Vengeful Girl with Her CEO


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He is the eldest grandson of the Mu clan who holds sway over the economy and the politics of SH City.

She is the newly found long-lost eldest daughter of the Xia clan.

Three month into her pregnancy, she was disfigured and thrown into the roaring river. Who saved her from this abysmal situation? With sharp wit and the help of Charles Mu, the young master of the Mu clan, Linda let those who have hurt her reap what they have sowed.

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123abdi rated it
April 11, 2018
Status: C63
The names are English and the girl on the cover looks like Emma Watson....

Coincidence... I think not

Regardless of all that, the plot is good, the female MC is reasonable and doesn't act unrealistically or have any unexplained supernatural skills. The relationship between the FL and ML progresses without excessive frustration. their fights last normal lengths of time and dont turn into vengeful cold wars. I like how the FL wont cross her bottom line for revenge either, the idea of killing others doesnt come naturally to her (and thank... more>> god for that)

The main lead is particularly amazing. he started as the stereotypical jerk CEO arranged husband but he's pretty honest about his feelings, which is nice bc other novels have their ML doing insanely cruel stuff to the FL since they're unable to accept their feelings for her. <<less
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BigKia29 rated it
July 11, 2018
Status: c1
solid 2 stars. story is ok. characters ok.

Author seriously needs a talented editor though. There are a lot of repetitive things (how she studied psychology, micro expressions, how FL is intelligent but also excessively naively dumb, how villains are being villainy but still surprised with how evil they are... etc.). And I'm still waiting for the last paragraph in the description despite reading more than 50 chaps.

PS: I don't understand how anyone could rate this novel 5 stars. Do you believe that this novel is perfect??? (because that's what 5... more>> stars mean you know) or do you just have lower standards????smh <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
yango rated it
March 7, 2018
Status: --
I'm not used to the American names, I prefer chinese names but regardless, this is a good read. Charles and Linda make up a really interesting pair with their short temper and stubborn personalities. He's definitely very self guarded, into himself and thinks everyone has a motive towards him, including Linda. But I love how the MC has so much sass and spunk, where she's not afraid to rebel. Throw in some cute bickering, denials and flirty teases and you've got a pretty good casual read.
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