Until Countess Mareena Westmont Attains True Happiness


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Mareena Westmont was the countess. She was caring and reliant towards her beloved husband, Mason. She also had an adorable maid, Cameron, someone she considered a younger sister. Surrounded by her loved ones, all that was left for her was to conceive an heir for the Westmont family.

Yet, Mareena’s condition began to deteriorate. They reached the point that she was bedridden.

Despite not knowing the cause of her sickness, her symptoms continued to worsen. One night, Mareena suddenly woke up. She was thirsty, but there was almost no water left in the pitcher. Thus, she decided to go to the kitchen to drink.

Mareena, who felt a little better than usual, took a detour. Then, she heard familiar voices from the guest bedroom which should’ve been empty. They were the voices of Cameron and Mason. Mareena learned that her husband was being unfaithful to her. Moreover, they were responsible for Mareena’s illness.

Thus, she was left with no choice but to banish them.

But before that, she’d have to get revenge.

It is a story of Mareena attaining happiness as she perseveres through despair and anxiety.

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malena westmont hakushaku ga hontou no shiawase wo tsukamu made
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