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“I suddenly discovered that this world is dangerous today.” Bai Zhi looked grave as he typed out a line of text on his computer.

“When I went out today, I came across some poor guy getting bitten by another person. Luckily, a few brave guys rushed out to bring the criminal to justice, but when the person who was bitten struggled to stand up, he was immediately beaten to the ground by one of those who had supposedly saved him—and then, they called the police! I’ve watched more than enough modern movies to know what happened. The zombie was taken out before the virus could spread.”

“Last time, you told us about a few guys saving humanity from an alien invasion… This time, it’s a zombie outbreak?”

There was an exasperated response from the chat box.

“So how was that dangerous?”

“There are also several girls who are fighting tooth and nail for a piece of me! It’s totally Hell in here, don’t you think it’s dangerous!?”


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Shuraba Player
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New nericen rated it
March 11, 2023
Status: v02c707
I read the first 10 excellently translated chapters on Hosted Novel, although I feel a little pain that the title was changed from "Shura Field Player."

"... When several people who like the same person meet (usually by accident) in front of that person and compete with each other for their affection" - r/DanmeiNovels

A reoccurring theme throughout the novel. The Super Intelligent, but also Super Rational MC reincarnates/transmigrates into an "Alternate Reality" Super Scummy, but also Super Charming version of himself. His new vessel has quite the reputation stringing along 7... more>> girlfriends who he milked for all their worth so he could gacha himself to death. However, the MC's memories are very fragmented, and the girlfriends will be introduced very slowly. Even 1600 Chapters in we haven't met them all yet. Of course, the MC is constantly struggling with his ever increasing harem of new girlfriends, old girlfriends, stalkers, expired lolis, fresh lolis, adults trapped in the bodies of a loli, deadbeat mentors, etc. There will also be a few shitty male friends and frenemies, his previous incarnations, and even some of their baggage too.

Things start slow, but the "Doll Castle" Mini Arc kinda sets the tone pretty well. If you read to that point, and it still isn't working for you; it probably never will. If the MC's low-key cheat, and high-key charm aren't your cup of tea, you don't need to torture yourself.

Incidentally, there MC has a bunch of Lolicon Tendencies, and there are multiple times he gets kissed by little girls, it never goes any further than that. The Fake Loli of the group does eventually call him out for treating her like a little girl, when she is actually an adult, and stronger than he is. The MC isn't dense, but he refuses to pursue romance because of the ongoing catastrophe. However, if the girl (Adult) takes the initiative...

Volume 1 ends at Chapter 903. Volume 2 ends around Chapter 824, but the copy protection the author starts using around Chapter 600 makes it hard to find complete raws going forwards. Whoever uploaded the chapters on M******L needs to be punched in the groin. The author tends to write chapters that are 4k to 4.5k, but they loaded ~10k to each "Chapter." Additionally, they put the Extra (New Year's Celebration) Chapters between the 2 volumes, but that spoils parts of the first few hundred chapters of Volume 2. <<less
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orizhinal rated it
January 15, 2023
Status: c33
Disclaimer: I'm the translator for this novel on HostedNovel. Com

That said, I will try to share some interesting features of the story that drew me into it. I gave it 4/5 because it is slightly niche in the choice of pacing and setting. If you love the niche, though, easy 5 ;)

TL;DR It's a slow burn with over 1, 000 chapters, great characters and a varied plot that mixes combat, mystery, romance and comedy to keep things fresh. A novel for the more intellectual reader who also enjoys wordplay,... more>> cultural references and a healthy dose of cringe.

If you stuck around to read more, thanks. Here goes—
Pacing: I'd say it's a very slow burn, but a rewarding one. The author isn't afraid to take their time to resolve a plot point, using that time to flesh out character interactions that make for a memorable cast.

Main Character: The first thing we learn about Bai Zhi, the protagonist, is his super intelligence, which allows him to come up with surprising and satisfying solutions to problems, while stepping on pretty much everyone's toes. His unapologetic commitment to living life by his own rules makes you want to wring his neck and salute him at the same time, and getting to figure him out over time has been a solid perk of the job. I hope you will enjoy the journey as much as I do.

Side Characters: Thanks to the author's choice of pacing, the other characters he meets along the way are well-fleshed out, from the deluded love interest to the enemy who keeps getting foiled. No spoilers, but it is through them that the author expertly delivers a variety of

Genres: Combat, mystery, romance and comedy are served up in a balanced symphony that keeps the story feeling fresh (which probably explains why the book is over 1, 300 chapters long and still going). There is a smattering of horror, but only for spice. It is not dwelled on excessively, so I would say it is accessible even to people who don't read horror, but to each their own.

Setting/Premise: The reason why setting and premise is at the end is because the world is quite a fluid one, and I find myself going along with it just to follow the characters' antics. It is able to be this way because the character transmigrated into a world very similar to our world, but in this world, strange creatures (think SCP) prey on humans, and it is up to Players to do something about them. Discovering what the game-like system that governs these features in the isekai world can do and what is the ultimate role it plays in the story is an overarching mystery just begging to be solved.

Overall, it's a novel for the more intellectual reader who enjoys great characters, mystery, wordplay, cultural references and a healthy dose of cringe.

Thank you for reading my review. Now go try my translation.

Ori <<less
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