Turning Into My Buddy’s Lover After My Rebirth


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The playboy Jiang Ming died in a car accident.
And accidentally, he was reborn in the body of a woman called Bai Ran, Shao Sijie’s lover.
“OMG! Why do I find myself sleeping by my best buddy!”
In order to conceal his reborn identity, Jiang Ming acted hard as a woman, trying to fit in Shao Sijie’s life.
However, he had no idea about Bai Ran’s miserable histories and her revenge.
He also knew nothing about his buddy’s deepest hidden affections for so many years…

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Gumamela rated it
June 23, 2021
Status: Completed
It is an intriguing story. It becomes complicated because of the soul transfer of many characters. Then it becomes more complicated because the characters have difficult dog blooded story in their families.

Rated 3 stars because it is too frustrating to read. I feel like some parts of the story would have been easily resolved if the characters have more IQ. 😅 In addition, there are a lot of loop holes maybe because it is too complex or just because I MTLed it.

Anyway, I will wait for full translation and read... more>> again. I will be willing to change the rating as long as my questions are answered. 🤣 <<less
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