Uninhabited Island Level 9999: Creating the Strongest Island Nation with Uninhabited Island Development Skills and Living a Slow Life


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The third prince of the empire, Rusty, is declared “incompetent” and exiled from the Dvorzak Empire. However, as soon as the prince disappears, the empire inexplicably starts down a path of destruction due to a mysterious power. The neighboring countries and the entire world are engulfed in chaos and collapse one after another.

Rusty is transported by a “mysterious voice” to an uninhabited island, where he settles and uses his strange ability, “Uninhabited Island Development,” to level up the island. He transforms it into the strongest nation in the world. When rumors of his achievement spread, alliance requests and aid pour in from countries around the world, but it’s already too late. Rusty had already gained trusted companions, with whom he would spend a slow life.

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無人島Lv.9999 無人島開発スキルで最強の島国を作り上げてスローライフ
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New Lynxfury rated it
May 28, 2023
Status: v1c33
It's Ok? The story and the characters feel very simple. It's like everyone is a child and both their thoughts and actions are limited to that standard regardless of their stated age. None of the characters act like real adult people would, nor do they seem to really think before acting. These character flaws drag the story down because you just can't relate to the people in it.

Also, the timescale of events in the story is just weird. Things happen far, far too fast.

Despite it's flaws though there are some... more>> little redeeming bits here and there that give the story enough... (Worth? Shine? Interest? Hmmm, none of those words quite fit but hopefully you get what I mean.)... that you at least don't totally regret reading it. It's like this is a rough draft of a potentially good story that needed another few re-writes before we should have seen it. <<less
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