Villain Is Bodyguard of Heroine’s Poisonous Stepmother


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After crossing over to the world of an urban novel.

Others cross over as the protagonist or the villain’s tycoon, but I become a bodyguard.

However, it turns out that I am the female protagonist’s villainous stepmother’s bodyguard, who becomes the villain’s minion.

In order not to become cannon fodder, Chen Luo decided on the spot to give up the darkness and turn to the light, I am a transmigrator, how can I become a villain, or the villain’s most nameless minion.

As he was about to quit, the keys to the Bentley and a million yuan bank card were slapped in front of Chen Luo, and the heroine’s stepmother looked at him with saucy winks.

Only then does Chen Luo realise that she is not looking for a proper bodyguard!

Associated Names
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Villain: Acting as a Bodyguard for the Heroine's Stepmother
Villain: Be a Bodyguard For The Heroine's Stepmother
Villain: Protecting the Heroine’s Stepmother
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7 Reviews

New stanljpierre
Apr 11, 2024
Status: c555
Just your typical villain novel where the MC strives to deplete the protagonist luck before being able to kill them. Nothing really all that special and every arc is quite repetitive if I’m being honest. Was bored so I read as far as I did, but had to drop when the story suddenly changed after chapter 547. Entire plot and events are entirely different from what I was reading before. MC seemingly regressed in strength, his enemies being able to fight him on even footing, him being looked down upon... more>> and what not. Before then, his strength reached the ceiling of the world and he’s just waiting for a protagonist to loosen these restrictions so he can advance, when all of a sudden a just recently destroyed family comes back and is able to pose a threat to the MC. I was reading this primarily to see the MC stomp on others as he was so overwhelming OP, but that’s no longer the case. Absolute nonsense. <<less
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Aug 18, 2022
Status: c21
I liked the premise but in all honesty, It doesn't inspire me to continue reading more. It seems like the system itself is the villain that manipulates him into doing its bidding, unless there's a plot twist involving the system being evil all along I would think that our MC is being manipulated from the get-go once he transferred to the novel world. The amount of money being thrown around is also insane, 1 billion yuan is around 150 million dollars and ... more>>

our s*upid ass MC thinks 100 billion yuan is okay for just the information of the plot? That money is literally the yearly budget of most countries

While a system itself is already "fantasy" I would think that the author should ground themselves to reality and make this novel more palpable to read. <<less
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Sep 06, 2022
Status: --
except for the fact that the monetary value in this novel is nuts and hella dumb, this was a very good read, I am around chapter 340 I think and so far its very good, unlike most villain novels with multiple "protagonists" (the one who the villain needs to kill) where the Villain already has like 9-10 girls in his harem before the second target comes, this has surprisingly low number of heroines per protag, the max I have seen is I think 6 from the first protag then it... more>> would go down to 1 per protag, or 3 per protag at the max.


unlike other villain novels where I have only seen Male protagonists, this has a female protag too so thats a plus point,

till now I think around 5-6 protags have arrived, and (the one who is still alive by the time I am writing this doesnot even have his heroine) our MC has like 13 women.

the other good thing is that the heroines here are not dumb at all, they are very much villain like, even more than our MC, none of them are a vase, even tho some do get a little screentime later on,

and btw, the harem is kinda realistic, I think, I mean unlike other harems where the FMC's just think its ok to have sister-wives, here the harem is kinda chaotic, some FMC"S hate each other to death and do whatever they want to start a dispute or hurt the other, tho they do not do things over the limit so as to not anger or disappoint the MC


all in all a good read, I am keeping this on hold for now, so that once it has over a 1000 chapters, I can binge it again <<less
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Sep 19, 2022
Status: c62
This is about a villain with a system that I would say isn't actually a villain system. The MC does not get stuff from the system for doing villainous things, he gets stuff by giving things to the system and after establishing that literally anything can be given, the book immediately begins to use only money. MC starts by selling his own corpse to the system but less than a hundred chapters in and he is already worried about killing people because he doesn't want to deal with the bodies.

So... more>> what is the story then? It is a Mary-Sue (he's a guy but I think Gary-Stu sounds s*upid) playing a villain in a familiar story genre because villains are more fun to imagine. I have enjoyed this as a simple time-waster but at this point I am convinced that this is just another self-insert story. The first few chapters are a huge pain to get through because the author has the System explain all the rules to the MC and the MC comes up with some pointless questions before settling on the path that the author wants him to take as if it were the most natural thing ever. Any weird out-of-character actions that advance the plot are explained away as being the effect of the "villain halo". So we get to tag along as the author's cool MC proceeds to kick all the butt, get super rich, and hook up with sexy ladies! And that's it. The MC acts a certain way because a disembodied voice told him he's a villain now. He is super handsome and the sexiest women fall in love with him for weird reasons. He gets in fights with the hero because of the roles of hero and villain. No deep plot or motivations, just the MC doing things that the author thinks are cool, and the reasons being explained away with deus ex machina.

So yeah, quality is mediocre, the beginning is annoying and s*upid, but once things get going it is a fun mindless action story with some jerk getting to be the cool action hero. It is brainless fun if you like it. If you don't like the story, then it is just forgettable fluff.

Also, the other reviews are right about the money. It is just another example of ridiculous exaggeration that you see in Chinese novels. If it really bothers you, just knock a zero off the end and imagine the translator made a mistake. That's what I do when other novels pull similar nonsense with army sizes. Also the gun stuff is kind of weird. I can't really explain it but some of the descriptions just come across as strange. <<less
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Aug 12, 2022
Status: c150
I am not going to score it because I am biased against evil protagonists. That said, I found a perverse pleasure reading the villain curbstomping the protagonist. Since chinese WN protagonists are usually as evil as (if not more so than) the villains of their stories. It was somewhat entertaining reading MC methodically destroying the protagonist. System is ok if under utilized for my taste. Still it gives an excuse for characters carrying the idiot ball (protagonist/villain aura "so the plot can happen").

First arc concludes around chapter 150. I am... more>> not really interested in rehash of the plot with new "protagonist" and power curve reset. And I don't think story has merit to carry on for 800+ chapters. I expect it to get stale. (I may be super wrong on this but my experience with chinese WNs tell me otherwise).

TL;DR: This is a novel about a transmigrator becoming a villain and slowly but surely destroying original protagonists. If you are into that it's an ok read to spend your time with. <<less
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Mar 08, 2023
Status: c62
It is a pretty good read, the only problem I had with it is why doesn't he trade other things except money like the corpses of people he kills and a lot of other things
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Jan 04, 2023
Status: c64
If there is one thing I despise most about novels it's the fact that the main character changes so suddenly and that is what happened here. You can tell the author just didn't give a f*ck anymore about being consistent. In the beginning and even later in the story

... more>>

the MC kept being cautions around the step mother to the point that even after he sleeps with her he says he isn't trusting her but he still helps her do whatever she wants to the heroine. Then later on he r*pes that heroine despite being so cautious about the protagonist halo. The author tries to explain it away but it was so s*upid especially after MC is supposed to be a cautious character since it took him so long to sleep with the step mother. If that wasn't bad enough, later in the story the MC is trying to recruit one of the two big gang bosses to work for him. He settles on the woman one because she's beautiful and MC doesn't want to anger a big family behind the other big boss. So how does he recruit her? This moron threatens her. He's so against making enemies and yet he goes with threats. This idiot quickly forgot about the plot and is high on his strength, it's so s*upid the author even tries to make the MC seem like he puts any thought into his actions.


You can tell the author very quickly changed to the face slapping protagonist despite how cautious he started out as. If you're an edgy teenager, then absolutely read this. You'll love this after like chapter 30. For the rest of us, only go in if you want to read about just another chinese MC. <<less
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