Ultimate Intelligence


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A ring-shaped bio-computer produced in 3009 AD, traversing the space and time onto Du Cheng’s head, a powerful intelligent program let Du Cheng tapped into high-tech knowledge in the next millennium.

——Commerce, industry, science and technology, Du Cheng will be leading the way, developing high-tech from the future, and making himself invincible.

——From an illegitimate child who was driven out of the family to the economic leader, creating a business empire, Du Cheng’s future is the road to the ultimate glory.

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08/17/19 Dawn Translation c12
07/31/19 Dawn Translation c11
07/25/19 Dawn Translation c10
07/21/19 Dawn Translation c9
07/15/19 Dawn Translation c8
07/10/19 Dawn Translation c7
07/08/19 Dawn Translation c6
07/05/19 Dawn Translation c5
07/01/19 Dawn Translation c4
06/06/19 Dawn Translation c3
05/16/19 Dawn Translation c2
05/16/19 Dawn Translation c1
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