Twin Sword


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In the Year 2XXX, the Earth has become extensively used and abused by humans. The population is out of control, the pollution is at an all time high, and the average life span is 30 years. So when a new planet is found, Tang Hua and his friends begin a journey through a VRMMO game to keep themselves alive.

The game is called: Twin Sword.

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Latest Release

Date Group Release
09/18/19 Foxaholic c21
09/16/19 Foxaholic c20
09/12/19 Foxaholic c19
06/01/19 China LN c18
06/01/19 China LN c17
05/29/19 China LN c16
05/29/19 China LN c15
05/08/19 China LN c14
05/08/19 China LN c13
05/08/19 China LN c12
05/08/19 China LN c11
05/08/19 China LN c10
05/07/19 China LN c9
05/07/19 China LN c8
05/07/19 China LN c7
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