Two as One Princesses


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When I thought that I had died, I realized that I was reincarnated in another world inside a girl.

However, the girl has her own consciousness. In other words, I seem to be possessing the girl.

That’s still fine. But why was the girl chained inside a prison cell? And specifically saying, she’s even too young to call a little girl.

After spending 10 years to escape, we live our life freely for our own good.

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Futari de Hitori no Fuguu Hime-tachi ha Jiyuu ni Ikitai~ Isekai Tensei o Shitara, Bishoujo no Nake de, Utahime o Suru Kotoninarimashita~
Two as One Disappointing Princesses Wants to Live Free ~ When I was Reincarnated in Another World, I Decided to be a Songstress in a Beautiful Girl~
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Anonymousbb rated it
November 9, 2019
Status: c134
Edit: Edited to account for the official translator's names. Raws can be found at ncode. syosetu. com, with '/n2459ey' after the. com.

I've been enjoying this novel so far. The main character (Ainsel) has a fairly typical Japanese protagonist mentality (edit as of further reading: Ain does experience growth as a person), but the... second protagonist (Cielmer), I suppose tends to be fairly interesting, and would almost certainly qualify as a genius considering her rate of intellectual development. Granted most of this is via machine translation, the author seems to have... more>> managed to set up a decently interesting world and characters; quite a few of the antagonist characters can be easily empathized with as their goals are completely understandable, but their actions in the pursuit of said goals are, if not despicable, distasteful. The main characters' goal is fairly vague, but still a concrete goal (albeit with more concrete sub-goals).

Time skips are occasionally used, so the main characters' age continues to progress at a decent pace (with her being 12 as of chapter 53, but wholly independent). Additional perspectives besides the MC's (Ain's) are occasionally given, but they aren't constant. This includes perspectives from Ciel's POV - she's had a handful of them, but they're interesting in that they include enough of her personality to shine a bit more light on her actions during parts in the MC's perspective.

The following are spoilers, mostly about the characters' general goals, up to chapter 53.

The main characters' primary goal is to escape the country in an effort to be beyond the reach of Ciel's father, the Duke of Rispergia (based on MTL). Apparently, unless you wish to cross the border illegally, you need to be at least a Class B Hunter in the Hunter's Association (analogue to Adventurer's Guild), or presumably a noble though that is never stated. As such, in order to achieve their main goal of leaving the country they decide to become a Class B Hunter. Unlike some novels where the MC immediately shoots up the ranks, this actually takes them several years despite showing that they have the raw power (due to synergies between their unique situation, professions, and Ciel's natural proficiency) to be considered Class B. As they are informed that, even given their proficiency, this will take several years, they decide on a tertiary goal of visiting the ocean as it is part of Ciel's name (Ciel = Sky in French, MTL says "Mar" (which does mean Ocean in Spanish), but I think it's supposed to be "Mer" for Ocean in French). As such, they travel from village to village completing Hunter Requests on their way to the ocean, both progressing towards Class B and the ocean.


The following are extreme spoilers up to chapter 134 (+ potentially the large volume of extra chapters between the 'second part' and presumably the 'third part'). They include very important plot points and should absolutely not be read if you don't want very significant spoilers.


There are a number of sub-arcs in this portion of the novel that I'm skipping over, because they seem to either be setups for future plot points or relatively irrelevant to the primary plot. They're not really filler, as they introduce characters and flesh things out, they're just not on the main-plot route (as of this point, at least). I really enjoyed them, I'm just not detailing them here.

Once Ain and Ciel reach the 'central country', where the Hunter's Association HQ is located, they meet Fiyanamia. Fiyanamia is apparently an elf and the ruler of the central area and the Hunter's Association, and also something like a demigod who reports directly to the Goddess of the world. Fiyanamia is made aware of Ciel and Ain's situation and adopts both of them - it's made publicly known she adopted both of them I think, though their actual situation of 2 souls in 1 body remains a secret. She does actually treat them as her daughters, and it's not just insincere. Ain also meets the Goddess, who reveals that she gave Ain a small amount of divine power (I think because a mistake happened resulting in Rispergia managing to place Ain in Ciel's body) when they were put in Ciel's body. The Goddess also gave them a blessing (at Ciel's birth) so that Ciel wouldn't be able to die until the age of 15.

The Goddess also reveals that while the divine power given to Ain was supposed to slowly dissipate, Ain somehow has been growing her divine power instead (in part, I believe, because some was absorbed when Ciel slayed an artificial god [golden wolf] created by Rispergia). The Goddess says that Ain will eventually become a god as well when they reach '100%' divine power, and that Ciel will stop aging and become very difficult to kill when Ain hits 50%. Additionally, when Ain reaches 100% divine power she'll obtain her own body, and both Ain and Ciel will becomes gods. The Goddess also gives Ain one wish, which she uses to obtain her body for the period of 1 day; she ends up looking like Ciel with Japanese features (skin tone, black hair/eyes, etc).

After Ain and Ciel spend their day together, Ain informs Ciel about what the Goddess said and (I think, I'm not certain) was contemplating committing suicide somehow to prevent Ciel from becoming immortal, as it felt like Ain was forcing Ciel into doing so. Ain was also worried about gaining divine power too quickly and causing Ciel to permanently be ~13 years old in appearance. Ciel obviously vehemently disagreed and in fact wanted to speed up their path to becoming gods so that Ain would get her own body permanently. They're capable of increasing their divine power by becoming stronger at this point, and in particular by slaying artificial gods.

It should also be noted that as it's public knowledge that Fiyanamia adopted both, when Ain is in control of Ciel's body she changes her hair and eyes to a black coloration when outside, so people meet both Ain and Ciel independently. They also reveal to several people they come to trust about them inhabiting the same body, and so will occasionally swap body control while talking to/in the presence of those people.

Obviously becoming stronger and getting Ain her own body becomes their primary goal at this point. The current chapters are the beginning of a school arc; after Ain (in control of the body) saved a prince from a neighboring country while killing another artificial god (a golden spider this time), he sent an invitation to the hunter who saved him to come to that country's world-renowned academy (Ain/Ciel remained anonymous, and so he was unaware it was Fiyanamia's daughter/s).

There seems to be some politicking going on with the letter, as it seemed like refusing wasn't something easily done (as it was sent as a 'thank you' 'gift' from royalty, and not a command), and also something about accepting being essentially agreeing to be the noble sponsor's wife/suitor/concubine or something? I think Ciel ended up not accepting the invitation, but did end up deciding to go as Fiyanamia's daughter independently. It's also uncertain if the prince is intentionally making it difficult, or if he didn't think far enough ahead regarding the implications of the letter.

Rambling a bit, shortly after Ain + Ciel kill the spider artificial god, the boss of the dungeon they're in (an enormous white dragon) shows up by erupting through the incredibly hard floor. The dragon is a subordinate of Fiyanamia and the Goddess and manages mana to condense into dungeon monsters so it doesn't build up and corrupt everything. Ain/Ciel become friends with the dragon and give it a name, and spar with it (where they fight until they're exhausted). They don't have enough strength to injure the dragon, while the dragon was unable to pierce Ain's barrier, though it would have managed to win a war of attrition by exhausting Ain's mana. This is actually a problem with a number of the lower dungeon floors, where they can't kill the monsters but the monsters are also incapable of killing them; those monsters don't have the strength to exhaust Ain's mana in any reasonable time frame though.

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kawaii12345 rated it
March 21, 2020
Status: c143
It's a pretty good read and the machine translation is readable if you ever want to binge. BUT!!! It has some real problems.

Starting with non spoilers

  1. The MC gets OP far too quickly and to the point where the author has trouble building a story around him/her/them
  2. lots of plot elements that just get buried
  3. Far too many good things from nowhere.
  4. Far too many really s*upid things that are nonsensical (Think on the level of footloose where a town bans dancing and music then amp that up not to 11 but 30)
The... more>> really big problem is that around the middle of the second arc the author seems to have written themselves into a corner and can't do anything with it, so he starts grasping at straws.

The best way to read this is to that point in the 2nd arc where the MC has their future laid out for them and stop.. You'll know when you get there it's like a revelation from on high.


Really big problems that can't be talked about except as spoilers

  1. The Bad Guy who is torturing them as part of 10 year project is never seen from again. They have no desire to do anything about the idiot despite the fact he tortured them for a decade.
  2. Most of their for the first 80 chapters or so is spent running from a guy, who they have no evidence of him chasing them.
  3. MC is ridiculously OP. I mean Isekai Cheat magician is looking in their direction and going "WTF man."
  4. During the 2nd arc it looks like the author lost it, and realized he had no idea what to do, so what does he come up with ? He's sending the MC and their maid to swords and sorcery High School !!! Undercover. Why Undercover because they rescued royalty from a nearby kingdom and the Royal offered them a very nice reward in a condescending way. So instead of sending a polite reply back and maybe letting the kids have a play date, because that might start a war, they go Clark Kent and go to High School in said kingdom. FACEPALM
  5. For "REASONS" at the end of the 2nd arc MC1 turns down his protective barrier on MC2 why ? Because. Prediction incoming very bad thing for MC2, why ? Because author is has to come up with something.

TLDR: STOP at that point in the middle. You will know when you get there.


They get a visit from god telling them their longterm fate.

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Blazeflare rated it
January 21, 2020
Status: c14
I dunno why this story has a bunch of 1 star ratings, but I like it so far. Maybe the prison scenes was too much for people to handle?

I enjoyed the interactions between the MCs during confinement and can't wait to read what they can do after breaking free.
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True Void
True Void
March 7, 2020
Status: c21
This is really good. A bit dark at the beginning but it’s totally worth pushing through. It’s surprisingly creative and unique for an isekai/reincarnation story and not to mention how lovable the characters are.

To really demonstrate how good this is, I never review. The only reason I’m doing it now is so I can try and convince people to endure the dark beginning and get to the real story. The only story that I think reaches this level of praise from me is Apotheosis of a Demon: A Monster Evolution... more>> Story. <<less
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Cows rated it
December 24, 2019
Status: interlude
As I have only read to the first interlude I can only judge based on that. This is also completely spoiler free.

This story starts off with a rather different setting from where we usually found our protagonist in. It’s a very unique thing. The writing in the first arc seems to indicate that the writer is skilled enough to create foreshadows and buildup in the story so that events doesn’t come off as unexpected.

However as this is only arc 1 there isn’t much to say about how the story plans... more>> to be. This novel also suffer from having children behaving maturely but it’s a common thing when the casts are young. I don’t condemn the writer for writing it this way.

Overall this has fine development potential. The writing also seems to be reasonably well handled. If I were you I would give it a go. <<less
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EcoJakk rated it
March 1, 2020
Status: c21
It's really good. A bit dark at the early chapter but nothing to drastic.

Alternate world life but the MC shares a body with the orginal soul. Magic exists but the MC is locked into barrier and detection magic. MC can also buff by singing.
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