouble for him. After he slowly realised the MC's changes, he also changed the way he treated him which I found really cute :") especially since he's so awkward at times. Plus his character and personality is mainly due to his past and being neglected by his parents (even after he's in high school) so please don't be too harsh on him :")

Anyways please give this novel a try if you want something to laugh at. And also something cute :> <<less
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December 8, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel was absolutely hilarious 💀💀💀 I was squealing like a piglet every few seconds. It was either second hand embarrassment or laughter.

I found the story to be pretty nice.

My favourite part was probably how... more>>

ML didn't reconcile with his parents. His parents neglected him and didn't even try to compensate. They were always like "he's our son. We are elders. He should come to us." They had a second child and pampered him and while they did feel bad about the ML, they didn't actually do anything to compensate him. I'd thought it would be like the other novels where the ML compromises and they 'reconcile', but nothing of that sort happened.

Their relationship is lukewarm till the end.

The parents are not bad people. They're not even bad parents to their other child, which makes it all the more unfair to our ML. We can see why ML grew up to be so fake and two faced.

I love the fact that the problem with the parents is addressed properly and it's not thrown under the rug. I love the fact that the ML doesn't have to compromise just because the parents 'accept' the MC. Because yeah, that's not compensation.


I lowkey love the ML. He's an a**hole. But he's a likeable a**hole. His methods can only be described as petty. He's never actually harmed anybody. At most he does emotional damage💀. He's hilarious tbh. His personality will make more sense once you know about his past.

I also love the MC. He's such a darling, he's my bubu baobei. If I ever get to transmigrate I'd just immediately go and give him a big warm hug. He's suffered, but he tries so hard. His relationship with everybody is just so adorable, it's because he himself is so lovable. How can you not love him? It's the first time I loved a s*upid MC so much.

And the system is so sweet. MC and system always bicker, but they treat each other as family. System's comments on the MC to the Main system makes me want to give the system a big smooch. They genuinely consider each other as family. System uses his only holidays to visit his previous two hosts. This is just so goshdarn sweet. He's like a parent. (And he calls MC his cotton padded jacket, awwww)

However, my favourite character in the entire story was


The roundworm in the MC's stomach.... Aka the dean.

He's just so hilarious. And he tries so hard to guide the MC. He's the kind of teacher that this world needs. He's so awkwardly supportive and everytime he's mentioned, you're definitely going to laugh.

He's a very nice person. The way he tries to support all his students is genuinely heartwarming.


The author managed to make all the side characters so lovable. I have no idea how. The plot itself is actually not much. But the way of storytelling is so darn good. I'm highkey interested in reading the story of the first host too, even though it seems like the author has no plans to write the entire story.

There's no villain. Yeah, the MC was supposed to be the villain but come on, can you see him as one? I can't even imagine. He's my bubu, by baby ducky.

The romance is funny and heartwarming. The tl really wasn't kidding when they said it was romcom. It wasn't love at first sight. In fact, it took both of them a pretty long time to actually fall in love. I do feel a bit heartbroken for my bubu because he feels so easy to bully and the ML is an as*hole who likes to take liberties and eat tofu. Ofc, he respects the MC and doesn't do anything MC really disapproves of, but the MC is somebody who gives his everything to the person he likes.

The only reason I approve of their relationship is because the ML tries hard to reduce MC's inferiority complex. ML also accepts that neither of them are perfect. He accepts MC's flaws and shows his flaws in return. If they were not together, but with different people, the relationship could've turned toxic, but the MC and the ML fill each other's gaps. They are perfect for each other.

Still, I can't help but feel sad about the fact that my tender little cabbage is being eaten clean by the handsome pig.

Special thanks to infinite, the translator who worked on this. This story has no many clever wordplays and idioms that wouldn't have made sense if the story wasn't translated properly. The TL deserves a few warm hugs and a lot of cookies for translating it so well. Thanks a lot, I had a great time reading this story. <<less
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Aone1989 rated it
November 2, 2023
Status: c88
Soooo cute! This is exactly the kind of novel I'm looking for when scrolling through School Life tags. The development of their relationship has been slow and steady. MC is cute and ML is hopelessly in love. They're working hard towards reaching the other person and connecting with them emotionall.
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