Umi to Kaze no Oukoku


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Shou (翔) was a smart and handsome middleschooler, but he has an unusual dream to become a top class beautician (Hairstylist), and for that reason he was rejected by his crush who thought he was gay. Brokenhearted, he went home, on the way he noticed a truck heading towards a little boy. He saved him and in his place got hit by the truck and died.

The Overseer of Reincarnation pitied him and gave him the best condition of reincarnation.

Shou (ショウ) was reincarnated as the 6th Prince, born to the 8th Wife of The King of The Southeast Island Federation. Best possible condition for reincarnation indeed. Inheriting the beautiful features of his mom, the Dragon Knight talent of his dad, and his former knowledge allowing him to master ship navigation. He was part of the royal family thus all his needs were fulfilled. Since he was the 6th prince he didn’t have to succeed the throne. Everything is perfect!…… or so he thought…..

Associated Names
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Kingdom of Sea and Wind If I were to be Reincarnated I'll be Popular?
Tensei Shitara Motemote ni
海と風の王国  転生したらモテモテに?
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makenai89 rated it
March 18, 2016
Status: --
Lost interest for this one since v1 c8, rated 2.

Umi to Kaze no Oukoku has a bit interesting concept. However, the story’s build was a failure, resulted in a fairly mediocre work.

For one thing, the plot and pace was too slow, even though there were some time-hopping. And also, the world’s characteristic was too strange, and I personally couldn’t relate well with its customs and environment. Additionally, with too short and concise narratives, readers could easily regard the author’s storytelling as worse than simply lacking.

And then, there’s the matter... more>> about character. Ambition-less MC are usually all right... if they have a niche where their character could stand out. However, this MC’s “remarkable character” only exists on other people’s mention; it was said that he is obsessed with becoming a beautician (in reality, it’s more like he had hair fetish), it was said that he was gifted with wind magic (when he couldn’t even use it to support himself when he fell). Well, it could also be because it was still early chapters yet and the MC was still a child, but... somehow I’m not interested to persevere. <<less
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February 18, 2016
Status: --
Truck-san strike again. The story kinda boring, like seeing (reading) period drama of some kingdom. The MC described strong but never thoroughly seen in action. If this only early age (born-adult/15 year), not much can be said, but gonna continue reading this because Japanese author. Hope the story or MC gonna progress ^.^
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rawr rated it
March 4, 2016
Status: --
The story's ok. The MC's ok. It's a little dull but it's not bad. The MC seems to be good at everything he puts his mind to. He tries but doesn't need to work too hard and struggle to be proficient. He lacks ambition so he doesn't have struggles or any goals except living a comfortable life. I feel like the story has potential to pick up once the MC finds a goal that he really wants and would work hard to achieve. But as of right now, it's just...... more>> moving along. <<less
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Lucaria rated it
February 18, 2016
Status: --
This story is difficult to judge due to the lack of an editor. But, as far as I can judge if will be a fun and light read. It doesn't have a rushed feeling to it, and I think that the pace will pick up from now on since the introduction is over.
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Takumi168 rated it
February 18, 2016
Status: --
interesting idea MC gets hit by a truck, reincarnates with intact memories as the 6th prince in another world with no ambition. The story goes from there. This series is for people that likes base building kinda thing not the usual coming out guns blazing (at least not yet).

The only down side is he probably could infer the cost of living based on what he sees. The author put too much emphasis on learning to understand the world. If he went around town he could find cost of rent, cost... more>> of food, and miscellaneous services for daily living cost. Given the fact he lived in the present day world he could also invent stuff to make a living off of. A simple solution to the inheritance of the throne shou could simply disown himself so to speak. But thats not likely to happen given ending of the first arc. <<less
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