Villainous Lady, The Obsession Begins


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The youngest Princess of the Grand Duchess family, the villain of the novel…

…..Live under the guise, she fell in love with her fiancé, the world’s most handsome man.

“Prince, I love you!”

“I was only engaged to repay the favor. I won’t fall for you, young lady.”

But even if she devoted everything, there was no law that everything would unconditionally work.

She learned it and turned away.


“Oh, let’s break the engagement!”

“I love you. I realized too late.”

You know, when people give you a chance, you have to seize it.

If you don’t want to hang on and cry like this Prince.

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악역 영애, 집착을 시작합니다
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February 1, 2023
Status: c27
I normally don't get second ML syndrome, but honestly? ML is a complete idiot. He cant tell the ogFL is lying to him, trying to seduce him and attempting to replace FL. He doesn't try to understand FL. He is always pushing FL away but panics if she seems like she is actually going to leave. He's exhausting to love. How can a prince have this little awareness?

Second ML lead understands FL, supports her, doesn't tries to hold her back and just wants her to be happy. He's her childhood... more>> friend and just genuinely cares for her. He doesn't try to get in the way of her relationship with ML but asks her what does she want to be happy.

Lets throw away the ML and runoff with the second ML. ML can keep his regrets <<less
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Fluffy From Flufferland
Fluffy From Flufferland rated it
February 17, 2023
Status: c25
I don't leave reviews so early in any novel but honestly! ML is attracted to the OgMC because she resembles his mother?! I'm sorry but I find men with mommy issues disgusting especially if they look for a woman like their mother. And no matter if that woman is using pheromones to seduce you or whatnot you have a fiance and did you leave your wits behind? If he's the heir then the country is doomed.

I would have preferred if the childhood friend was the ML and the only reason... more>> I continued to read the book was the MC. She definitely deserves better than this cowardly and pathetic ML. <<less
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aki_dee rated it
December 28, 2022
Status: c15
not the story for you if you want a detailed and engaging novel... its been 15 chapters and

mostly about the FL gushing over how ML's is attractive..

the novel doesn't really go in-depth about the personality so far so the characters seem very 2D

its a cliche FL who is in a one sided love with the ML and a ML who is kinda cold towards the FL
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