Uchi no Musume no Tame naraba, Ore wa Moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru kamo Shirenai (LN)


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A painfully conspicuous master adventurer, Dale.

Due to a certain request, he set foot in a deep forest and by chance, encountered a severely underweight and thin young girl of magic lineage. Unable to leave the girl, Latina who carried the branding of a criminal, Dale reluctantly decided to become her protector. However―

“Because Latina is too cute, I don’t want to go to work.”

―Before he realized it, he had completely gained a parent complex!?

Associated Names
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For my daughter, I might even be able to defeat the Demon King.
If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord (English LN)
UchiMusume (LN)
UchinoKo (LN)
Uchi no Ko no Tame naraba, Ore wa Moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru kamo Shirenai
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Brasdf rated it
September 18, 2020
Status: v4
This one is quite okay, and as advertised, but things take a weird turn in the fourth volume, might or might not be your cup of tea.

Minor spoilers ahead :
In the fourth book the relationship turns romantic when the girl is about 14, which would place Dale at 24. Even before the relationship turns romantic, they already sleep in the same bed which is more than a little weird.

This shift towards romance in the relationship is creepy, but the worst part is that the only one who thinks there is potentially a problem with this is Dale and everyone else treats him like a weirdo for that. This is the worst part by far. It is one thing to depict this "unconventional" relationship, but at least take it seriously. We get a very "harem comedy anime" treatment. Like she will try to confess and Dale will run away leaving actual dust clouds behind. This is ridiculous, you can't pick this subject and handle it like that. This turn is also the absolute focus of the fourth book, so you get a lot of this nonsense. Some further examples of this nonsense is the inn keeper lady thinking things like:

"She loved him since she was 8, so it is okay" - What ? Why ? Even at 14 she probably isn't mature enough for this relationship, it just taints their whole previous relationship.

"How can Dale not have noticed and immediately reciprocated?" - What ? Are you serious ? I can understand her having a crash, but that doesn't mean Dale should obviously accept. Even if he is attracted to her this is very very sketchy, even in the context of the series.

In any case, the whole daughter-father dynamic is out of the window by the fourth book, which was supposedly the main attraction of the series, at least for me (Probably, I dropped it at this point).
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Altair545 rated it
December 29, 2018
Status: --
It's cute, it's fluffy and it's slice of lifeish if you're a fan of those 3 things then yeah you're gonna like this, later on there's some action but it never takes the main stage so don't worry about that.

The story is all about Dale and Latina all of the other side characters are fine but no one really stand out they're all kind of just there to move the plot along, which is fine I guess since the main couple is really, really nice.

Still Latina being cute as hell... more>> get's a lot of admirers and some of them can get very annoying specially one kid that is just constantly harassing her cuz he likes her I guess it was supposed to be cute but whenever he appears you know you're gonna be pissed off for a while, also the son from the inn couple also get's pretty f*cking annoying.


Yeah Latina and Dale get together in a relationship and it's pretty well done I already know some people are gonna have a problem with it but meh it's handled in a pretty mature way and as I said before they really flesh out their relationship in a really nice way, Latinas love is believable and it's not just like WHAM (like in Usagi Drop...) and their age's are not THAT far apart so I was k ok with it even more so when it's revealed they will live on for a pretty long time so what's a couple of years matter? also they take it all the way to a physical relationship which I also particularly enjoyed, not cuz I like reading awkward first time s*x but again cuz it's very weird for stories to be mature about their relationships and actually develop them all the way, so yeah pretty enjoyable event.


Again this is all about the main couple just want to make that clear and that's also the best moments in the series when they're alone together, they travel around, they go to festivals, they sort of their feelings, it's all pretty good stuff.

This series is pretty good and it gets recommendation from me just a pity that all the side characters are pretty bland or even worse annoying, but aside from that pretty enjoyable read. <<less
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Ubiquitin rated it
May 10, 2019
Status: v5c1
The story is quite good. It doesn't involve too much fighting and is much more focus on the relationship of the MC and his daughter (Heroine). The character development is also good basing on how their interactions and relationship with other affects their mentality and morals. As for the plot, it can be categorized as peaceful fluffy fluffy story for the first 4 volumes. There are learnings and adventure which you may like. And the magically overization by the author is seen.

I don't know what happened after the v5c1 because... more>> I dropped it. The reason I dropped it is because they got into relationship. Please don't judge me. <<less
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jihadjoe rated it
June 1, 2022
Status: v9
I dropped this years ago after seeing all the Usagi Drop comments, but decided to pick it up again on a whim since the official translations seemed good. All in all I think it's a great story, and the change in relationship between the two leads was well executed especially when put in the framework of a long-lived race.

Perhaps one complaint that could be made is the lack of detail in fights, but IMO that's a minor one if we consider the story is mainly about the growth and changes... more>> in relationships between the various characters.

9/10 would read again. <<less
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hkmilktea rated it
February 27, 2021
Status: v9
This novel is easily amongst my favorite, and a reread from me is long overdue.

I think this story can be divided into two parts:

... more>>

The first part details the fluffy father-daughter relationship of the two main leads, and the second part changes this into one that is husband/wife. Given that this is purely a work of fiction and the hints the novel drops early on, this development is done tastefully and executed well all things considered. Don't get me wrong - in real life, I'd be a lot less understanding here.


There are good action and fight scenes spread throughout the novel for the battle junkies that somehow made their way here. However it successfully keeps to its fluffy insulin-requiring slice-of-life roots and concludes with a satisfying ending. <<less
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KAZUGA19 rated it
June 23, 2019
Status: v7
One of the few that actually handles character development well.

... more>>

The relationship they went into is not bad, or even wrong in any way. Dale is only ~10y older than Latina, and he did not lay his hands on her before the confession since he only saw her as his cute daughter, and never even had any intentions on going that way at all anyways. Latina also never saw Dale as her dad, foster parent, or even anything at all besides a man of the opposite s*x. Yes, even from way back then when Dale picked her up.

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KinsKindred rated it
May 5, 2021
Status: v9
This is my first time writing a review which fits right in this book since this was the first LN that I got really into and finished. I knew about this LN because I read the manga version of this and that's where I got hooked.

The story depicts about a young abandoned demon girl named Latina who was picked up by the Hero named Dale. It has a heartwarming tale about how Dale is raising Latina as a daughter hence the title. The adventures that they went all the way... more>> through V9 were fun and easily made this a favorite of mine.

Though I understand why people would drop this after V4 since:


The dynamic between Latina and Dale changes from father and daughter to husband and wife. I don't know why it didn't bother me. Maybe because there were hints that Latina's Feelings was going in that direction or that Dale's actions were responsible since he did not say yes automatically and let Latina grew more as she can think more responsibly and that Dale also sorted out his feelings. The age gap did not bother me since ya know Rita and Kenneth has way more big of an age gap and I'm fine with them


The Character dynamic between the 4 main ones which is Dale, Latina, Rita, and Kenneth were enjoyable. Dale is the overprotective one who won't calm down and does not trust his family which complements with Latina who is trying to prove herself to be reliable which sometimes fail miserably. The dynamic expands with Kenneth being the older brother who is the reliable one and Rita being the cheeky older sister. As time passes in the story and they age more, the dynamic never really left and by the end of the series I felt really sad since I'll miss their dynamic add to the fact that :


Latina and Dale will out live the lives of Rita and Kenneth since they are basically immortal


The other side characters were also enjoyable especially Chloe and Sylvia.

My favorite side characters were the family of Latina. Though their story ended happily, I just wished there were more of their story since their life was so sweet but tragic.

By the end of the novel I felt satisfied but my heart was really torn as the decision they made about their lives was a hard one. I get why they would do that but just imagining their lives afterwards made me cry a bit.

This LN was an enjoyable ride. My review may just be praising it too much since this was the first series that I've read and but I've already read this a bunch of times and my opinion did not change. This book may not be for everyone but I would recommend this book to my friends. <<less
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Raestloz rated it
July 21, 2022
Status: Completed
I read the official translation

Translation quality is OKAY. It bears the clear remnants of Japanese grammar, with a lot of "and so" and "however" and unnatural sentence splits. It feels incredibly awkward and doesn't flow naturally when reading.

To sum up this novel: it's heartwarming to read but a bit awkward to follow along, mostly due to the problem I just described above

UchiMusume is set in a fictional magical medieval Europe, a German town of Kreuz which borders the Arab region of Vassilios to the west and Japanese region to the... more>> east. It's a story about the life of Dale and his titular adopted daughter Latina. Instead of Latina staying a child however, the story progresses throughout the years as Latina grows from childhood to adulthood

The story itself is good, it's slice of life and the whole "defeating the demon lord" thing only happens much much later, it's the focus of a single volume and after that there's nothing but slice of life again. The funny thing about the title is that despite claiming he'll defeat demon lords for "his daughter", he doesn't do that


because by that point she'd stopped being his daughter and had become his fiancee


The events are heartwarming and sweet, and the worldbuilding is surprisingly solid. Magic has clearly defined rules and supernatural powers have clearly defined origins and use. Despite having the concept of nobility, they don't have much of an impact and mostly kept on the sidelines, there's no real politics here

The one biggest problem with this novel is the taint of describing how much Dale dotes on Latina. Entire paragraphs are dedicated to tell the reader just how cute Latina is and the s*upid grins and actions others take for her sake. I mean, okay I get it yes everyone adores Latina, and Dale would break into a wide grin every time he sees her. Just... stop... just write more about the event currently in progress, please

For example, suppose that Latina is currently serving food. There will be at least one paragraph describing how cute Dale thinks that is, how big his grin is, and how he wants to pamper her. Right after that will be a paragraph of the same thing but for other patrons of the Dancing Ocelot. As the story progresses and Latina starts doing other things while gaining more fans, such paragraphs become more and more numerous and frequent. It's really weird. We get it, you don't need to go to such lengths to describe the same thing in detail multiple times.

Volume 5 is the heartrending conflict where the titular demon lords become the focus. I have to admit that the conflict here is poorly executed. Latina went missing and the only way to save her is to defeat the titular demon lords. The concept of rescuing a maiden in distress match the setting, but the way Latina went missing is ridiculous and the battle with the demon lords are awkward, because they're somehow quite detailed but not detailed enough for titular characters.

Imagine if a novel titled "I defeated the Evil Corporation" only mentions the kid facing off a regional manager and the next thing that happens is he meets the CEO, had a chat, then the CEO resigns, thus the Evil Corp. was defeated. It's frustratingly simple. It's like that

Volume 6 returns to heartwarming stories based on the past, which I think is a shame because they seem to be side stories and it feels like padding the novel for no good reason. Volume 7 is prequel background stories and finally Volume 8 is when the story concludes

The ending I believe is lacking. It's a happy ending, but it doesn't have the "happily ever after" feel because it mostly focused on "what happened to the world" instead of "what happened to them".

All in all, it's a heartwarming novel devoid of the s*upid sh*t called "reincarnation" that plagued many a novel these days. Very much worth a read, although the big cultural difference with western readers (mainly, getting married at a young age) may feel extremely weird <<less
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nin rated it
September 30, 2022
Status: v9
It has a lot of good aspects, but some weird aspects that make the whole thing kind of a mixed bag. Dale and Latina are an interesting couple. Personally while I get Latina falling in love in Dale, Dale actually returning her feelings felt awkward. It's not as implausible as say what happened in Usagi Drop, but it does feel weird and I wasn't entirely convinced in his shift in feelings.

That said, the world building is neat and the dialogue is good. Interestingly, it's mostly SOL, but in volume 5,... more>> the tale becomes a grandiose adventure with intense action and stakes, only for the story to calm back down into a SOL for volumes 6 and onward. The genre shift was built up to to be fair, but the fact that a mostly SOL story did that kind of genre shift only to calm back down in the next volume is odd. I can't rate it any lower than 3 stars because of how interesting it all is, though I can't rate it higher because the execution is kind of janky in general. The score is average not because it's mediocre, but because it's unique in a way that makes it flawed. <<less
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