Tsumi Kake Tensei Ryoushu no Kaikaku


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A man, dead at 29——He dropped out of life too early, but when he came to, he found he’d been reincarnated as the son of a major territory-holding noble, Sora Kleinselt.

——The land the protagonist’s parents ruled over was inundated with embezzlement, bribery, heavy taxation, the lord’s army capturing and enslaving the people, etc…

The scene filling his vision was one of the Swine Lord (his father) on the verge of ruining his “checkmated domain”!

Sora Kleinselt has to turn this kind of situation around?!

Indeed, this is the challenge that the 2-year old must face, a fantasy territory reformation story!

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Reformation of the Checkmated Reincarnated Feudal Lord (Formerly: Record of the Hardship of the Checkmated Reincarnated Feudal Lord)
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01/04/19 Asian Hobbyist c4
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11/15/18 Asian Hobbyist c2
11/15/18 Asian Hobbyist c1
05/04/16 Yasashi Honyaku c1
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Cryarc rated it
November 15, 2016
Status: --
.......... LOL outrageous 2 years old boy reforming a territory. Even though he's reincarnated from modern era, he doesn't have memory related cheats yet he seemingly have google for brain. He's one after another introducing random technologies and knowledge from modern era as the author see fit, regardless the fact that a modern layman won't be needing that knowledge in the first place. I mean, if you're not living as a botanist can you remember spesific plant characteristics which rarely touched upon on real life? Or do you know how... more>> to create biomass briqquetes as an office worker? The MC is having in-depth knowledge about agriculture, fishing industry, wood processing, drawing, machinery, art, martial art, etc. All over the place.

Some of Japanese readers also rising this concern, but the author's reply seems like he failed to understand the point that he's not using "GOOGLE" but doing "research by reading books from LIBRARY". It's the same thing for f**k sake, the author himself even needs to visit library! Look at it from the character's POV! He doesn't have the luxury of modern library to know and remember about these modern knowledges! At least give him a cheat of [absolute memory] or something to back him out of the incomprehensible "remembering about every random trivias he needs to know at the moment which miraculously is the solution for the problem at hands."

I can accept it if the MC is an expert at something in the past life so if he used that knowledge it's normal. For example if a former blacksmith remembering smithing techniques. Or a former accountant remembering double entry accounting and using her economic knowledge to reform her territory is also acceptable. They're expert at their field expertise and using it as advantages but they're not "know it all", they don't randomly remember out of left field trivias.

And also, 2 years old boy acting like an adult but nobody cares like it's a common thing. WTF. And the villains are made to be villain just to fill the role of villain. I always pitying this kind of villain because they're just fodder, created by the author and being forced to act villainous without any reason aside from being the stepping stone for the MC later. <<less
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lygarx rated it
May 4, 2016
Status: --
Another Isekai reincarnation into the child of a nobleman and solving domestic issues like the economy and government. Good. I love these. That and any isekai travel and solving domestic issues of a country or territory.
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