Umeibo no Byouin de Kanojo to Hanashita Ikutsu ka no koto


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2nd place in Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi~! 2019 comes a new one-shot by Ishikawa Hiroshi.

Sou Uehara visits a Seaside Hospital.

He was once hospitalized at this very place.

His former companions suffered from an enigmatic disease that killed them off to the point of extinction. Those who survived however, have still not been discharged yet.

Sou reminiscences the events that happened “That day”.

The disease’s spread to a certain region of a city,

The deaths of the adults it lead to,

The power of an affected child,

And furthermore the conclusion of the battle――.

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One entry per line
Several things I talked to her in the hospital
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    05/21/20 ExiaRevival c1 part1
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