Two as One Princesses


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When I thought that I had died, I realized that I was reincarnated in another world inside a girl.

However, the girl has her own consciousness. In other words, I seem to be possessing the girl.

That’s still fine. But why was the girl chained inside a prison cell? And specifically saying, she’s even too young to call a little girl.

After spending 10 years to escape, we live our life freely for our own good.

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Futari de Hitori no Fuguu Hime-tachi ha Jiyuu ni Ikitai~ Isekai Tensei o Shitara, Bishoujo no Naka de, Utahime o Suru Kotoninarimashita~
Two as One Disappointing Princesses Wants to Live Free ~ When I was Reincarnated in Another World, I Decided to be a Songstress in a Beautiful Girl~
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Anonymousbb rated it
November 9, 2019
Status: c134
Edit: Edited to account for the official translator's names. Raws can be found at ncode. syosetu. com, with '/n2459ey' after the. com.

I've been enjoying this novel so far. The main character (Ainsel) has a fairly typical Japanese protagonist mentality (edit as of further reading: Ain does experience growth as a person), but the... second protagonist (Cielmer), I suppose tends to be fairly interesting, and would almost certainly qualify as a genius considering her rate of intellectual development. Granted most of this is via machine translation, the author seems to have... more>> managed to set up a decently interesting world and characters; quite a few of the antagonist characters can be easily empathized with as their goals are completely understandable, but their actions in the pursuit of said goals are, if not despicable, distasteful. The main characters' goal is fairly vague, but still a concrete goal (albeit with more concrete sub-goals).

Time skips are occasionally used, so the main characters' age continues to progress at a decent pace (with her being 12 as of chapter 53, but wholly independent). Additional perspectives besides the MC's (Ain's) are occasionally given, but they aren't constant. This includes perspectives from Ciel's POV - she's had a handful of them, but they're interesting in that they include enough of her personality to shine a bit more light on her actions during parts in the MC's perspective.

The following are spoilers, mostly about the characters' general goals, up to chapter 53.

The main characters' primary goal is to escape the country in an effort to be beyond the reach of Ciel's father, the Duke of Rispergia (based on MTL). Apparently, unless you wish to cross the border illegally, you need to be at least a Class B Hunter in the Hunter's Association (analogue to Adventurer's Guild), or presumably a noble though that is never stated. As such, in order to achieve their main goal of leaving the country they decide to become a Class B Hunter. Unlike some novels where the MC immediately shoots up the ranks, this actually takes them several years despite showing that they have the raw power (due to synergies between their unique situation, professions, and Ciel's natural proficiency) to be considered Class B. As they are informed that, even given their proficiency, this will take several years, they decide on a tertiary goal of visiting the ocean as it is part of Ciel's name (Ciel = Sky in French, MTL says "Mar" (which does mean Ocean in Spanish), but I think it's supposed to be "Mer" for Ocean in French). As such, they travel from village to village completing Hunter Requests on their way to the ocean, both progressing towards Class B and the ocean.


The following are extreme spoilers up to chapter 134 (+ potentially the large volume of extra chapters between the 'second part' and presumably the 'third part'). They include very important plot points and should absolutely not be read if you don't want very significant spoilers.


There are a number of sub-arcs in this portion of the novel that I'm skipping over, because they seem to either be setups for future plot points or relatively irrelevant to the primary plot. They're not really filler, as they introduce characters and flesh things out, they're just not on the main-plot route (as of this point, at least). I really enjoyed them, I'm just not detailing them here.

Once Ain and Ciel reach the 'central country', where the Hunter's Association HQ is located, they meet Fiyanamia. Fiyanamia is apparently an elf and the ruler of the central area and the Hunter's Association, and also something like a demigod who reports directly to the Goddess of the world. Fiyanamia is made aware of Ciel and Ain's situation and adopts both of them - it's made publicly known she adopted both of them I think, though their actual situation of 2 souls in 1 body remains a secret. She does actually treat them as her daughters, and it's not just insincere. Ain also meets the Goddess, who reveals that she gave Ain a small amount of divine power (I think because a mistake happened resulting in Rispergia managing to place Ain in Ciel's body) when they were put in Ciel's body. The Goddess also gave them a blessing (at Ciel's birth) so that Ciel wouldn't be able to die until the age of 15.

The Goddess also reveals that while the divine power given to Ain was supposed to slowly dissipate, Ain somehow has been growing her divine power instead (in part, I believe, because some was absorbed when Ciel slayed an artificial god [golden wolf] created by Rispergia). The Goddess says that Ain will eventually become a god as well when they reach '100%' divine power, and that Ciel will stop aging and become very difficult to kill when Ain hits 50%. Additionally, when Ain reaches 100% divine power she'll obtain her own body, and both Ain and Ciel will becomes gods. The Goddess also gives Ain one wish, which she uses to obtain her body for the period of 1 day; she ends up looking like Ciel with Japanese features (skin tone, black hair/eyes, etc).

After Ain and Ciel spend their day together, Ain informs Ciel about what the Goddess said and (I think, I'm not certain) was contemplating committing su*cide somehow to prevent Ciel from becoming immortal, as it felt like Ain was forcing Ciel into doing so. Ain was also worried about gaining divine power too quickly and causing Ciel to permanently be ~13 years old in appearance. Ciel obviously vehemently disagreed and in fact wanted to speed up their path to becoming gods so that Ain would get her own body permanently. They're capable of increasing their divine power by becoming stronger at this point, and in particular by slaying artificial gods.

It should also be noted that as it's public knowledge that Fiyanamia adopted both, when Ain is in control of Ciel's body she changes her hair and eyes to a black coloration when outside, so people meet both Ain and Ciel independently. They also reveal to several people they come to trust about them inhabiting the same body, and so will occasionally swap body control while talking to/in the presence of those people.

Obviously becoming stronger and getting Ain her own body becomes their primary goal at this point. The current chapters are the beginning of a school arc; after Ain (in control of the body) saved a prince from a neighboring country while killing another artificial god (a golden spider this time), he sent an invitation to the hunter who saved him to come to that country's world-renowned academy (Ain/Ciel remained anonymous, and so he was unaware it was Fiyanamia's daughter/s).

There seems to be some politicking going on with the letter, as it seemed like refusing wasn't something easily done (as it was sent as a 'thank you' 'gift' from royalty, and not a command), and also something about accepting being essentially agreeing to be the noble sponsor's wife/suitor/concubine or something? I think Ciel ended up not accepting the invitation, but did end up deciding to go as Fiyanamia's daughter independently. It's also uncertain if the prince is intentionally making it difficult, or if he didn't think far enough ahead regarding the implications of the letter.

Rambling a bit, shortly after Ain + Ciel kill the spider artificial god, the boss of the dungeon they're in (an enormous white dragon) shows up by erupting through the incredibly hard floor. The dragon is a subordinate of Fiyanamia and the Goddess and manages mana to condense into dungeon monsters so it doesn't build up and corrupt everything. Ain/Ciel become friends with the dragon and give it a name, and spar with it (where they fight until they're exhausted). They don't have enough strength to injure the dragon, while the dragon was unable to pierce Ain's barrier, though it would have managed to win a war of attrition by exhausting Ain's mana. This is actually a problem with a number of the lower dungeon floors, where they can't kill the monsters but the monsters are also incapable of killing them; those monsters don't have the strength to exhaust Ain's mana in any reasonable time frame though.

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kawaii12345 rated it
March 21, 2020
Status: c143
It's a pretty good read and the machine translation is readable if you ever want to binge. BUT!!! It has some real problems.

Starting with non spoilers

  1. The MC gets OP far too quickly and to the point where the author has trouble building a story around him/her/them
  2. lots of plot elements that just get buried
  3. Far too many good things from nowhere.
  4. Far too many really s*upid things that are nonsensical (Think on the level of footloose where a town bans dancing and music then amp that up not to 11 but 30)
The... more>> really big problem is that around the middle of the second arc the author seems to have written themselves into a corner and can't do anything with it, so he starts grasping at straws.

The best way to read this is to that point in the 2nd arc where the MC has their future laid out for them and stop.. You'll know when you get there it's like a revelation from on high.


Really big problems that can't be talked about except as spoilers

  1. The Bad Guy who is torturing them as part of 10 year project is never seen from again. They have no desire to do anything about the idiot despite the fact he tortured them for a decade.
  2. Most of their for the first 80 chapters or so is spent running from a guy, who they have no evidence of him chasing them.
  3. MC is ridiculously OP. I mean Isekai Cheat magician is looking in their direction and going "WTF man."
  4. During the 2nd arc it looks like the author lost it, and realized he had no idea what to do, so what does he come up with ? He's sending the MC and their maid to swords and sorcery High School !!! Undercover. Why Undercover because they rescued royalty from a nearby kingdom and the Royal offered them a very nice reward in a condescending way. So instead of sending a polite reply back and maybe letting the kids have a play date, because that might start a war, they go Clark Kent and go to High School in said kingdom. FACEPALM
  5. For "REASONS" at the end of the 2nd arc MC1 turns down his protective barrier on MC2 why ? Because. Prediction incoming very bad thing for MC2, why ? Because author is has to come up with something.

TLDR: STOP at that point in the middle. You will know when you get there.


They get a visit from god telling them their longterm fate.

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SeventhTale rated it
July 4, 2021
Status: c161
This novel might have some bad things, but they are too little compare to how this one is pleasant to read.

Ain (reincarnated MC) and Ciel (owner of body) lived for 10 years of suffering under the noble who experiment to create a god. After 5 years of suffering through hellish torture-like experiments, Ain who at first can't do anything trained himself to create and improve his barrier and conceal it. He did this without sleeping for 5 years, even if he barely knows anything about magic, since he's a soul, he understand how to control it and through trial and error he improved so much.

Then after that 5 years, they was given a drug as a part of a meal, which can give a lot of magic power that is hard to control which usually results in death, but they manage to control it, so their magic power reserve grows. This continue for another 5 years.


The first part of the story when the Ciel was just a baby, and Ain singing for her in that prison is just so touching. That's the start of their relationship. They give mental strength to each other to survive in their hellish life.

Their goal is changing, and after escaping the mansion, they need to get out of the country to avoid the noble which is a Duke. During the first book of this story, they actually seem like they are rushing things which is actually true as they don't know when will the Duke realized that they are alive after all.

The relationship between the two is the best thing in the story. Ain who acts a guardian for Ciel but eventually became special to each other. We shouldn't forget that they are still a child during the story so there still a lot of things to expect. If there's anything I love the story aside from the relationship of the MCs, it's how their goal is changing. They have a clear goal which is nice to see, though I'm a bit uncomfortable on how they ignore things that is not part of that.

Now as for what's wrong with kawaii12345's review


1. Even at the early chapters, they realized that the Noble is literally a powerful magician. Even just looking the experiments and the barrier the covers the whole forest around the mansion, they are not monkey to not realized that they aren't strong enough to fight that. Also, they have no desire for revenge.

2. Yup, the first book is spent on running away from the noble. I dunno what's wrong with that. That guy is a Duke which is close to the royal, even if they disguised their death, they are again not idiotic to just stay in the country where there are a chance of that Duke finding them. Wth, this is so obvious. The MC is just an individual, compare to the Duke who have both power (influence) and strength.

3. The MC's is not OP at the start. Ain can only do barrier and detection, and Ciel can do anything from offensive (though she's inferior to Ain when it comes to barrier and detection). Even Ain's barrier was easily broken by an A-rank monster and attack from a higher B-rank hunter. They have a lot of magic power because of the drug and they have a better control in their circulation. But Ciel has a low stamina. It's just that the job of the two are so compatible so they are OP. Yes they are now OP, but there's a clear reason, and they just didn't become one out of nowhere, nor they are absolute OP that no one can beat them lmao. Also the S-class hunter are also OP. There is one who controls a lot of golem which is each equal to A-rank.

4. The second book is about the Central after getting out their country, and the third book is the one that is about the academy. Now, there is a misunderstanding here. Ciel and Ain didn't go undercover to the academy because of the royal that they rescued *FACEPALM*. They choose to ignore the letter that was sent to them since they don't want to have anything to do with that idiotic prince. The reason they are going to that kingdom academy is first, because Ciel is interested to Golem Magic to create Ain's body, and Fiinamiya told them that there is someone in that academy which is expert in that field. Second, is to have them give warning to a person who plan to develop an advance technology there because it's bad for the world. The reason they are going undercover is to evade that idiotic prince who invited them to the first academy, and so they are going to the second academy undercover.

5. What? Ain removed her barrier because something bad will happen? I dunno what is this guy talking about. Maybe it will be in a future chaps, but this didn't happen on the second book. I'll update this if there is really something like this. AFAIK the only propecy that was mentioned is the destruction of the kingdom in the third book, and the princess negotiate with the MC so they will not do anything when that happens as there is a hero in the Kingdom and they don't want to monitor an unknown element like the MC.


If there's one thing I question in this novel, it will be why they are not disposed by the Duke. It was told that they are sold to regain the cost of the money he used for Ciel, but I don't think selling Ciel is enough for the money he used for 10 years. He also have a chance of being exposed. Though like I said, this is just a small thing compare to the whole story.

Compare to the simple isekai, this one is really nice to read. This like "Reincarnated as a Sword" but maybe much better, since Ainsel acts as Ciel's guardian, friend, twin, and special person. Their goal is always about each other.


Like as of now, their goal is for them to become a god, so Ain can have a separate body from Ciel. Of course they didn't just have this goal out of nowhere, and considering their current status, this goal is achievable for them


The first part of the story is heart-wrenching and touching, then into adventure, into knowing the truth, etc. There is a lot to expect from this and it's really nice to see the two MC spend time with each other. I will surely recommend this to everyone.
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Blazeflare rated it
January 21, 2020
Status: c14
I dunno why this story has a bunch of 1 star ratings, but I like it so far. Maybe the prison scenes was too much for people to handle?

I enjoyed the interactions between the MCs during confinement and can't wait to read what they can do after breaking free.
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AZ09XO rated it
January 7, 2021
Status: c61
Arguably one of the best genderbender novels on site. The characters introduced have are surprisingly human, There is a clear goal that the characters have to achieve, and the MC is not completely omnipotent.

Our isekai'd MC, rather than 'possessing' the princess, is bound to the person's body. This leads to us having two main characters, instead of one main character and a unimportant side character. If I were to compare it to a novel, the character set-up is similar to 'I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated'.

All in all, it... more>> is a surprisingly enjoyable novel for its genre. <<less
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ilLUMIAnated rated it
September 7, 2021
Status: c88
Normally when I set out to write a review on any novel I would normally just rant about the good and bad points quite critically. Here, however, I'm willing to overlook the shortcomings; which, even though few and noticable, are far less significant compared to the things this novel gets right.

The characters are impeccable. Every action taken by the MC duo and the people that support them feel, for the lack of a better word, organic.

The world building, while not unique or even richly detailed out serves the purpose it... more>> was meant to.

The writing style of the author that focuses on building tension and maintaining a specific ebb and flow during combat scenes through the usage of music and dancing is, personally, a one-of-a-kind approach.

Now, I haven't read nearly enough novels to actually be dead sure about the combat style being truly unique to the novel. What I am sure of is that it is an enjoyable piece of work overall. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to give this a spin. You won't be disappointed. <<less
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True Void
True Void
March 7, 2020
Status: c21
This is really good. A bit dark at the beginning but it’s totally worth pushing through. It’s surprisingly creative and unique for an isekai/reincarnation story and not to mention how lovable the characters are.

To really demonstrate how good this is, I never review. The only reason I’m doing it now is so I can try and convince people to endure the dark beginning and get to the real story. The only story that I think reaches this level of praise from me is Apotheosis of a Demon: A Monster Evolution... more>> Story. <<less
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LunarRose rated it
August 17, 2021
Status: c87
I love this, so much fluff, so much cute, so much adore. Normally I have a few issues with Isakai's like this cause the main character tends to have an obsession with, for instance, food's from their past life. It creates a feeling in the stories of "Why make a separate fantasy world if you are just going to pull the old world of the main character into the fantasy world?" It just makes it feel pointless. However THIS one doesn't have that issue, sure the main character mentions it... more>> but she also makes no effort to bring her old world into this world. She lives in this world, she breaths it (well.... figuratively) and she experiences this world as it is. Because of this we the readers get to experience the world in more depth than with other novels.

Now about the characters, there are two main characters Ainsel and Cielmer. Ainsel is the reincarnation and she is such a cutie, though I feel she pushes herself to much to protect Cielmer. It makes my heart break with how cold she has become just to protect Cielmer that I just want to hug her and tell her it will be ok. Cielmer is a product of abuse and human experimentation, she is so innocent but also so grown due to her experiences. I am glad that she was able to endure what she did and she definitely deserves Ainsel's protection but please protect Ainsel now. It's your turn to protect her as she is nearly broken. I know you are young but you can do this, if you can't then I fear that Ainsel may crumble. <<less
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Cows rated it
December 24, 2019
Status: interlude
As I have only read to the first interlude I can only judge based on that. This is also completely spoiler free.

This story starts off with a rather different setting from where we usually found our protagonist in. It’s a very unique thing. The writing in the first arc seems to indicate that the writer is skilled enough to create foreshadows and buildup in the story so that events doesn’t come off as unexpected.

However as this is only arc 1 there isn’t much to say about how the story plans... more>> to be. This novel also suffer from having children behaving maturely but it’s a common thing when the casts are young. I don’t condemn the writer for writing it this way.

Overall this has fine development potential. The writing also seems to be reasonably well handled. If I were you I would give it a go. <<less
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1Sami rated it
November 3, 2020
Status: c11
I haven't read very far in this but I can't bring myself to read anymore either. At first it looked really goo, I was crying for a few chapters because of what was happening to the MC and how much blame she was putting on herself. Then they got their titles and it kind of got boring. They can understand each other now (? Maybe, they just could automatically in one of the chapters- no prelude to it or anything) and you'd think that would make it cuter but now... more>> almost all of the plot consists of dialogue and I don't like it as much. <<less
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Kertxtreme321 rated it
December 5, 2021
Status: c150
It's kind of like "I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated" but the two MCs are waaaay closer compared to Fran and Teacher. The start is disturbing not gonna lie but I promised you that you won't regret reading it.

If I were to describe the relationship of the 2 MCs, they are more than friends, lovers, sisters, etc.

They are like the half of each other... kinda like light and dark, where one cannot exist without the other.

Give it a try!
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Ikxi rated it
October 30, 2020
Status: c51
I love the pure and wholesome content of this.

It's also very well translated and edited. No jarring mistakes that suddenly take out the immersion.

First few chapters can be a bit rough but afterwards you have a pure and wholesome story of 2 girls exploring the world.
Cielmer is always asking innocent questions because she doesn't know a lot and those moments are very fun.
Or when both of them just have a fun talk while walking through the forest.
One of the week's highlights when a new chapter is translated haha
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Pixeldrum rated it
April 5, 2024
Status: c133
Two as one princesses... honestly, even without reading any synopsis or knowing anything about it, it definitely reeked of wish fulfillment genderbender fantasy. Something like reincarnated as sword. Especially with how there seems to have a male MC pair with a female MC, I didn't have too many hopes.

Surprisingly, it was a lot better than I expected. And it all really has to do with the relationship that has been painstakingly built up since chapter 1 between Ain and Ciel and the direction that the novel takes.

Most isekais that have... more>> genderbending are so cringe and bad that it really makes you wonder why it was included in the first place. There's such shallow jabs that the theme that you think that it would have just been better of the MC was female to start off with. The greatest example of this is "she professed herself the pupil of the wiseman." The general trend here is that the main character starts off with some shock at changing genders, and then there might be a transitionary period where they feel weird, and then bam, they're just another generic cute girl that does cute things and their male past never haunts them or anything.

Two as one princesses takes a theme of changing genders and also, bonding with Ciel. One of the prevailing themes in this novel is struggle. Ain does all she can to have Ciel have a fulfilling life and survive. She learns magic, never rests, and always takes on the role as a protector for Ciel. It's not just some random cute female girl picks up a sword and then she does cool quests while beheading bad guys. It's more like a story about Ciel closing her heart off at a young age and Ain slowly rehabilitating that trauma. Throughout the story, you will see both Ciel and Ain bond with each other through these hard moments in life and it certainly shines through in the novel as a beacon of hope.

Now, is this novel perfect? Far from it. First is the complete lack of good side characters. While Ciel and Ain are great and well developed characters with all sorts of characterization arcs, there really isn't a lot of room for other characters. The main setting of the novel is one of swords and magic, and so it basically isn't that interesting. The main appeal of the novel is evident in Ciel and Ain, but if there was more variety with the characters, and story, it would have elevated it to that much higher of a level. As it stands, the characters and dull plot points that are strung together by generic guild quests leave much to be desired.

And finally, we come to the current arc, where it's less a story of survival and one of fluffy and cute interaction. I'm just wondering where the hell this novel is going for the next 80 chapters at this point... no wonder the author is on hiatus for the novel, there's not much else to write about. Unlike something like Kumo desu ga, this novel isn't particularly able to handle bigger story elements and themes, especially when it comes to worldbuilding and Gods, so I can certainly see it being axed or being put on permanent hiatus <<less
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Berion rated it
November 7, 2022
Status: --
One of the best stories on this site.
I saw people complaining about the first 12 chapters, as it was


too shocking and against common sense and conscience.



True, the first few chapters are horrible and they are supposed to be. The development happening during these chapters, showing us how horrible her father is and more.

I mean, are Authors supposed to cut out any „inappropriate“ scene? Sorry, but that isnt how storytelling works.

If you want to know why the story is as great as it is, dont skip any chapters.

anyways, the characters.
MC 1 and MC2 are very cool, their relationship and development are extremely well written.

Besides that, we have a lot of interesting and kind characters, who actually feel like human beings. Sometimes.
The update speed is a little slow, but makes me even more excited for the next chapter.

Definitely worth my time.
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Mama Cayna
Mama Cayna rated it
October 17, 2022
Status: c270
I stopped reading this novel after the first 12 chapters for more than 1 year.

... more>>

Because the first 12 chapters are really shocking, very heart-wrenching, filled with extreme violence that is very heinous, especially since the target of violence is a small child around 5 years old. This of course made my heart go into deep shock.


I recommend readers not to read the first 12 chapters. But after a few years, I see the rating of this novel is quite good, what the heck?

Yeah, I finally know the meaning of 'poor princesses' is indeed built on the premise of the misfortune experienced by the MC during the first 12 chapters. After that, practically the life of MC and her little sister got better gradually.

Apart from the first 12 chapters which were terrible and unacceptable to conscience and common sense,

I'm quite interested in how the author describes the adventure in the fantasy world closer to the dark reality, instead of being optimistic like mainstream isekai novels. For example:


How you shouldn't help just anyone selflessly. The MC helped people who were almost killed by monsters but instead the people who were helped turned traitorous until they almost sold the MC. Truly a terrible picture but not infrequently in real life it can happen. Therefore, it would not be strange for the MC's top priority to be her little sister's safety above all else.


Broadly speaking, the MC here is rational, realistic, steadfast, very affectionate and overprotective towards her little sister and only wants to care a little about her environment as far as is needed to a minimum. In other words, MC doesn't like to meddle in other people's business.

The world development is also quite interesting. There are monsters, hunters (or adventurers?), magic, feudal society, with various discriminations that are common in caste society.

I'm also quite interested in how the author here describes how the advantages and disadvantages of beautiful girls are. Unlike what most people say, "social justice only applies to good looking people." Precisely because the MC and her younger sister are very beautiful,

they get terrible discrimination treatment such as being bullied by dirty men, being the subject of kidnapping and other ill treatment. Obviously the life of beautiful girls is not easy, even beauty itself is closer to a 'curse' or misfortune, instead of benefiting especially if you live in a dark and cruel world.


I'm particularly interested in the relationship between the MC and her younger sister. The genre so far is shoujo ai and there hasn't been any deviation leading to yuri. According to the MC, her relationship with her younger sister is not a romantic relationship even further, the MC considers romantic relationships to be fragile and easily shaken.


But the relationship between MC and her younger sister can be called an irreplaceable special relationship where the two cannot be separated from each other, love each other, care for each other, protect each other, a source of happiness. This is understandable because they share one body with 2 souls. In particular, the MC herself can be a parent, guardian, sibling, partner for her younger sister. Hence their relationship is complementary and cannot be separated.


No wonder throughout the story, the relationship between the MC and her younger sister becomes one of the plots that warms the heart and even makes the reader shed tears of emotion.

Overall, I quite enjoyed this novel. I give a rating of 4 out of 5. The rating could be higher if the author did not include the first 12 chapters that should not be read. <<less
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Hotelsoap rated it
August 2, 2022
Status: c148
Edit: I dunno why this keeps reverting back to a 1 star review but I put it as 4 stars, please ignore the rating

There are some unjustly bad reviews, I'll address them later.

... more>> Its good. A solid 8/10 I'd say. There are issues, but I feel like its relatively minor and really doesn't impact the writing much. I'm looking at the slight overuse of the one c*cky hunter boy pattern.

What you SHOULDN'T expect from this novel:

- a power fantasy

- a perfect MC, heroic and all that heroic confrontation BS.

What you SHOULD expect:

- two girls trying to find their place in the world and their lives

This is a slow burn novel, you aren't going to see the big bad duke get done in immediately. The mc's primary goal is to be with each other and enjoy life, everything else is secondary. Important, but very much secondary and maybe even tertiary. Its almost like a slice of life novel if you took away the overarching plot.

Now about the bad reviews, some of them are due to reading comprehension issues. I am looking at kawaii's review in particular and I wonder if they even read the novel or just skim. Others seem to have come into the novel with wrong expectations of it going like your average power fantasy/adventure novel.

Personally, I'm fond of MCs that aren't your cookie cutter hero or anti-hero edgelords. A very much true neutral MC with their own goals different from the grand plot motivation makes them very human. This MC is very much imperfect and goes at their own pace, not the plot's nor the reader's. It is following the plotlines, but again, slow burn. <<less
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WartimerSloth rated it
February 25, 2021
Status: c61
This is one of the best gender-swap reincarnation stories I've read. If you can imagine songs in your head while reading the climactic music + combat scenes, you will enjoy it.

Pros: The two-soul and shared-body concept is great, because it highlights how the two protagonists personalities compliment each other and softens some of the usual isekai excess. Each is a genius in some ways and has clear deficits, and the growth of Ciel is great. Fluffy lead character relationship without them acting bubbly to others. Aincel's disembodied confusion over her... more>> gender identity is handled very well. Steady progress. Tension and personal stakes, though there's power fantasy. The magic tropes aren't intrusive or gamified, beyond the Job system. Reasonable amount of foreshadowing. Less like a child-rearing novel than an older-sister and younger-sister story slow-burning towards a strange romance as they both emotionally mature. Re:Library / PunishedLyly is a good translator.

Cons: Power fantasy, though there is tension and personal stakes. Low-effort isekai worldbuilding, though it's not the focus. Loli stuff that isn't explicit but still bugs me, YMMV. Not enough chapters translated to gauge long-term plot.

My big concern: Because no side characters have any visible romance, nor has romance properly come up even once, the author hasn't proven they will make the inevitable girls-love elements have any practical connection with the world. There's some possible foreshadowing the author knows what they are doing but there's just no evidence yet. <<less
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February 24, 2021
Status: c196
Gonna write a long-ish review, but the simple version is: It's a fun read, but with some glaring flaws that avid readers will have to look past to enjoy.

Good points:

  • Nice characterization. Characters are varied in personality, interests, and goals. Rarely is a character completely one-note.
  • Interesting setting. Characters have god-given 'jobs' assigned to them at age 10, which can make or break the rest of their lives.

... more>>
  • Unconvincing plot points. Most glaringly, the setting that entertainment jobs are heavily discriminated against.
  • No sense of danger. The protagonists, Ain and Ciel, obviously aren't going to die. So there should be something else at risk for them. There isn't.
  • Aimless. Almost 200 chapters in, and there doesn't appear to be an end-goal for the protagonists. There's nothing for them to strive toward.
Now in more detail:

We run into many characters across the journey, and they range from helpful, to openly antagonistic, to indifferent towards the protagonists. Any character who gets more than a couple scenes usually has some goal in what they're doing, and how they're acting revealed to us in some way. The characters also play off each other well in their interactions most of the time, and reveal their personalities through actions and dialogue. This is the main thing that keeps me reading.

There's plenty of fun to be had in exploring the world the author created. There's plenty of potential for interesting stories to be told, and places to go. The author makes some use of this outside of the main story too.

Unfortunately, the biggest flaws all revolve around the protagonists. One of the main driving factors for our protagonists early on is that entertainment jobs, especially the highest rank singing job, are heavily discriminated against in this world. The reason given for this is simple: entertainment jobs don't contribute to killing monsters. This is utter nonsense. First off, not everyone in this world is an adventurer, or does something related to killing monsters. Heck, how would their society even function that way? So why just entertainment jobs? Second, civilizations crave entertainment. The human brain can't stand being bored. So are the people in this society prudes who are super serious and want nothing to do with laughter and fun? No, and point three; we see entertainment--SINGING, in fact--happen in a town bar, and naturally the patrons enjoy it and toss some tips over. Yet the ones who would be best at such entertainment are ostracized? The author goes a little further with the 'song princess' job by throwing in an old story where a song princess got bullied for her job, so she got mad and destroyed a town. This is why the 'song princess' job is more heavily discriminated against. But then again, it had to already be discriminated against for that story to happen. Again, nonsense. It's a completely unconvincing plot point.

Our protagonists also happen to be very strong. Their strength makes sense, too. They've got two powerful 'jobs' to make use of in one body, plus they had their magic power forcibly and tortuously increased. So we know they're not in much personal danger. But they also have nothing to worry about outside of themselves. Why? Because they only care about each other. Ain is happy as long as Ciel is happy. Ciel is happy as long as Ain is happy. They don't care about anything else; not people, nor places, nor things. They interact with people, yes, but it's pretty clear everyone they know could die, and at most Ain would be mildly saddened.

The only thing stopping our protagonists from sitting in their room and drowning in their own happiness is that Ain has ideas about what Ciel's life should include for her to be happy. This is the main thing that keeps the story moving forward. Ciel does not care in the slightest about anything outside Ain, and doesn't have any interests outside of Ain. There's this vague 'I wanna see the ocean from a bunch of different places' goal that Ciel has, but they mostly put no effort towards that. Moreover, it's a goal that the reader has no interest in them achieving.

And perhaps the most upsetting thing about this novel is the character of Ciel. She is one of the two protagonists, yet she's about as interesting as a paper plate. Her personality is she's quiet; not out of shyness, but because she's not interested in talking to anyone but Ain. Her interests are teasing Ain, talking with Ain, and dancing to Ain's songs. Her motivations are she wants to get Ain's compliments, and spend time with Ain. Favorite person? Ain. Favorite food? Anything made by Ain. Favorite song? Whatever Ain sings. I hope I've made the problem clear. The writer can make interesting characters, as evidenced by other characters in the story, and yet chose to make Ciel as bland as printer paper.

If you're able to look past these flaws though, it can be an entertaining read. I still keep up with it, and I'm holding out hope that the author is trying to correct course on some of the problems I've mentioned. If you're a fan of fantasy adventure stories, then this will probably be a nice little bit of light reading. Just don't expect a particularly amazing novel. <<less
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whitenight2013 rated it
April 15, 2022
Status: c98
It is a fun read, and I really like the characters. Our MCs Ain and Ciel share a body, and their relationship is the central focus of the novel. They try to put a name to their relationship, but they find that they can't because neither of them can find a word to describe just how much they love each other in the way that they do, and as a reader, I agree with them. If either of them were to say they were just sisters, I would not believe... more>> them.

A really fun thing this story does is introduce several isekai cliches, like a thug picking a fight with them as they register to be an adventurer, and our MCs respond to this in a realistic way. They don't stealthily deal with the guy and forgive them like a bleeding heart MC nor do they brutalized the guy like an edgy MC. They deal with him, ask for compensation, and let the guild deal with it. When someone tries to kill them to save their family, the MCs don't hold it against the person, but they don't risk their lives to save the family of the person who just tried to kill them either. As someone who had read a lot of isekai stories, it was refreshing and entertaining to see these characters not react strongly one way or another to this stuff. Granted, if I had not read a bunch of isekai, I'm not sure how well their callousness would have sat with me. <<less
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TotallyNotT3mmie rated it
February 22, 2021
Status: c68
Very very good. The translation is one of the better I've read on the site and the dynamics between the two girls is so adorable.
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