Undead Seeks Warmth


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He lost his memory, he lost his life, a young man wakes up in different world as an undead. He, who wanders through the labyrinth in a cold body, yearns for warmth.

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DocB rated it
September 30, 2016
Status: v3c7
First negative review so bear with it. The first volume is full of premise non-human MC, fight to survive and recover it's memories, powerful mentor cliche, check, save damsel in distress cliche, check, so far so good, if a read only until this point I would agree with a 4 out of 5.

Second Volume, well lot of wandering and there is not much else except
... more>>

dead bird girl whose only point is make the MC a wuss again (why would the author want that, beats me)

This volume would already have a 2 out of 5

Third and final volume that I read, at this point all plot twist are so predictable that


The people getting kill could be seen for miles, the main problem is that he cries cause he couldn't save the church people, it can't be seen as nothing more than he was feeding his master on purpose and the crying his just an attempt of the author to humanize the MC, create a catastrophe just for the MC look human.

I would have no problem if he was a beast who did it on purpose or a savior who opposed directly his master to stop her (it would enrich the story), but an MC with a mental stability of a 6 y.o that tries something, fail and cries about it is just terrible, this is nothing but a drama.

Leading to my third rating 1 out 5 (cause there is no zero) avg=2= and the decision to drop it. <<less
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Alundric rated it
May 13, 2016
Status: --
Read up to ch 10. Rate 4/5

Up to ch 10, the story is simple. And through it simplicity this story get a good mark from me.

It’s not perfect though. So here is the review.

... more>> Plot 4/5 up to ch 10 the plot is kind a slow one. The author really takes the time. Lack of suspense like other mainstream novel that full of killing and level up. But due to this, it give you fresh wind.

Story length 3/5. It’s short story per chapter, almost like reading diary written by the MC.

Story wise 4/5 though it’s short and slow plot, this novel still give good story. There is no cliff abuse in this novel, yet my personal feeling always craving for next chapter as soon as possible.

MC 5/5 so far the MC not really lack of knowledge. He is giving and acting mostly according to his condition and longing for warmth. It’s almost the same when you’re posed with question what do you do if you’re in MC shoes.

So by my personal opinion I give this 4/5 <<less
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kamueee rated it
June 7, 2016
Status: c32
1. impression: "Hell is this (Super) amateurish thing?"

Story looks average, weak MC will become OP (probably, like 99.9999%). Author likes to throw random facts. Some of them to repair previous mistakes. Some for thing to make sense and some of them just make no sense and it looks like it never will.

There are some "logical WTF" too.
... more>>

1.) Rookie adventurers: "Oh look an unusual monster! Lets run after him in this place full of monsters that want to kill us. It's sure a good idea."
2.) Horny demons: "Oh guy remember the monster that could kill all of us effortlessly? Now there is a stronger monster that killed it like a joke. I think we should make a trap and r*pe her. It's genius idea I think."


Conclusion: mehh... Not good. But readable for time wasting.

dropped at c32...

Seriously? This is the most stupid dramatic scene I have ever read...
It's so bad that even the author give up on it and gave us a summary... (ofc. this is not true... I hope)

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Daruda rated it
May 21, 2016
Status: c13
It's a nice story with interesting characters, the change of pov is well done and lets you see new things. A must read.

The translator does a good job even if I'd prefer more chapters of it.
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Cryarc rated it
October 1, 2016
Status: c123
It's a tragedy, adequately thought and planned from the beginning. As the story goes it's unravelling the mysteries around the MC and why he ends up that way, with the ending put a definite closure to the series. Though as some people pointed out that the MC is somewhat wimpy, that's the point that his action/inaction propel the plot forward into a chain of tragedy. Later it will be more focused on side characters to show the world with him as the vocal point of the tragedy. And the author... more>> is rather unforgiving with the tragedy. <<less
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yusih rated it
April 16, 2016
Status: --
I read it till the end the writing is simple (the story is told from the point of view of the MC other characters don't have lines unless the chapter is not from the point of view of the MC which is 2 chapters per volume) but the characters are one of the deepest characters I have seen in a web novel especially the MC so for me.
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kuroAnsatsu rated it
May 27, 2016
Status: c16
This one is really good! There's some kind of charm that makes me want to read it again and again. Better check it yourself.
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Thatsnoreason rated it
June 20, 2016
Status: side story 2
At first I really hyped for this novel. Later on, after I read some spoiler and shinsori drop the tl. I became disappointed. Because it is jumping the shark (become worse) and became confusing. My former review for first part of the novel, before the series jumped the shark, is below the alert.

!ALERT! The chapter titled side story is not just side story. It provide important plot point and not meant to be skipped. Read all chapter chronologically and thoroughly!

"My Former Review"
This review is spoiler-free. Here it is my... more>> review.

Story & plot:
It's a story of reincarnation as an undead and how he struggle to obtain warmth because of the unbearably cold nature of his new body. The pace is slow mainly because the progress is told in the form of MC thought. I'm not saying he is dumb, really. It deals with a lot of emotions and feels at exactly good amount for me. There is some action too but it's no where near other action novel. The majority of the story is told from MC perspective sometimes it changes perspective, abruptly, but smoothly, in the middle of chapter.

Just as yutsih said, the character is deep. Really deep. So far there are only a few character introduced, but of those few it's deeply digged. I can't explain well so read it to feel it.

My opinion:
It's a great story. It shower us with emotion. Got hidden plot that is subtly hinted. So subtle that I only remember it in later chapter. The execution is done uniquely well. It's not over the top and lets your imagination wander. Every time I read it the scene got up in my mind and the story roll.

Just read it and find is it up for your taste or not. <<less
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knifeandko rated it
May 11, 2017
Status: v5c2
The premise of this story is pretty interesting, however poor execution by the author and badly edited translation ruined my enjoyment. Characterization is inconsistent, events feel forced and needlessly angsty and the less is said about dialogues the better. Still, it's worth trying just to get a taste of what you like if there's nothing more decent available. Just be warned, that the beginning is better that what comes next.
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RR-2 rated it
November 9, 2018
Status: c4
i dont know why people give review less than 3 star, its original work with tragic MC and no so cliche harem and dont forget about mystery about MC past. And it has great plot and realisticall MC. Not like another isekai with cliche harem and OP MC. Just fresh idea in isekai novel. Like astarte knight. I recommend it, worthy to read, this story not have ridiculous plot and it excited me to read. Keep good work TL and Author.
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Poison_Ice_Blade rated it
June 15, 2018
Status: --
Good start. Very good start. The concept is original but thats about the only thing going for it. Theres somewhat of a shonen vibe to it as the MC goes thru tons of fights and each fight makes him stronger that was poorly explained and rushed thru a bit. The grammar of the translation is the least of my problems. Oh and the bondage fetish shows up clearly in this novel, but thats a minor problem compared to its other flaws.

The problem is that the story itself is poorly planned.... more>> There are a ton of plot holes and a ton of situations where you're like "if this character would have done this simple action then this wouldn't have happened." there are also a ton of random story elements being randomly inserted for no reason other then to insert another crazy chick into this plot. The whole story screams beginner overall. And the actual way of story telling is very confusing to read. (Pretty sure thats 70% the translator's fault tho) the author also decides to give lots of screen time to this archer person for no reason (well im sure it wasn't for no reason but I didn't fell like reading her parts so I skipped those chapters) oh and the background inst very well described so its difficult to imagine the scenes.

Theres doesnt seem to be a happy ending in sight so I decided to drop the story. This story wasn't trash but more like a good meal that spoiled and you have to throw it away with a look of disappointment. <<less
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