Tyrannical Wang’s Beloved Wife


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Other people’s bad reputation, if not because of themselves, then it’s slandered by others. Jing Wan’s bad reputation wasn’t because of herself, but schemed by her future husband. Hong Yuan’s bad reputation wasn’t caused by others, but of his own design, only for the sake of marrying the woman he has had eyes on for two lifetimes! One unable to take a bride, one unable to marry. Because he was the number one handsomest man, but she wasn’t the number one beauty. So it was still her who has earned? What the hell?

After marrying, the husband’s close beautiful servant girls didn’t try to crawl onto the bed, but instead served her like an ancestor. The previous stewards didn’t monopolize the power, but instead handed over in great detail all the properties and even the husband’s private funds. So strange no matter how one looks at it! After getting along day and night, she discovered that her husband suffers from a severe case of crazy, please cure!

“Husband, just what do you like about me? I’ll change, just please stop being weird.”

His disease acting up in seconds, telling you with his actions, just how strong his possessive desires towards you are, that’s how much care you must give back.

Alright, for the sake of his disease not becoming more severe, and seeing how there’s no little three or little four and other little demons, Jing Wan rolled up her up sleeves and went all out.

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New hariett98 rated it
November 13, 2019
Status: c109 part5
this is so very fantastic. and so far it's on my top list of favorites...

i just love jing wan as much as I love jin qinwang!!! I mean, they're so perfect and very well balance in terms of attitude and persona.. its not too fast and very detailed but not boring. it is making me excited for the next chapter every time I visited NU and I love it very much...
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New DemiUchiha
November 3, 2019
Status: c104
It started off pretty good, but then went downhill for me. I feel like it's extremely slow paced and repetitive and had a lot of unnecessary information. I read the spoilers for it and I'm glad I stopped here instead of continuing because it's just some mess that I don't like.
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jenmini rated it
December 9, 2018
Status: c300
To be honest the synopsis the author wrote does not do the story justices, because it's nothing like how the tone implies. The story is actually quite dark and serious. A fair warning though, I am quite bias towards this story mostly because it hits all the points I personally like in these kinds of stories, so the things pointed out in this review are more or less focused on the aspects I liked, but can't define the entire story as whole, and may not suit everyone's taste either.

When I... more>> found this story, what attracted my interest the most was that the ML was a 'rebirth' character. Since I purely read these female centric type transmigration/reincarnation stories, I found this aspect interesting. MC is a modern person that reincarnated into this world. Like 'Eight Treasures Trousseau' MC, she recovers her memories of her past life in her childhood. By the start of the story both ML and MC have already been in this 'world' for a few years now.


BTW MC is the same person in both of ML's two lifetime/timeline. She reincarnated into this world and not transmigrated into someone else's body. It does get revealed a bit later on in the story though.


The story on the ML's side is a lot like 'Rebirth of the Malicious Empress', except a more selfish and haughty Shen Miao with a dick. Just like Shen Miao, because of the second chance, he's pretty much seen through the true faces of how the people around him are, so he becomes even more vicious and tyrannical compared to how he really was in the past life. His sole focus in this second life is really more so trying to be with MC though.

In fact, in his past life he was purposefully raised useless and debauch too. Because then he'd be too useless to fight for the throne, yada yada. If it wasn't for meeting MC he probably would have gave up on life. Her unconditional kindness pretty much changed him, and why he eventually falls for her. MC's death in the first timeline was one of his greatest regrets, so he devotes his entire second chance into trying to prevent her going down that path again.


As for the MC, she's a open-minded and calm person, very optimistic and adapts to all kinds of situation well. She's not stubborn and doesn't view everything in this world from a modern person perspective, she more or less understands and adapts to the norms of the setting. Her being very logical and perceptive is what I like about her the most, she understands what not to do and what she can do, but at the same time isn't completely cold-hearted.

For the beginning part of the story the romance is very one-sided, because as the story starts, MC doesn't even know ML exist and doesn't officially meet him until much later. Though ML is constantly stalking/guarding her, and manipulating things behind the scenes to prevent certain things from happening, trying to prevent her tragic death in his past life. A lot of the the story is about MC's day to day happenings and her relationship with her family. MC's interactions with her grandparents are probably the most heartwarming and my most favorite things about this novel.


One of my most favorite scene in the novel is when MC bonds with her grandfather over flowers. Her grandfather is a strict and stern person that everyone in the family is scared of, but he has a love for growing flowers. It's so sweet watching him become like a cute grandpa around MC, and everyone being shocked seeing this side of him.


There's also not a lot of cliche villains or canon fodder in this novel for random conflicts. To be honest in the beginning parts it's a pretty chill slice of ancient chinese life type feel. The antagonists in this novel I find sometimes to be more logical, they aren't purely just one-track minded want power just because of power. They have a deeper psychological reason for their ambitions.


For example, MC's third uncle is her grandfather's only shu son. His ambitions for climbing up higher more so stems from the fact that he's an unfavored son and wants his father to look at him and be proud of him. He's jealous of his di brothers because they 'don't work as hard as him' but are still 'loved' by his father.


Other points I liked:
- The cast of characters are quite colorful and unique; no one is too cliche or a cookie cutter type character too much, they all sorta have their own depths as a character
- Minimal glaring inconsistencies; at least not too many that I've notices, annoys me when authors forgets their own plot
- Her loving and supportive family; not everyone is constantly trying to scheme against or is jealous of her just because reasons.
- MC not doing anything stupid for the sake of plot; I hate when a smart MCs go stupid for plot convenience
- ML's extreme level of pampering MC
- Not every female is trying to get into ML pants cuz he good-looking, in fact most avoid him like the plague; he's more hated than liked.
- ML's servant's salty inner dialogues complaining about their master
- Badass martial art master nanny that guards MC like a mother hen <<less
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diviningknife rated it
January 13, 2019
Status: c26
I figured I could do my part to give back as the audience and as a reader to determine if this is something you from the future would decide to take a chance on.

Summary of Review

    • The writing keeps you hooked without too much infodump and proceeds at a fair pace. It aligns true to the law of measuring what is important to know and tightly presents the kind of perspective that allows for reader interpretation. The ratio and flow is consistent and commendable.
    • There is quite a bit of depth to these characters, and their internal motives create a larger spiderweb of connections which makes it feel more real. Even secondaries are much more complex and faceted; they are given room to breathe and it makes the interplay tense and meaningful.
    • The translator has a solid length in footnotes and explanations, while also drawing attention to specific passages in particular. It's a cut above exemplary and there's even a list of characters as well as glossary for historical notes which really shows the dedication undertaken.
Writing - The writing is very pleasantly shaped around the intentions of what they want to portray. There's a careful cultivation in the balance of describing the setting while also giving background information which seamlessly merges as a narrative to transport. As an artist, the medium would be comparative to watercolors; enough suggestion to boost one's own imagination while emphasizing the distinctive plot points. The writer devotes a portion of attention to the craft and it shines through rather brilliantly. The pacing here is more introspective but it doesn't indulge in lingering; everything has its place and everything has a weight.

Characters - This is of higher caliber than its contemporaries when it comes to showing, not telling. The main character in particular, has a couple of conversations that actually flesh out her reputation; as a reader I do see the sincerity with which she follows the traits the author laid out. Jing Wan is a fascinating person in the occupation of the protagonist because she's a departure from the usual cast. She has a deliberate kind of reasoning behind her actions and she measures these with realistic restraint.

The male lead, Hong Yuan, is also rather interesting in a refreshing way. At the moment more of this is due to his circumstance, given he's lived two lives, but the shadow of his devotion to the MC is one of the critical features which keeps this spinning. You wonder about their history together, and also what his plans for courting are. It feels like there should be a Yandere tag on this, but even in those terms Hong Yuan has some chill and hasn't rushed to press Jing Wan into a romance. Time is still unfolding for the persuasion of love and I value that development highly.

Incidentally, Luo Pei Shan (MC's grandfather) is a favorite and I want to see more cute times with him. The family as has been described has a lot more going under the surface of the water, and can't be easily confined to one archetype. A highlighting instance in particular, comes from Lady Liu-shi from the Third Branch of the Luo family. She is mother to Jing Ling (jealous rival of MC) and in the midst of scolding her daughter over the transparent schemes, you start to feel sympathetic because Liu-shi also has her own trials and tribulations.

It reminds you that all people are just trying to survive. This has political plotting very much at the forefront, and since it's still being set up with all the players I'm always looking forward to the latest update.

Translation - As mentioned, the translator is quite superb with their efforts but they take an extra mile outside of the story to help supplement one's understanding. I especially like the formatting for the list of characters, it's laid out very concisely for reference and I use it when the names are barraging too much. In regards to the footnotes, I enjoy the way they explain the idioms and the translator notes serve an additional layer of engagement. It marks the passage with timestamps, glimpses of their own personal life and sometimes bits of information that spark an illuminating thought. The update schedule is also rather amazing, twice per week and I feel rather spoiled. I'm grateful they picked this up and decided to share the lovely story as it hits five points in my targeted heart range.

On an aside, there will be aspects which are problematic in this story; as there is in everything. It's the prerogative of the audience to know their bottom lines or dislikes and give their opinions accordingly. This still has some truth of those that perhaps have not even read it yet, particularly in the case if it hasn't been tagged appropriately. I am a firm believer in trigger warnings and the like, so I understand if something potentially iffy comes up in a situation. However, I also feel like exploring certain darker emotions and the like can be very cathartic and even enjoyable especially in the safe space of fiction. I am not one to kinkshame, much. I feel that as long as you know what you're getting into by reading the summary and managing your expectations with what the setting the author has provided, then you have been sufficiently prepared moving forward. There is basis insofar as debate and discussion on what portrayals of healthy relationships should be like but every person's journey defining that by experience will be different and we can only hope to draw clear lines where able. So tagging and calling out issues etc. The twists and turns that come, if it doesn't work for you then it doesn't and dropping the story is also perfectly acceptable.

Finally, I am ending this rather overwrought with ridiculous prose review, with things I enjoyed:

    1. The genuine affection between Luo Old Madam and Luo Pei Shan. It was very bittersweet a realization to know that they both acknowledge that she could have stood in his home as the one and only. But she decided not to wreck their harmony with being more selfish and both my head and heart understand that ache.
    1. Aaahhh, the whole thing about the ink orchid, how Grandfather Pei Shan understood Jing Wan wasn't intimidated or fearful of him which in turn makes him happy. Because I feel that feel!! And then! When her father sold her out by mentioning the insights she had, to the grandfather, the follow up of that! It was just so heartwarming for Pei Shan to state his support for finding a good marriage for Jing Wan I was like ;A; and then TT^TT when he encouraged her to read up on the newspaper of political stuff! Trusting in her ability!
    1. The introduction of the fact that, to the public, the ML is infamous for indiscriminately favoring beautiful men and women for only 7 days of pampering. For context, it's to prop up his bad reputation due to //spoiler// plot reasons. Which I don't know yet, but his identity seems rather complicated from hints received? I just found it really funny because it makes the "curse breaking" that much more sweeter. Reformed rakehells are <3
Okay, wait, I also want to spoiler two passages to give a bit of taste!!


CHAPTER 10 - Grandfather Luo Pei Shan's thoughts on Jing Wan

He'd never thought himself to be a good person, but he wasn't someone who purely pursued after benefit and power either. Everything he did, no one in his family refuted, all believing it to be reasonable and expected. He himself was also accustomed to this. However, after hearing his second son relay those words, it suddenly provoked a feeling of being trusted, understood, and acknowledged. Seemingly, compared to others' 'indifference', this kind of feeling made him happy. It was like as if a person, who was walking alone, suddenly discover that they actually weren't alone. In a place unknown to him, the other person took all his efforts to heart, and furthermore, felt that he did well.

CHAPTER 17 - Grandmother Luo's Husband Qualifications for Jing Wan

When it came to Jing Wan, Luo Old Madam naturally wouldn't be polite, "First, his character has to be good, and needs to have ambition. As for appearances, he doesn't need to be too handsome, but at least needs to be proper. His family situation needs to be simple, especially the future mother-in-law must not be scornful. Best if their personality is more gentle. Our family's second son will probably be just that in this lifetime, so I won't ask for the other party's family background to be extremely good either. It's enough as long as he can be good to Wan Wan."

"This requirement of yours, to say it's high, it's not high. But to say it's low, it really isn't low either."

"This requirement still not low? It's already pretty good that I didn't ask for the other party to not take concubines, not have tongfangs, and only have our Wan Wan in his eyes." Luo Old Madam was a bit unsatisfied with Chen Old Madam's words.

Once her words were out, it really shocked everyone. Who picks son-in-laws like this?

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blazikens rated it
January 6, 2019
Status: --
Edit: To the review above.... Um. My review is my opinion, and I'm sorry, but I don't really care if the ML shows his 'passion' to the MC only. Full offense, but there's NEVER a justification for a man taking advantage of a woman, even if it's a supposedly 'awkward' situation where it's his first time and he loves her. I don't care at all, and frankly, the fact that you're excusing a man's actions in a situation of sexual assault (especially when one is a minor) is an insult... more>> to all the women who are and have been victims of sexual assault.

Anyway, I hate polygamy too, but that's not my issue with the story here. My issue is that his 'passion' presents as unhealthy possessiveness to the point where he regards the underage MC as his possession basically, and it's dangerous to romanticize dark emotions like that, when they usually end up leading to not only toxic but abusive relationships. Especially when you have young, impressionable readers saying they wish they could have a boyfriend like that....

Also....I don't like TMR either, so I'm not sure why you brought that up lol. I dropped that novel when I read the spoilers of that scene in question, and there's no double standard here: Maybe it would be if I liked that story while hating this one, it would be, but I hate both equally lol. Although maybe I dislike this one more, because the ML is a freaking psycho. The ML in TMR is a man child, but he doesn't behave as atrociously as this one - but don't get me wrong, I still don't like him lol.


No offense to the translator, who does an amazing job, but the romance in this story is deplorable and downright unhealthy.

I was going to put this point at the end, but I realized this is what made me so mad and disgusted: It's from the spoiler thread, but it was so disgusting I'm not going to put it in btwn spoiler tags:

There's an incident where the ML kidnaps the MC and when she is unconscious, the ML touches her all over and squeezes her breasts, saying how even tho they're small, they are still 'tasty' and that they have a few years to grow.

Not to mention that she's a minor and the ML is an adult, even if they were both adults, this is something so disgusting and extremely problematic that I'm not sure how no one in that spoiler thread didn't react violently to it. Like..... sexual assault will NEVER be acceptable, and the way the ML touches her all over without any consideration for her opinion (and when she's unconscious!) just shows how he views her as his possession - no matter how the story tries to convince us the readers he 'loves' her.

If this is the type of love you're into, then I'm sorry, but that is just appalling. There is nothing you can say to justify this as 'romantic' or 'healthy', especially when so many women are suffering from sexual abuse and r*pe worldwide at the hands of men.

Now onto my other points:

For starters, it's between a 22 yr old man and a 14 yr old. Don't try to justify it by saying it was acceptable back then. It was only acceptable back then because women had no rights and men were allowed to do whatever they wanted with them. Just because it was 'acceptable' back then doesn't make it suddenly okay or justifiable, especially when stories like this is what normalizes obviously horrific and pedophilic relationships between minors and adults. It's never okay. (Also, I don't give a crap if the MC's soul is 36 or whatever lol, it's still creepy af. Especially because the ML doesn't know that.)

Secondly, simply put, the ML is a psycho. A yandere if you're familiar with the term. Many people like this type of ML, and to each their own, but don't realize the unhealthy implications it has. The reason why I dislike this type of ML so much is because they are possessive to the point of insanity, and if the object of their obsession ever rejects them, they will either A) kill them or B) force themselves on them. Idk why that's attractive to so many people, especially when that's grounds for an abusive relationship, but there you go.

And that's where I'm going to stop. I could keep going on, but I'm just so thoroughly disgusted by this story and by its proclamation of it being a romantic story that I'm going to go calm down. Also, once again no offense to the translator, but comparing this story to Chongfei Manual isn't doing it any favors - especially when that story is very clearly a story between a pedophile and his groomed victim. I'll never forget the phrase I read in that story, which I had enjoyed previously when I was much younger and not aware of the implications it had, where the ML of Chongfei Manual is happy to see how the FL "his little flower" had grown - which is just how I've seen in shows and such a pedophile would refer to their victim. I remember even reading someone's comment on how creepy that line was, and if it were anyone other than the ML, it would be very creepy. YUCK. (ALSO: It's so weird how the prince ML keeps hanging around a freaking 6 yr old and is interested in her, ugh I'm getting sick just thinking about it). <<less
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kireida23 rated it
March 14, 2019
Status: c65
Novel wasn't too bad initially, but became rather boring with the intense focus on flowers, then became overly disgusting with the ML's actions and behaviors by ch. 65. ML is such a degenerate that any hope of a sweet romance between the ML and FL was squashed completely due to his perverted and obscene actions towards the FL, and she hasn't even met him yet. Seriously, midnight visits to molest her in her sleep is too far gone, especially since she doesn't even know him yet. He stalks her, controls... more>> her entire life, kidnaps her when she's unconscious, and molest her in her own home while she's sleeping. SCUM. BAG. <<less
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draw2much rated it
March 30, 2019
Status: c70 part2
"Tyrannical" is the key word for the ML, so at least the title isn't sugar coating anything. He's by no means a nice guy, nor is he a good guy either. In one of the chapters the translator said "obsessiveness" might also be treated as "haunting" (like a ghost). That's exactly the kind of love you see with the ML... if he's the ghost, the FL is the house. He 'haunts' her.

Wait, I believe the modern term for that is "stalker". Yes, he's a really rich and powerful stalker. With... more>> a cut-throat disposition and knowledge of the future.

I can't say he's a mentally healthy guy, but the author doesn't exactly portray him as healthy/good either. It's rather interesting that the author goes out of their way not to do so. If anything, the only time this guy seems sane is if he's thinking about something related to the FL (or if he met her or sees her). His allies "in the know" are very much looking forward to him settling down with her, just so they don't have to live on edge all the time.

That being said, I really like the FL. She's not OP, just has a deep love for plants and a mature disposition from transmigrating. Her attitude is very rational and generally matter-of-fact. She can't change her situation, so she makes the best of it. Her grandparents are adorable, and I love the relationship she has with her grandpa.

The translator does an excellent job too. <<less
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RabiezMonkey rated it
June 4, 2019
Status: Completed
the sweetest couple I ever recognized.

... more>>

Female lead lived till the age of 80++ Even until her dead bed, she was a happy old granny. The Male Lead, at that time 90 y.o retired emperor. He departed at the same time with his beloved wife, still holding her hand, surrounded by his only son, the current emperor, and daughter, and also grandsons and grand daughters. Both Female lead and Male lead then buried inside one coffin, forever together till the afterlife.


Quite a long story for me, but the ending was satisfying. Love the characters so much. Both protagonist and antagonist. Especially the female lead. She doesn't have any "ability" or secret space like other female leads in various transmigration novels. But her character is top notch. I prefer her much more...

A good material for binge reading. Hope that translator won't stop midway. Thank you so much... <<less
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CBC rated it
January 10, 2019
Status: c26
Re: 1 Star review - I completely get the disgust in men taking advantage of women but in a way, if it is the awkward way that the ML will show his passion for the only woman he will ever be with and love, perhaps we can give the author, translator, and ML a little break and not give 1 star only. Honestly, I think I feel that same anger when I read about polygamy yet I tolerate it with the understanding that it happened in history, people have been... more>> able to change their values/traditions knowing what is moral and sometimes polygamy may further the plot for this genre of literature. At least the ML in this novel is unwavering with his love for the MC.

Interestingly, when I read the scene the 1 Star Reviewer was describing where the ML takes advantage of the MC, it sounded so familiar and I realized that it is a lot like Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator (Ch 404)... I think Chu Lian is 14 when that scene happens as well. Anyways, that novel has great reviews despite having a similar situation. I'm not saying TMR should get a lower rating (I love that novel) I just didn't like the idea of double standards. I'm sure that I will make my personal judgement when I come across the scene... which I have't read yet because the translator hasn't gotten that far yet (I hope the negative review won't scare the translator away!) <<less
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May 7, 2019
Status: c15
I think I've read too many C-novels because I finished reading the last 70 chapters last week and for the life of me I cannot remember what the heck the story was all about. Wait... some flashbacks are coming back. The guy lets off some sexual steam by grinding himself against the girl while she's in an induced sleep. But that's it, the rest is a blur. Weird.
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Bither rated it
April 22, 2019
Status: c74
I love how the only redeeming quality of the ML is his love for the FL even to the point of obsession. Even to a fault. I just love it!
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yserieh rated it
August 14, 2019
Status: c96 part1
First off, the translator is AMAZING. So much so, I will say, I joined their Patreon. They were first translator I supported, so I will be following any of their future projects. Their work on this story and the selection of this story: Impeccable.

This story itself is pretty amazing and character driving. The mix of characters, both leading and supporting, really gives this story legs and draws you in. While I know some people may struggle with is "acceptable" behavior of some of the characters, let me remind people: This... more>> is a historic fictional novel. On the model it was built from, behaviors like this was acceptable then, though no longer the case.

That being said, the Female Lead in this story is wonderful and warm with the right amount of ice-cold logic. She isn't hateful or malicious in words or thoughts, which is refreshing. As much as I enjoy the "FL Rebirth and Revenge" / "Smart FL in Historic and/or Harem Survival" tropes, I find the cookie cutter of being too hostile (to everyone it feels like), too emotionally immature, and impulsiveness very tiresome. That is not the case of this female lead. She's very socially and emotional smart. She's thoughtful, graceful, and not obsessing over revenge. A fresh breath of something different!

The male lead on the other hand... Is very unique. I like him and I find his yandere-obsessive love very entertaining. Just single-mindless of him twisting his own standards and views to justify and rationalize his obsession is just... hilarious and terrifying. It's pretty clear he will be the doting type once the relationship will begin. I think he's one of the better written obsessive-yandere types I've read.

The story moves as a great pace. It really gives background and world building to set the scene. The supporting characters enrich the story, not just adding pointless filler or just being wallflowers. <<less
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Sarah018 rated it
January 17, 2019
Status: --
This story kind of hooks me up. I started reading it just because the rebirth if ml. But it has this mysterious feel to it, unlike many in which they state the previous life in few sentences. I like MC alot, she's reasonable not haughty. She's what we call realistic unlike those who MCs who just destroy people who they think are irritating. It's realistic in fact that the villains are Villains for a reason, each have their own story unlike other stories where people want to destroy MC just... more>> because they felt her unpleasant. Its quite a good one and realistic one <<less
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thecrivens rated it
August 26, 2019
Status: c97 part 2
Translation quality is excellent and the story is quite different than the usual MC rebirth/transmigration story. MC is transmigrated when small, ML fell in love with her, but he couldn't prevent disasters and MC died tragically. ML returned to the past and did everything in his power to get rid all obstacles for MCs and got MC as his wife.

MC is not described as the most beautiful woman but she's unique temperament and very mature. She has a big sister charm, so she attract a lot of girls who love... more>> to be spoilt and pampered by her. In other hand, ML is described as a typical ML, super beautiful, etc etc, but he has super rotten (deliberately cultivated) reputation. His nickname is "the Living Enma" because he was so unpredictable and loved making trouble for his Royal family.

The story is slow with a lot of politics, intrigues, and scheming but not boring. If you stories in the vein of "To Be Virtuous Wife" I think you'll like this story. <<less
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September 23, 2019
Status: c77

First of all, let me say that the writing of this story is one of the best here. To be frank, it's the language is very literary and consistent. The characters are very well done, even our small villains are fleshed out and not lacking of characterization. All characters have motivation, as well and not just caricatures.

To be honest, the quality of the craft is the best I've read on this site.

It's truly well done. The relationship of the characters are woven beautifully. I also like that our leads aren't... more>> perfect, they have flaws and give you frustrations but also lure you back for the same reason.

The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the ML is TOO flawed for my liking. Frankly, he's a predator, he had nonpenetrative s*x with the MC while she was asleep and drugged in her own room, before they even had a conversation in their second life. She's 14.

I'll probably stop reading this when they actually get together, but for now and the author tries to make it romantic. But for now, I'm reading it for the storyline of MC and her bestfriend. Such a shame because I really enjoy the writing style of rhe author <<less
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Honefuusen rated it
September 7, 2019
Status: c68 part4
This ML is too bat sh*t crazy for my taste. His way of handling things is way too convoluted when I think he could have done twice with half the effort. I resulted to reading spoilers and MTL. All in all, too bat sh*t crazy and sad. But it's good novel. I'm feeling ambivalent about it.

Translation is excellent. Just some weird grammar but since it's a Chinese English translation, it's understandable. It reads smoothly and updates fast.

I couldn't stomach how lecherous ML is towards MC even before they got together.... more>> So I'm dropping the novel for now. Maybe I'll read it again someday. <<less
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splitdevotion rated it
August 8, 2019
Status: c95 part1
Will update later but quick notes.

The translator is phenomenol. Like top tier, this story has the flow and grammar I would expect of reading a published book in English literature. If there is some charm I'm missing from reading the translation rather than the raw, I'm not feeling it. Only gripe would be is I'm unsure of how the translator is going to split the future chapters because the original story is already supposedly 600 chapters.

I actually love the plot alot. Lots of intrigue and character development for the ensemble... more>> cast as we are delicately fed small bits of the main pairing's development. Fair warning, the translator says that the ML and MC don't officially get together until chapter 200. Come die with me in wait.

To those who are being scared off by prior reviews: take a note of the male yandere tag. It's applicable to the ML. The ML is a head case but I don't feel like its misleadingly being romanticized. Its unhealthy and the author, the cast, and the character himself knows it. I'm pretty sure from the summary that the MC will also think he's got psychological problems as well so if y'all are looking for something healthy and cute, please don't pick this up. This is for those who like something a little more disturbing then usual and perhaps like watching and reading historical novels that are true to form. Take your ridiculous action girls with no common sense for the era out of here. <<less
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sleeplessnk45 rated it
June 12, 2019
Status: c82
As of now, these are my opinions and might be changed later.

Things I like:


    • The story has a decent plot and is very engaging at the beginning, with multiple view points that make the story feel more intruiging.
    • This has a very colorful cast and most feel like believable characters too. They have their own goals and flaws. It's also nice to see a wide spectrum for morality and not just simple good/evil characters. Morally grey characters are very interesting to me.
    • Strengthening family relationships. We get to see mc's relationship with her family. Grandma is best girl and grandpa is adorable. Father is human, not bad not good, maybe useless but interesting, too. Mother is fascinating. She's the type of person who would thrive and do a lot of good in modern day times, but is only a burden to MC in ancient times.
    • ML simply because of how deep his schemes go. Others hate him and that's fine, but his steadfastness is commendable and honestly, he reminds me so much of XJX from Rebirth of Malicious Empress (one of the best of the best) except XJX is honorable and not perverted.
    • The flower parts are interesting and, I feel, are only a device to make grandpa and MC get closer so I don't mind it as much.
    • Mc's knowledge is through hardwork and explained very realistically. I'm always up for some characters who have things they can do and things they can't, just like any normal human being ever.
    • Good translations.

Things I don't like:


The start was good, but the place the story is at now is tiring to read. Sure, we get the drama of the Sun siblings, MC's marriage prospects, and ML's marriages from imperial decree but...

    • As interesting as seeing conflict between side-characters and seeing MC have actual friends, I think this arc has gone on too long or the focus on it was too overwhelming. I get it, Sun family bad, Sun siblings pitiful. This is repeated again and again. I'm starting to skip every time I read about them by now. I just wish the Sun siblings break apart from their family already.
    • As important as mc's marriage is, I don't feel much excitment or eagerness about how it will be resolved. Mostly because mc's marriage candidates have feelings for her but we know she'll end up not marrying any of them anyway. I personally feel detached reading love triangles, so this arc is also boring for me. So I skip it.
    • ML's imperial decree to marry Sun girl is just sad. Sun girl deserves to actually marry a man who could love her. ML only has MC in his heart and worse, he might also be forced to marry Feng girl who is a complete psycho. Feng girl would only make Sun girl's life miserable. This plot is also frustrating to read, so I skip it as well.

At this point, I just skim thru chapters to see interesting tidbits and only reread if I get confused on what's happening. Hopefully the plot picks up again and something new happens.

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SSKF rated it
April 13, 2019
Status: --
Love love Love this story so much. Thank You for translating. Please keep working hard! Many of us appreciate it. I love doting ML lol.
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TheEthicalCorrupt rated it
October 23, 2019
Status: c60
5/5 for translation effort

2/5 for story. I lost quite a bit of brain cells reading this zzzzz

Stopped at ch60. A warning for future readers...

... more>>

ML is very dark and perverted. Duh... He's called a tyrant for a reason.

Want a good-paced romance plot? Sorry buddy. Even up to ch60, at least 40 chapters were dedicated to the MC's household affairs and mob characters affairs. Will induce one to puke blood from frustration. Don't know how many chapters I skipped. Waste of bloody time.

The only good thing...

MC ain't stupid and not overly dramatic. She is a calm and mature woman. Good.

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