Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu


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High school student Misumi Makoto is called into a fantasy world by the god Tsukuyomi, in order to be a hero. However, the Goddess ruling the world isn’t as thrilled to have him there, and kicks him to the edge of the world. Tsukuyomi declares that Makoto is free to find his own way after Makoto is abandoned by the other Goddess.

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Moon-led Journey Across Another World
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That1guy rated it
July 23, 2016
Status: c141
Read up to latest and disappointed, if you were pulled in by Makoto being a badass in the beggining of the story, He died after his first major battle. He pussied out and chose the path of being in politics along with being a hypocrite when he sees his own weakness in another but doesn't notice his very own along with how he is trying to get along with both races when the other side is more of a backstabbing bunch of asses it's better to see idiotic and annoying... more>> sh*ts then get backstabbed when you placed your trust in them.

In conclusion if you like character development and I mean really long boring DEVELOPEMENT then this is for you because MC isn't really important anymore at this point sure he'll talk game and sound badass but you will get disappointed as it's just all talk <<less
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ReaverXIII rated it
July 4, 2018
Status: c297
Man I really gotta stop reading comments here, no matter where I go theres a ton of people hating on everything. This novel is normal at best, and honestly that's what makes me like it so much, it reminds me of alot of normal American novels that are the same way. Yet there are so many that dislike its normality and bash the hell out of it because of which, it's fine to hate something, but it's a d*ck move to slander it because of which, maybe people should stop... more>> lying about stuff and tell the truth.

For example not this novel but Tanaka the wizard gets alot of slander that I almost didnt read it only to actually read it from a friend's suggestion and find out the comments were lies, literal lies, like people were lying through their f**king teeth to stop people from reading it

Anyway I'm off topic it's not really a review here and just my thoughts and honest advice, dont listen to the ratings and comments on this site, read what you want without biased thought, obstructing and/or forcing you to read it. In my opinion here, I love this series and have enjoyed reading it since the translation started many years ago. Its might not be the best but who in the hell is coming here for triple A novel titles in the first place (go read Harry Potter or something if u want that sh*t). Never trust anything without a couple flaws I always say and this novel is worth my trust in my eyes. <<less
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hlubkoj2020 rated it
July 12, 2016
Status: c137
To make it quick, I drop this novel yesterday. Since most people here already wrote what I am thinking/feeling and the reason as to why I drop this novel, I will make it a quick one. It started out very good, I mean VERY good and seem to have GREAT potential, but then along the way, it go down hill.

I am one of those that like MC that are OP and are willing to dirty their hands and not letting other orders him around. Well, this is not what I... more>> was looking forward to...I give it some chance at around chapters 100 to see if it get better but, it's now 37 chapters later, MC is still a pu**y with his OP godly power AND still let other boss/insult him around.

P.S Mio is awsome and best girl... kill those that block your path. <<less
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gman12567 rated it
February 15, 2018
Status: c295
Writing: 7.5

Entertainment: 8

Story: 6

... more>> I have overall liked this story but it does come with lots of flaws

The Relationships and Character Development: In the beginning the MC gets two unique harem members that stay with the MC pretty much throughout the entire story but throughout the story the character never really or at least hasn't yet developed any actual meaningful relationships. He keeps the two girls he starts off with at arms length using the excuse of they're like family throughout the entire thing and only kinda develops a relationship with his litch friend but even that doesn't have any real developments. He never has a real friend or real relationship throughout the entire thing.

Minus the people he made a pact with not only does he he keep everyone from getting close to him plenty of good characters show up, get focused on for a arc, and spend a decent amount of time with the MC then always just get left behind where only a few lucky characters get the chance of even being a side character again. It was fine at first because it showed how the character didn't feel like he belonged in this world but even on chapter 295 he still hasn't made a meaningful relationship it's to the point where it's plain stupid and it highlights a big fault in the story that nothing really develops much the only real character development is the other hero's I'd say.

They try to act like his personality develops which it does a bit but its just a bit. Overall the MC is weak willed and develops at a almost not moving pace to the point that its frustrating

Like how he got cornered by the merchant at the academy town because he didn't know about the business world.... he was literally selling rare goods or even unattainable goods at a price that no one can even get close to while still having profit margins. Anybody would realize that you don't have to know really anything about business to have a successful shop if you can do that but the frustratingly weak willed MC cowered in front of the merchant because he cant handle someone raising there voice at him and ended up giving in to him


Throughout the entire story he holds onto his "Japanese Morals." While the other hero's are depicted as the stereotypical hero's in other novels they end up being taken to the extreme. While they lose their Japanese morals they develop into to extreme versions of hero's from light novels the guy becomes power obsessed and has his own slave harem and makes everyone his salves while the girl the girl is a hypocritical justice maniac. The male hero is plainly made out to be a bad guy but they paint the girl out to be a fair and just person and they use her to try and make the readers question whether the MC is actually a bad guy

She lectures on about how the MC is actually prejudiced against humans and they paint out the MC to the readers to make him look like the way he goes about things do not consider the repercussions. While also making it look like he's a bad person for being neutral because she makes it seem like he hates humans for no reason. The MC himself starts to believe her which further pushes the MC being weak willed. Its annoying how she is painted out by the author like she has already thought everything out and she is on the right side compared to the MC when she lectures the MC even though she just lectured the MC about hating humans and liking demons when she went around and killed demons like she was told when she first got to the world and then got mad when one of her friends died as a repercussion causing her to label the demon race as evil along with her never actually speaking with the demons but the despite all that the author still makes the MC out to be a bad guy that is unfair compared to her even thought the MC has spoke with both sides and was betrayed by humans and still remained neutral.


As I said before the MC has been developing at a really slow pace they have been hinting for like the last 150 chapters that the MC's personality is starting to break but only just recently at around 260 have they actually only started showing anything changing from that but even that is barley anything more than a hint that it will happen eventually.

The only that really truly progresses with the MC is his strength while I like seeing him grow even that feels like it is inconsistent. He has no combat technique except for using a bow and overwhelming them with his magic that seems to vary in usefulness and strength each battle.

Towards the middle of the story the character shows strength and powers that can only be thought of as godly like shooting a arrow in some random direction but having it hit wherever he imagines it hits, permanently doubling his total mana with him just concentrating, breaking his conscious apart and spreading it, making what you imagine into reality, having a nearly unlimited amount of mana, and the literally ability of gods which is creation.

At the current point in the story his amount of power is made out to be nearly unbeatable even to gods but despite that everyone seems to give him a run for his money.

Just recently at around chapter 295 the MC started having thoughts of maybe having a romantic relationship with Tio and Mio but there's no reason you should have to read 295 chapters just to have hints of relationship development

Throughout the reading I probably skipped 20-30 chapters because the pace was so slow but you don't end up missing anything because of the slow pace

But despite me seemingly bashing it I still liked Like I said the two girls Tio and Mio are unique and its still fun reading about the character getting stronger I also think the stuff was the development of his world is interesting I feel like the author is also good at setting up cool stuff it just that he sets them up and takes forever to make anything worthwhile come from them.

Overall I think its a good read as long as your not bothered too much by the inconsistent strength, the MC being weak willed for a good portion of the story, and the impossibly slow relationship development <<less
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sapassde rated it
October 14, 2017
Status: c286
This author is in a league of his own novel, he suddently regretted making an op MC and threw every bit of consistency of the mc's power in relation to the world he is.

He also managed to make one of worst charcters I have ever seen, reading this novel full of nonsense is a complete waste of time, specially since the author doesn't seen to know what to do anymore so just go read a better novel and don't waste time in this one.
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Deffjeff87 rated it
June 1, 2017
Status: v6
This start so out with a really good read. The chapters are very concies I get the information I need to move the plot along. The main issues I have come up after vol. 3.

The first and biggest problem is the characters that spend half a chapter thinking about what is being said and then not actually talking.

The second is Asora I feel this is just a way for the author to get a break and write something that doesn't really tie into the story. The reason I say this... more>> is cause you rarely ever hear about the races town building etc outside of one or two chapters. Asora should have a bigger role in the story since its a whole new world.

Third is just a preference but man is the MC such a beta 90% of the time. He's a teenager so you would think he has hormones so you would think he would get angry or horny but nope he never gets horny (even though he has two super fine ladies around him) and he only gets angry if you insult his family that's it.

Fourth is the "real" heroes their just there for conflict in what the MC wants but what bugs me is the female hero. Why don't the MC and hero just talk it out and move on. The male hero just isolate him now cause you know he's causing problems for the future, once again what would I do.

Fifth if you make it to the second major battle it's baffling how it took what seemed like 10+ chapters when the MC can fight a God. This is like the demon battle on death March. This op character is having trouble fighting someone that isn't op. It's like a parent having trouble spanking their 5 year old cause the kid is giving left hooks. I understand you don't want to kill but come on man.

Pretty much I love the first few vols but as it goes on I start to wonder why doesn't he do this or that since he's as strong as a God. If he wanted to he could end the war and transport ppl to a new world that want to but nope he's just going with the flow smh. With all the unnessary text I ended up skipping over 300 pages each vol after vol three.

So I wouldn't recommend this to read after the 3rd vol

Ps I would wax mio's and tomeo's ass all day as a teenager <<less
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lordofthebooty rated it
May 20, 2017
Status: c246
Do you like generic OP M/C novels? Do you like harems where the M/C does nothing? Do you like M/Cs making foolish mistakes without thinking? If so, this is the novel for you.

The novel seemed really interesting at first, I was into it, but it quickly drops down. The only character development you'll get is our M/C transforming from a wussy, bootlicker into a killing machine without care for others, since life isn't important to him anymore. The side characters are decent, so there's that.

That's how our M/C is. Some... more>> people like it, some don't. This novel might be for you, it might not. <<less
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Saepul rated it
August 16, 2018
Status: c297
Here's some points that I can tell about the novel. I'm scatterbrained so I'll leave this points unsorted for now.

This is one of the novel where the plot is not really the main focus.

Yeah, there's surely a grand plot, but the author mainly focus on how the MC is living his life and reacting to everything that revolves around him, kicking ass in some occasion, and getting his ass kicked in some cases.

I'm glad I found this novel as this is the kind of story I currently prefer, because... more>> "constantly kicking ass" gets boring really fast.

As a side note, arguably, the MC feels that the grand plot is not something he's obliged to do. I interpreted it from this kind of thought by the MC (I forgot the exact phrasing) :

MC: [I would kick that Goddess's ass some day]
AFAIK it was when the Goddess "abducted" the MC when he's traveling from Tsige to another city. The Goddess demanded him to help the humans in Kingdom's Capital. She also gave compensations to the MC.


Many people may call it a sense-less or goal-less story.

I personally think the author want to tell the readers something like this, "This is the life story of a very adaptive guy with a nice personality who happens to have a great amount of potential. He got an innovative mind too."

The key here is "life story". What's the goal in a life story? Sometimes it's clearly defined for some people, but sometimes there's no definite answer for this question.

So, I basically agree that this story might be goal-less as it does not clearly define what would happen after the MC successfully has done the "grand plot". As for the sense-less part, it's a fantasy setting so being sense-less is an inherent part of it, I guess.

The story is quite well paced, as in not rushed but not as slow as snail-pace.

I very much liked the idea of reading this novel in a carefree manner. As I said, it's a life story and in most parts it does not feel like an action novel.

Most people might say the MC is a wimpy chicken when around women who basically throw themselves at him.

Well, what would you say about an average socially awkward teenager with a non-promiscuous personality who suddenly got thrown into another world where he's suddenly presumably the strongest human in that world? I'd feel overwhelmed if am the MC.

Logically, there would obviously 2 extremes, one who would make a harem and one who would not even actively pursue romantic relationships for whatever reason they might have based on their encounters in the story. Which is fine by me.

In this novel, both kind of extremes are represented and it is both explicitly and implicitly explained why the characters choose one of extremities.

In conclusion:

This is not your typical action novel where the MC would always kickass. He'd not actively gather beauties and bend them to his will. He's very carefree and naive (as expected of a socially awkward teenager), so much that most of the works are done by the subordinates. He'd do less physical action, but once he do he'd often do it in an over the top manner. <<less
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123jbster rated it
March 23, 2018
Status: extra 13
So many people are complaining about how bad this series is, or how lame the MC is. It's hogwash.

The MC is an average high schooler who was thrust into a situation with no preparedness in a world he is still coming to understand. He had to create his own starting point while experiencing mistakes and setbacks as he progresses forward. He's not a god given human form, he's not a super hero, and nor is he a villain in disguise. He is a high schooler.

Another thing to note : there... more>> is a harem tag, yes. But, there is no romance tag. Stop calling the MC a d*ckless person or beta for your own desires for something that is specifically stated. Yes he is a bit subservient, but what do you expect from a high schooler? He's not a fully responsible adult yet. Nor is he following everyone blindly. He is behaving like he should be as someone of his age. Even later when he begins to change, for better or worse, it is within reason of his circumstances.

There is a plot. All series have a plot. That's what makes them books/novels. Don't be ignorant and say there is no plot, that's just stupid. This story is about Misumi Makoto, later known as Raidou, and his life as he learns, makes mistakes, meets new people who are friends and even enemies, gets revenge even if it is petty, and learn about himself and what he wants to be. The plot is not amazing, it's the journey and the path he takes that is.

Some people said there is no character development. Way to jump on the bandwagon without even reading or understanding literature. There is so much character development that I don't know how you could miss it. Not just the MC, but all of the characters have been developing in some way or another.

We have the MC struggling with new knowledge and power that he does not fully understand. He has gone from a normal high schooler to a merchant, to a teacher and he is still figuring out how to do it all. He had no former knowledge of these things. But he is learning. Then there is Tomoe, she is a whimsical character in some regards but she obtained a new foundation. She has been more subtle in her changes due to our lack of knowledge of her old personality, but even fools should realize she is not who she used to be. Next is Shiki, the research crazed lich. He has had significant character development. He still enjoys research but he has gone from being uncaring in all other regards to probably the most human of the characters. Then Mio, the ever hungry black calamity spider, also the borderline yandere of the group. She has gone from being ever hungry to loving as a hunger to now understanding love as something other than hunger. That's huge development in a character. I won't even get started on some of the other major characters.

If you read this spoiler you should easily understand how stupid some of these low-reviews are. No character development? It's the exact opposite. There is a ton of character development.

This has 14 Light Novel volumes, or 295 web novel chapters (we are reading the web novel.) while many other successful series have around 12-28 volumes. If this series was not good, enjoyable, or well written then you would not see these numbers.

Don't believe what others say blindly, take it with a grain of salt. As you can see I rated this 4/5 stars. That means some things could have been done better. But it's still really well written and enjoyable for me. This is the important part : I think it is an enjoyable and fun read, thus I think most other readers will enjoy it too.


P.S. The slave harem + slave tag is not for the MC and his followers but someone else. He is in a ruler-servant contract with his major companions when it originally was suppose to be something along the lines of equals.

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Slightsly rated it
December 29, 2016
Status: c185
So much random hate, but basically if you like death march you will probably like this. If not, probably not be your cup of tea.

The characterization is great, the story is interesting but if you are looking for an action flick story you wont find it here. It is much closer to a slice of life in a fantasy world with a "human" op protagonist (eg not a psychopath, not perfect and actually relateable).
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denius rated it
October 20, 2016
Status: c166
well... compared with the other, this novel has its own unique things. Its about naive teenager who always struggling to survive againt life reality and stand for his own idealism. Trust me, its really good.

1) Reigokai's skill as the main translator is too superb... in his usual pattern, he will translate new chapter in 2-4 days. But recently his hiatus for 2 month is make a great deal for the reader, well it can't be blamed, he has his own life too.
2) Story review:
MC is an innocent and... more>> naive teenager, go to another world which is his parent's origin. Just because god's contract he called but then abandoned because of his appearance. Yeah, he is OP but most of it because of his own effort for learning and training by autodidact. His standard about world's strenght is too high, so he always making full effort and honest behaviour toward others. But recently he realize it, the fact that world's strenght isn't like what he expected, it's make him a little dissappointed. Naive but his character development as teenager is growing alot in each arc, WORTHY ENOUGH TO BE WAITED.
He is trying to make his own idealism, family, and country without restricted by other party. His first step is become a merchant and adventurer then learning about life's reality and wold's darkside. At the surface, while developing a business he is trying to be a teacher. But in the dark side, he is dealing with life's reality such as betrayal, killing or be killed, how to trust people, politic, etc. For the time being, his target is making a country for his follower and his own place.
3) The part that make it worthy enough to be waited for every chapter:
- Each character has their own mental development and making good progress for each arc.
- Light romance and harem (?). Though I hope for the romance, but the MC is a naive teenager as always. Many female characters around him is a fact, but no one can awaken his maiden heart. Well, not everyone has feeling for him, but he won't take it serious too, damn it. He just concerned about his family and friends after all. But, he is aware about this situation and admit his lust as a healthy teenager. This kind of development is the one which give us hope and make us always wondering about his development in romance and maturity.
4) MC business and country's development. He has his own private territory and the residents are various. Business isn't always good, sometimes bad thing just happen like real life.
5) MC followers and disciples's strenght development.
6) MC effort to maintaining relationship with other merchants, countries, and other party while struggling in neutrality side. His politic development is really good and realistic. <<less
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henshaw33 rated it
January 14, 2019
Status: c200
After an extensive amount of time writing and rewriting this review I've come to the conclusion that I can't write it without intense rage forming from remembering this novel. 2/5 is incredibly generous considering how poorly written the story, world system, characters, and progression are, but I wanted to be fair because I did enjoy the earliest parts of the story enough to struggle through a large section of otherwise unreadable story.
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DeathFrown rated it
April 22, 2018
Status: c295
This is a PSA

1. The series hasn't gotten axed and is just temporarily on hiatus as the author thinks, I think.

2. When reviewing something, please keep in mind that you are formally assessing and/or examining it and is a critical view of this series. Do not simply jot down your feelings on it and then what-about-ism it and defend yourself in the same line. It's frankly appalling.

3. The story is indeed a bit slow but steadily builds up and you can often times really feel the weight of being present... more>> in a medieval era where everything takes longer than you'd think and there are voices of dissent and approval that hurt this process even further. It's a faithful recreation of how a world of that magnitude and complexity would work if it real and this can come of as a slow drawl to many readers who are interested in 1-off hero rampages.

4. To all those who come to look at reviews, keep in mind that there are a lot of people who, for some reason, come looking at a series with a preconceived notion of what they want from it and are just extremely unpleasant to both the series and others once they do not get it. So, it's best to ignore these people, not to say that aren't flaws with the light novel and there are reviews out there that do highlight this in a proper critical fashion. But do take care to avoid those *bad* reviews that just spout their expectation and why the series doesn't meet it.

5. Reviews who are appalled by the same thing, do not write a review defending this series from them in a fashion that basically starts an argument against what some guy felt. Just as in point 4, some of these bad reviews just come from a standpoint of their expectations not being met and you can entirely ignore, or write reviews that objectively point out the same. It's painful to watch two guys arguing through reviews often just insulting the other over what basically amounts to, "I thought this was choco milk, " it isn't, "I HATE IT!", the guy who liked the milk anyway, "You are stupid for not liking this milk." It's subjective feelings versus objective analysis which yields basically no middleground for agreement. Ignore idiots, converse with intellectuals. That is all. <<less
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321anko rated it
March 4, 2018
Status: c263
I will point out the main problem with this series and why you shouldn't read it: Bland plot/the MC.

The author keeps hinting about character development for the MC, but it never happens, and when it does, it's in so small steps you can't tell the difference. As if it was all a big lie! The MC remains weak willed, indecisive and flat. Even if the MC was created to be a wish-fullfillment fill in for readers, it just doesn't work out. The MC is just too stupid and weak willed... more>> for his age to be attractive as a character.

The MC is also a twisted hypocrite. One example is that he claims neutrality, but continuously intervenes at his own behest. It's fine to intervene like that, but you have to ACKNOWLEDGE it and OWN it, for it to be acceptable, otherwise you just come across in a bad light.


The MC is hinted to be secretly a psycho, however, it's not surprising considering the MC has shown sociopathic behaviour since the beginning, but the author always makes sure to smooth things over without us noticing, figuratively whispering to us readers that everything the MC does is acceptable and normal. Gross.


The MC also have no goals other than to punch a goddess, but the series focuses rather on him being a merchant, which has nothing to do with his actual goal! If he wanted to become strong enough to defeat the goddess and protect his new family he should've focused on training for it. Not pretend to be a rookie merchant who gets scared and depressed for being scolded by an actual veteran merchant (the MC is still so insecure he cannot understand that it's okay to be new at something and be bad at it, he thinks he needs to have mastered it to become a rich merchant, despite his richess are HIS OWN recources at his disposal). The MC is so empty and the author is so boring they need the MC to handle many different things at once (because the plots are so bland) so he cannot focus and then fails miserably at some points in the story because of it. Imagine if the MC focused solely on becoming strong, seems logical right? Why spend time becoming a demigod, when you can make a little country and company when you have no experience leading people, or you know, just let other capable friends like Tomoe deal with it? Nope, the MC is secretly mentally challenged, but the author likes to think the MC is normal.

I'm finished with this series. You'll all definitely understand what I mean when you read a different, good series and compare it with this one, together. <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
March 4, 2017
Status: c211
First, I will say this. Don't even bothered to read this series if you are:
-easily bored
-don't want to read heavy story with complicated details
-allergic to wall of text

I, myself, often found myself want to skip reading the whole chapter because it feels like a filler. But then the author was just "hello reader, let me give you some things that you can only understand if you read those 'filler' chapters" and I was like "*#&$&#%&@%@%%@%-!!!".
In one chapter, it was a filler-like chapter filled with everyday life's... more>> story, then the next chapter goes full philosopical even Plato is squirming in his grave.

The start was quite normal; an isekai-phenomena (like all generic JP novel), bestowed with OPness (because the God was pissed off by a bug). He was thrown into the wilderness, and with OP skills, he conquered multiple legendary beings.
Well, sounds generic, right? Nay. Suddenly, war happens. Discrimination. Racism. Slavery. All thanks to a certain sh*tty Bug- sorry, I mean, sh*tty Goddess.

As each chapter goes, you might get offended and goes salty by MC's attitude. But don't worry as he's slowly growing to become a better person (for my standard).... although it took him hundreds of chapters **sigh**

Nonetheless, despite its flaws, I think this series deserves a 5 stars.
It gives you many topic to discuss, many emotions to be felt (I once abandon this series because I was so pissed off by one of its chapter), etc. Definitely worth to read. <<less
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charioles rated it
January 17, 2017
Status: c142
I give 2 star instead of 1 because the early chapter is pretty interesting. It goes downhill and very boring soon enough (ch100+)

MC is the problem. Imagine Saitama from OPM being submisive to most arrogant villains who trashtalk him, this is just like that.

Despite being the strongest existence in the world, even already beyond the goddess, he still acts submisive. It's not about being humble, it's more like being naive, indecisive, and nearly masochist for humiliation.

Like other novels, there will be arrogant villains all over the place. Instead of... more>> dealing with them as a man, he nearly always take it all without even being angry, just letting those villains trashtalk him.

I decide to put this on hold as of ch142 because MC is being suisive again to a powerless arrogant jerk. <<less
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sgrey rated it
September 18, 2017
Status: c200
The premise of the story is ok, but the storytelling is just terrible. First, the timeline is all messed up. One chapter can say "six month later" and describe events that happen, and the next chapter starts at six month prior. Not only that, there is no indication when the events happens. It gets really confusing.

Second, the writing is all over the place. It is incoherent and confusing, especially in the first 50+ chapters. Bunch of different thoughts is often just jumbled together and is thrown at the reader. It... more>> gets a bit better later, but not by much. In addition to the bad storytelling and confusing chapters, the translation also have many problems, but that is really just an icing on the cake here.

Third, hateful MC. He is just a little naive child mentally. He is pretty dumb and does not even learn when sh*t happens to him. He is really classical japanese teen (typical novel or manga mc) with a bunch of complexes. There are no interesting qualities about him. He is really as average as it gets. He does not think things through and does not consider consequences of his actions at all. He is oblivious to what's going on around him. How's the story where the MC is just a stupid child is going to be good? He basically doesn't grow up at all and is still as naive when as at the beginning. Not only that, he is being babied by his followers! They hide stuff from him because it's complicated and might change the way he sees things and thinks.

Also, the story gets often quite boring. There are many pointless chapters that just dedicated to things like discussion about inventory of the store and the items in stock or how one guy is peeping at the MC magically and what he is thinking. Interesting events in the story are often just skipped and overlooked. Also the events are super stretched out with idiotic and pointless things in between. Basically terrible storytelling.

Those poor girls that follow him... I already see a tragic event happening and him realizing how he feels about them... The story has a tag "romance" but really there is none. There is some talk about s*x in the story, but zero romance. MC's followers develop feelings for him and it is shown, but only in occasional discussion. It really gets depressing eventually. MC has zero romance interest in anyone. It is very sad that at the chapter 200 there is so little character growth and MC is still a naive child. Also there are some changes to his character, it's not really much.


Huge plot in the story is how many people are afraid that MC may become derange and start murdering everyone. Looking at how unstable and stupid he is currently, there is actually a possibility that story might take that path. Also because his followers hide a lot of stuff from him, it also might be a factor. Honestly, the more you read this, the more disappointing it becomes.

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Glue rated it
July 18, 2017
Status: c274
Alright, I read a lot in this genre. I don't claim to have amazing taste. In general, I think my taste is typically garbage, and I'll admit it. For the genre of "Reincarnated/Transported Overpowered Protagonist", the one's I have read extensively and are worth mentioning are Overloard, New Gate, Death March, My Death Flags Show No Signs of Ending, Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou, I Said Make My Abilities Average!, Story of a Careless Demon, Tensei sh*tara Slime Datta Ken, and Douluo Dalu. I am not saying these are good.... more>> I am saying I have read a bit in this genre.

The character design, development, and consistency is good. The story is haphazard. The primary source of tension is whether or not the protagonist is taking the events seriously. The power curve/scaling is shot to hell. Honestly, it sounds like I don't like it, but that is just how much I enjoyed the other aspects of the writing. The character design and development in this story is better handled than any story that I've listed.

I like this genre, but it can get boring really fast. The genre inherently lacks the tension required for character development and tends to create dull and flat protagonists and side characters. The author handles this remarkably well.


IF you want a harem story that is a constant power trip fantasy with every side character is simply a foil for how amazing the protagonist is.. This is not your story. Go read Overlord, New Gate, Arifureta, and, to a lesser extent, Slime Datta.

The story starts off with a bang, then calms down and builds up again. It definitely builds up again, and it earns its power trip moments. The protagonist definitely develops into a terrifying individual to takes matters into his own hands, but he earns it.

Also, a good/consistent translator can really make or break a story sometimes, and Reigokai is a damn amazing translator.

Lastly, this story is what broke me into finally making an account and writing a review. I thought it was that good. <<less
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greycolors rated it
April 8, 2017
Status: extra 8
I liked this series for quite a long time, and eagerly read each new update, but recently I've found that I am more irritated with it than enjoying it. The beginning was a load of fun, since it had a feel similar to One Punch Man or Konosuba, with a group of ridiculously overpowered but incompetent idiots getting into ridiculous messes due to their lack of sense. Tomoe and Mio would run off and casually cause catastrophes while Makoto played the straight man, having to haul them back in line... more>> while he is frustrated at not having human friends due to his misfortunate circumstances. The world they traveled in was also reasonably colorful, and it sort of laid out an obvious path of progression. He would meet and probably clash with the other two humans that had been summoned and the countries they represented, then eventually face the goddess. As the story progressed, the focus shifted away from the absurd comedy aspect and kind of became an easygoing journey. Tomoe and Mio were put on a bus to mature and Makoto got a wise mentor figure, Shiki, to help him out. This was fine because the world that they were traveling through became more and more interesting. The conflict between the demons and humans was not so simple. Humans weren't just vain assholes, and the demons were not total underhanded scumbags. Makoto began to meet many people on both sides that he could get along with and who had sympathetic and reasonable motivations. Unfortunately, this is where a problem started to appear. Makoto was still someone from an op gag series, now plonked into an actually compelling and more realistic setting. His three major problems were his uncontrollably ballooning powerlevel, his bad character development and Asora. Asora gives him a complete sanctuary where everything he cares about can be isolated from any outside concern. His powerlevel has spiked from way stronger than anything around him up to greater god, which is way out of whack for any challenge he has faced at any period in the story. Finally, he went from a normal guy with normal sensibilities, to kind of a horrible freak, but not in an overt way. Because he is so protected from any possible concern or anything going on with the setting, he slowly developed into someone with almost no empathy or social capacity. Whereas at the start, Makoto was the one with the common sense and moral backing keeping Tomoe and Mio in check, now his three (now hyper competent) servants are supporting him and his attitude that is completely detached from reality. Essentially, Makoto doesn't give a sh*t about anything except for his servants, who are also invincible, and thus not something he needs to worry about. He could completely retreat from the world into Asora and live in a paradise, but he doesn't because he likes his pet projects like his shop or class, which causes huge distortions in the world's power structure that he willfully ignores. But he's not really committed to any of these things because he cares about them or anything like that. He doesn't run the shop to see it grow and become profitable, since he's a terrible businessman and never attempts to get better, but he doesn't do it for humanitarian reasons since he blatantly turns a blind eye to huge swaths of suffering on all sides that he could easily stop because he doesn't give a sh*t. He also doesn't care about his class since he's constantly trying to get out of it, and doesn't seem to care about the fate of his students after they leave. He's essentially stopped caring about any of the people he's met on his journey as well, as he never really helps anyone but himself except when it is convenient and beneficial to him. He's not even committed to fighting the goddess since he isn't consumed by a bitter hatred the way shield bro was, and isn't constantly training to get stronger but instead spends his time fafing around. Every time any legitimately interesting situation could begin to occur, it is immediately slapped down to show how superior Makoto is to everything in existence. All the interesting characters and settings of the story have to bow down to Makoto's whims as Makoto blunders through every storyline like an overgrown child. For example, a recent chapter dealt with Makoto's pet country starving due to it's harsh winters, but that storyline doesn't really get resolved because instead the story deviates so Makoto can get a hotspring. Another example is him acquiring a spell that summoned a gate god to earth at the cost of thousands of souls. Because of Makoto's supreme power, he doesn't have to care that his braindead decision is potentially risking all his follower's lives because he can literally beat the sh*t out of gods now without breaking a sweat. When the gate god tries to retreat to a different dimension, Makoto pulls dimensional breaching power out of his ass to capture the god and defeat him. Makoto does not learn anything as a character, he does not face any consequences for his idiotic and self centered decision making. Instead, he is provided enough powers as the plot demands for him to steamroll every possible adversity. Other characters, like the female hero and demon king have also been beaten with the idiot stick to keep them from being better people than Makoto, as their motivations become twisted into something stupid. His whole attitude can be summed up as insincere. He treats other people's feeling, concerns and circumstances with flippant disregard. He doesn't sincerely pursue anything or follow through with anything. He doesn't even think about his own circumstances with any seriousness. He just casually goes from whim to whim as they enter his brain. This world would probably have been something great if the entire Makoto faction were extracted from it. I like the people in the setting, as many are pretty deep, possessing an interesting web of conflicting desires and motivations. I would also like Makoto and his retard gang in a less serious setting. Sadly its pretty painful to watch all the interesting characters get shat on by god emperor Makoto. <<less
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bullistic rated it
June 17, 2016
Status: c123
Fun to read with lots of surprises. The MC is overpowered but hides it. Currently as of c123 lots of groups are trying to take advantage of him and underestimate what a danger he is to everyone. Look forward to each new chapter
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