Two Moons


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Date Group Release
04/10/19 Chinitoblanco v1c1
03/25/18 Crescent Moon v2c2
03/25/18 Crescent Moon v2c1
03/25/18 Crescent Moon v1c4
03/25/18 Crescent Moon v1c3
03/25/18 Crescent Moon v1c2
03/25/18 Crescent Moon v1c1
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Crimsonenchantress rated it
May 23, 2019
Status: v1c1
It's alright, but the main character might as well be a girl he doesn't read like a real guy at all. It being written in first person doesn't help me feel like any of the guys are really male, either. Overall, its writing is kinda amateurish
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