Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu


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High school student Misumi Makoto is called into a fantasy world by the god Tsukuyomi, in order to be a hero. However, the Goddess ruling the world isn’t as thrilled to have him there, and kicks him to the edge of the world. Tsukuyomi declares that Makoto is free to find his own way after Makoto is abandoned by the other Goddess.

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Moon-led Journey Across Another World
Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy
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Queen Oceananas
Queen Oceananas rated it
June 23, 2016
Status: c136
Ok, I have no idea why I am writing this, and I am really bad at reviews, but I feel like I have to defend this novel. This is in my top 5 and I just love it, so role with it 'kay.

This novel is about an average high-schooler who is above? average in archery. One day he is thrown into a room with Moon-Bro, where said MoonGod-Bro explains that his parents are from a different world and was transported to Earth by the Bug at the cost that one... more>> day she would take one of their children. Our 'average joe' MC takes the responsibility in place of one of his sisters and agrees to be transported, leaving letters for his family before leaving. Once he gets there the Bug throws him to the edge of the world for not being 'pretty'. MoonGod-Bro saves him and explains to him that humans have super strength in this world and gives him some of his own powers in place of the Bug's "blessing". Giving our MC most of his power causes MoonGod-Bro to fall into a deep sleep, so we probably will not see him again TT-TT.

That is basically it, the rest follows his travels in this new world. His interactions with his liitle 'family' will keep you laughting. It is pretty easy-going until these later chapters where he interacts with politics and c*ap. Now let us get to some problems I have seen other people complain about.

1) His harem
THERE IS NONE!!!! This is the most annoying thing about people, they are trying to press romance into something that has no romance. Do you see that harem genre up there? I have been battleing with it this whole time, I delete it, and it reappears! Why will it not go away? Back to the topic, girls being thrown at him? WHO!?!? The 2 friends on earth that confessed were reasonably turned down because he wanted to take it slow and love them before going out. He was not being a p*ssy, he simply did not like them and turned them down, LIKE A NORMAL PERSON. The sister that looked like one of the said friend at the border town? Why would he suddenly have romantic feelings for this random person that 'resembled' someone he did not like? She did not even think of him in that way, and why would she? Again, he is just some random person. Even after he saved her and her sister, she probrobly saw him as some OP savior, and that she would strive to reach his OPness. They were quickly separated and have not met since. The library woman and her waiter sister? Okay, that librarian has some mental problems (first impression, do not take me seriously) and is going through a lot of stuff right now. I think she is thinking of her kingdom instead of romance with some suspicious teacher that saved her. And in a recent chapter she completely disregarded trying to 'seduce him if push comes to shove'. Her sister is also barely mentioned. The only possible ones are his 2 female followers, and there is no romance to be seen! He sees them as his wonky sisters and has never, I repeat, NEVER, even THOUGHT of touching them (if my memory serves me) ! How many times does the MC have to say it! I will admit, the girls are throwing themselves at him, but they do not seem to be in LOVE with him. Tomoe enjoys watching his memories, so she decided to follow him, and Mio simply loves the taste of his blood. They spent time together and have grown a tight bond, so they love and protect each other, but they are not in love. Yes, they would jump at the idea of doing it with him, but when they interact in later chapters they seem more like a goofy family than a harem (especially with Shiki). There is simply no way a relationship can come out of it because he just does not want to, and he makes it obvious. AND THAT IS FINE!!! I love the way they interact as is, it is simple and easy. People say he is spinless, just leading them on, but the way he deals with them is the way a normal person would deal with those wacky people, bush it off or simply laugh. And some people tend to forget, HE IS A NORMAL PERSON!! Not some smart super spy, not some incredible strategist thinking of the next move, not some sexually-frustrated pe*vert that does it with everyone he sees. He deals with things the way a sheltered high-schooler would, making him seem dense and plain at times, but it is natural because he is NORMAL.

2) He is OP but does not use it
In what way would he use it? Again, he is a NORMAL person, young and naive too. He does not need to use his power, he does not need to kill people. Let him stay his peaceful self, it is a bit of a change from the usual 'kill, kill, kill' other powerful people do. And yes, in those rare occasions he fights, it is AMAZING! But if it gets to big, it will ruin the whole laid-back aura this novel gives off.

3) Where is the plot?
Hahahaha, you came for the plot? Awwww, you are just too funny, I think I am crying. Sarcasm aside, there really is no end goal. It is just our MC living as a merchant/teacher while having his servants deal with whatever interests them. Mio loves cooking, yes, she got into it for the MC, but she really enjoys eating and making food (me). Tomoe deals with their world, but she seems to like it, because she wants to make it an old-fashioned Japan. Shiki follows the MC around, taking care of the shop and helping with the lectures, helping him self to the vast knowledge of the library (total bookworm). Why did I just tell you about what his servants do, because THEY are the reason most people are reading this! They are the most interesting part. I guess the plot is getting thicker because of


the demons taking interest in their power, Lorel poking their wise-finding noses, the demons war with the humans, and the crazy princess's obsession with gunpowder, his parent's fallen kingdom


but none of that really matters to me. I AM HERE FOR THE COMEDY, THE COMEDY!!! Really, my best ending is the MC beating the shiz out of the Bug, becoming a god, ruling Azora with his 3 immortal generals, and marrying MoonGod-Bro. (Last part is probably not going to happen) For all you plot-loving peolpe, never fear! There is probably a intricate plot that will take the author a long time to unfold, so for now just go with the flow and enjoy the side characters.

I think that is it, I need to go to bed and I am literally fighting to keep my eyes open. I will probably edit this later and update it, but for right now, sleep.

4) MC's naiveté
Yes, he is naive, very naive, so naive you could rip your hair out when


he deals with rona and the merchant guy at the later chapters.


I cannot defend him here, if I say 'he is just some normal, sheltered kid thrown into some situation', that would be refuted, so there you have it..... nothing to say. Personally, I enjoy this idiotic naiveté, it gives the story more 'upfh' (couldn't find a better word). The author is making it very clear that there will be character development, making the transition from naive kid to a BA anti-hero more looked forward to than a smart guy to a BA anti-hero because the cause of the change will be more severe (mwhaha). And the arguments in the comments are amazing after


merchant guy retks him


, so I have no qualms with the way things are going. It is clearly going to get better, so just wait it out. I didn't like the tournament ark that much because it isn't giving Tomoe, Mio and Shiki enough family (comedy) time with MC, but it is putting things into motion. There were many times after a chapter that I would agonize over the cliff I was abruptly thrown off of, and then go to the comments and enjoy watching others agonize too (mwhaha, squirm intellectual vermin, SQUIRM! MWAHAHA). *Ahem* Excuse me, no more writing comments after 10.


5- OH $HIT!! This is a long post! Pretty sure no one is even reading this, I know I wouldnt. If you are, congrats! You dont scare easily, do ya? Anyway I'm going to sleep, probrobly gonna update tomorrow (or when I remember). Night! <<less
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Maleandar rated it
April 3, 2016
Status: --
This one had alot of potential, but alas another where the MC is dickless, except when his “family/friends” are involved. MC has no romantic interest but wants to find his true love and ignores all the girls fawning over him left and right. He only sees them as sisters, mothers, friends in a sense. The story started off really good but quickly degenerates into a typical Japanese MC who is indecisive, no commitment and dense as f*ck. Read up to chapter 98 but time to stop.

... more>>

in his real world he had his junior and his senior president of the archery club (both depicted as great beauties) confess to him and he turned them both down. Now some girls remind him of them and he can not become romantically interested in them because it would betray the girls he turned down..... umm yeah. this story is going no where fast

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lonewolf93 rated it
July 10, 2016
Status: c136
Regretful. That's my opinion towards this LN. I will say this I liked this novel (at the beginning), it had potential but it got sadly worst later on (around chapter 20). So, this isn't an unbiased review but an opinionated one (well no shit, I am writing this to blow up some steam and all reviews are opinionated anyways).

This LN suffers from the generic problems in this genre. The following beta/OP MC, one dimensional antagonists and overall asinine nonsense. The story is also strange and one step away from... more>> being awful. To this day I still don't know what this story is supposed to be about. It isn't a fighting shonen type, it isn't a slice of life (I refuse to accept stories about going another world or reincarnating in a world where monsters exist as slice of life), it isn't a coming-of-age a story or about commerce either, so what is it about? Is it about Makoto's life? Yes, and no. Well, the MC takes the most of the story's focus, but it isn't really about him since we know next to nothing about him. This is the the main issue with story. Makoto is perhaps (definitely) the most boring character in the entire story, and in this genre except there are worst MCs than him. Makoto, takes the word naive to a whole new level, he acts irrationally to the point that immersion is utterly impossible. He is strong to the point of being nonsensical, but what is more nonsensical is that he doesn't seem fully realize such obvious fact. A story with an OP MC, can be interesting if done well it can be interesting, but sadly it isn't the case in this novel. If done right, this story could be about the dangers that comes with having having great power. Or how one could be slowly consumed by it and how he tries to deal with the loneliness, inner conflicts and the world in general. But sadly nothing is ever explored. Makoto, isn't trying to do anything. Not really. He just goes along with whatever he is faced with. He meets a merchant, then decides to become a merchant and get his license in one or two chapters. He meets a group of adventurers, then decides to become an adventurer as well and to give/sell them better weapons etc... To make my point come across easier, I would say that he is bland, like most LN MCs. Even Kirito had more personality in Sao, he just doesn't feel human or anything as matter of fact. A good character, doesn't need to be complex he just need to be balanced. We need to understand how he thinks, and that will make the transition easier with the actions he takes in the story. We are people because we have desires, flaws and goals. But in the case of Makoto, he has flaws for the sake of having flaws and strengths for the sake of having strengths. Like I said before a bland MC is nothing new. If the author could just give more context about him, he could fix most problems and keep his "personality" consistent. Then we wouldn't be so surprised why he helps a little girl out and tries to protect some people he just met, or why he doesn't bat an eye when his subordinates destroy an entire town and kill people right in front of him. But the worst offense the author committed was during chapter 136. During that chapter, the MC has started to realize the s*upidity of his actions and his overall personality. I thought the author, perhaps wrote Makoto this way so he could make a commentary on how naive this archetype really is but nope. Instead of trying to finally getting some balls and act like a man, he states that acting that way is too difficult and goes back to being an imbecile. It is at that moment I realized something, this author wasn't just s*upid, he was also lazy as f*ck, he knows full well that he is writing crap and he just doesn't care. This is the same bullsh*t like in naruto, when Naruto told Nagato that if the main character changes it isn't the same story (like the story did at the end, and instead of becoming ninja king, he went the Jesus/ninja king road to find peace). Fine (Bullshit) dialogue from kishimoto (AKA less shitty Tite kubo) indeed, which is complete nonsense since his series was about a coming of age series/ shonen. If the MC character refuses to change grow or do anything, then your entire series is a waste of time. But the worst is that the author had the audacity to later portray the MC as if he changed a bit in his actions. That now he will act more selfishly, which is total nonsense since he refuses to listen to the options presented to him by his subordinates. He helps a bunch of people before the sh*t hits the fan, under the pretext that they will be under his debt. Which is once again complete nonsense, since you do not help someone until after they have being attacked if you want them to owe you. The worst part is that is subordinates told him that one before this crap.

The antagonists in this story are also bad. Someone once said (can't remember who, and I'm not googling it) that a hero is only as good as his/her villain (gosh, that is some weird thing to say). Well, here the MC is bad and so are his enemies. It's just that there aren't any real antagonists because the MC refuses to do anything, by not picking a side or screw both parties. The worst example of a badly written antagonist in this story is the princess. She wants revenge because her mother died in the war (or some nonsense, insert cliche backstory here) , and that the war was caused by the goddess. First, the goddess doesn't do sh*t (another amazing character). Second, people fight for diverse reasons, especially for dominance. So even if the goddess hadn't instigated this fight it was likely that the demons and the hyumans would have been fighting at some point. Third, for someone that was being painted as smart and cunning, her motives are childish at best. She is an over-privileged brat and because her mother died she wants to kill god (the saddest thing anyone has ever written, it isn't like you don't live in a castle and don't have tons of people taking care of you). Fourth, her plans seem to be s*upid at best. If her ultimate goal seems to be the death of the goddess, I'm pretty sure the demon race has a better chance at that, since they seem to be more advanced and understand the goddess powers better than anyone else. I understand that this is also s*upid, but she is trying to kill a god (AKA the secret top dog of the food chain), no matter how many times you think about it, it is nothing short than insane. She also seems to be the one pulling the strings from behind the hyuman army. I'm sure she can avoid wasting the lives of her people by making a deal with the demon race, and then after killing the goddess go back to kill each other. The worst part is that she is the closest thing of an antagonist but she doesn't even close to be one, it's just like the story portrays her that way. I also won't mention all the other possible antagonists because none of them tries to get in the way of the MC (some of them don't even know he exists or don't think highly of him), so yeah there's definitely a lot going on in this story and since the MC is nigh-invincible, who gives a f*cks anyways.

Lastly, the POVs are useless (lazy) exposition dumping, since they are only used to give backstory and motivations not actual progress. Also, because we later on learn whatever stuff they pulled out of their asses, through the MC's eyes or it is mentioned in the main part of the story, who gives a damn. Because of the POVs, we always know who did what or with whom as well as why before the conclusion it kills all possible intrigue. So, once again making it truly pointless.

In conclusion, the MC and the antagonists are the worst part in the story. His cast is alright, they are way better written than him which makes us wonder why the author doesn't try to focus on them instead. However the only reason for that it's because we rarely get to know anything about them, and are simple archetypes of other archetypes.

The world, magic, commerce and politics are crude (nonexistent). All that is just part of the setting, and the "magick" (magick in this series is everything as long as the plot is cool with it) is there for deus ex machina moments (because god forbid anything bad ever happens without them not finding an easy way out). The story is unfocused, for example the MC is trying to rebuild a city because of two girls he just met and isn't attracted to asked him, while his own city in the world he created is not even half completed. There is much more sh*t going on, but it doesn't matter because he just keeps putting himself into situations that he has no reasons to be involved into out of the goodness of his heart (remember the all the people they killed and let get killed, I still remember a certain destroyed town). He doesn't realize but he just f*cks everything in the story, he is the ultimate villain. He has no reason to do anything but f*cks everything up because he is an imbecile. He kills and destroys everything people fight for in this LN for no reason at all. So, to finish the MC is the biggest a**hole/hypocrite that just ruins everyone's sh*t because he is a f*cking idiot. The worst part is that this story has the guts to present itself as light-hearted at times, when all this crap is just shrugged in the background.

Another f*cking example why LN authors are bad writers, everything they touch turns to sh*t in the long run. It was the same with mushoku tensei, arifureta, and all the other light novels, except tate no yuusha (it is also crap but fun to read) and that is only because fans had to f*cking complain to get a proper ending. <<less
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TheJudge rated it
August 22, 2016
Status: --
Your typical JP novel. Read if you like any of these things below.

Long title, that is really more of a sentence - Check
Worthless chump before getting ported to another world, where he is treated like king or OP - Check
Beta MC that contradicts everything that they say and do - Check
Girls flocking to him, but MC is too beta to do anything - Check
virg*n - Check; oh wait, that explains why he's so OP, because he's a MAGE.
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frenzy85 rated it
November 11, 2016
Status: c168
I wrote long rants for reviews twice in a row already, so I'll keep this somewhat summarized. (It turned out quite long. I really tried to make it short. I still had about a dozen paragraphs in me... oh well...)

tl;dr MC is better off as a block of wood. Everything else is pretty good. However, adjustments are made to the story seemingly to accommodate MC's incompetence, making the story worse off imo. And the large focus on MC means you only get to see what I consider the interesting... more>> parts every once in a while... most of it, which is from MC's perspective, is quite dull.

MC is incompetent and an idiot aside from his huge amount of mana. No kidding; I feel the story would be better overall if he was exchanged with a block of wood that has a lot of mana. Note that it's not that he has the personality of a block of wood, it's that a block of wood would be a better character than him. The more I read, the dumber he seems... by around chapter 120, I realized I dislike him more than the Bug Goddess (a super annoying character from the start of the story). At least she's relevant to the story despite being annoying...

A lot of the side characters are quite interesting, and the world-building is also ok (flawed, but acceptable, especially considering this is a WN). As I said, it'd probably be better if MC was just a block of wood and the story just focused on everyone else...

The other two heroes' character growth seems to be headed in the typical bad direction in order to glorify the MC despite the potential for them to have a proper good narrative... Shame...

For those who read the story a bit, Asora is already probably bigger than the 4 big powers of the hyumans combined by now. Although they don't have the necessary manpower to utilize everything, it's an issue that will solve itself over time... In fact, it's actually not an issue at all! Their issue is that they are "too rich". They have too much land and it's too fertile. It's also too well-protected since its in another dimension; they don't even need the hyumans to pay for them to build a wall!

What does he choose do for the first 100+ chapters? Be a merchant and part of the merchant guild. He doesn't use any of the infrastructure set up in hyuman society since all raw materials, manpower, and logistics are solved by Asora... He's actually just taking resources from Asora and spreading them to hyumans... for no real reason; to the point where he allows himself to get threatened by them to do it. The part where the merchant guild threatened him just killed my brain cells. He doesn't even have a use for hyuman money...

As a point of comparison, Mushoku Tensei is 259 chapters in its entirety.
In 259 chapters, we see the journey of a tr*sh NEET, who couldn't even be bothered to attend his parents' funeral, to a husband and father who is opposing a nigh-omniscient god-like existence to protect his family.
In 168 chapters of Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu, we see the journey of a boy with basically no personality to... nothing. I have a feeling that at the end of his Moon-led journey, Makoto will evolve into an Invisible Dragon. <<less
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rozenmaiden rated it
July 1, 2016
Status: c131
Okay, so why I give this LN 5 star? This is my reason:
1. MC is normal and very reasonable.
Well, Reviewer before me said MC is a moron and indecisive MC. I can't see him become a moron. He is naive. He doesn't know anything about world. Why? What could you expect from a teenager that never go to society that filled with cautiousness, regret, and lying? And you see, for me he had done his best to survive to a world when he doesn't know anyone and just... more>> meet some people that will maybe betray him. His wavering is because of the same. He is just too young to know of this world. 2. No Romance.
Romance is just a side element of this LN. And You say MC is Dense. Yeah, how can you fall immediately to someone that almost kill you another day? And it's good for me that romance isn't that developed. I want to see some isekai LN that isn't wish fulfillment LN. Well, one of them is this LN.

3. Thorough Explanation
Well, This novel give many explanation about something that I personally like it. Explanation such as his power 's source and many more. I am a sucker for a novel like that after all. (Such as Mahouka, Mushoku Tensei, and Re:Zero)

4. His Character Development
He was a naive person. But not anymore. He learn from his adventure and he is growing up since then. He is becoming more decisive and a bit ruthless when needed. And his character isn't bland. He can be angry, upset, happy, sad, and tired. It make him more humanly than another MC, I think. <<less
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ninthlite rated it
May 23, 2016
Status: --
Tsuki is a story about a mediocre looking guy dropped in a fantasy world where everyone looks beautiful. He is op, however unlike lots of other popular novels the opness is explained in a satisfactory manner. He gains familars in the shape of humans who act as personal assistants as he starts to build a nation. Some people are dissatisfied with the MC for not banging his two waifus, however he treats them as family members and not s*xual objects. Not every one has to be edgy and pe*verted.

In my... more>> opinion its a better version of Death March in about every way. I really doubt Kuro no Maou has read this novel past the first few chapters, as he is making a big problem out of information that was quickly explained in the beginning of the novel and ignored since then. This novel is no way a harem rom-com like his review makes the novel sound like.

The main character actually learns from his mistakes. If you ever get annoyed by MCs that just repeat their mistakes without ever reflecting upon them, then this a novel for you. I won't say that the MC is the most interesting one in the world, but the author seems capable of writing character growth, which is odd for most of the novels on this website. <<less
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BLKCandy rated it
March 26, 2016
Status: c128
Another easy going MC with ridiculously OP power traveling the world while building his own kingdom. Though the MC lacks the ambition and barely involve with the world power and politic. And he is barely involved with his own kingdom. So, the story isn’t that heavy. Don’t expect anything serious in this series.

The story is more about moving around, seeing stuff, get into a mess created by others (often by his own followers.), get irritated by someone’s irresponsibility (which is very funny.), and fixing them. Each characters are unique and... more>> are lovable and honestly, I grown quite fond of them.

Surprisingly, there is barely any harem or romance element in the world of full of beauties. Really, this world is managed by a goddess with so much vanity and obsession to beauty. So, literally everyone are beautiful. Yet there is barely any romance/harem around the MC. Even his beauty followers don’t treat him as romantic interest and he doesn’t treat them so, which is good for those who are tired of harem sh*t like me.

I really find it strange that people complain about girls being thrown at the MC. There are a lot of girls, but there is no romantic interaction at all. He has some loyal female retainers and some female acquaintance but that's it.

EDITED: Dropped the score down due to severe lacks of character progression (other than strength) Grow up already damnit. <<less
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Fuannai rated it
April 13, 2016
Status: --
The MC could be considered as a cliche or plain MC. But the author takes it in the most naturalistic and logical approach. He won't become a dense just because. He won't be scared just because. He won't panic just because. They were all explained properly but people just wanted to see what they want to see and because they didn't get what they wanted they drop this. The only reason why I didn't give 5/5 is because the story is quite slow paced and is dragging long. I'm quite... more>> impatient you see. Though the translation is fast and stable, 101 chapters and he hasn't met the other heroes. <<less
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CaptainToast rated it
March 23, 2016
Status: c90
I really had high hopes for this novel in the beginning, but around chapter 20, everything just starts going to shit. The MC is quite possibly the s*upidest I've ever seen. He takes nothing seriously. He sees people using evil curses, s*avery, racism on a massive scale, and is put into a hostile world, and he doesn't take it seriously. The entire story is just pointless.

Yes we get it he's "normal". Why not actually have him ACT THAT WAY. God this story makes me want to bang my head against... more>> the wall. 3/5 for the first 15 chapters
2/5 for 15-20
0/5 for 20+

Don't waste your time on this piece of shit. <<less
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Vvibulo rated it
October 6, 2017
Status: c180
This Novel success in make me rage quit and swearing so many times.

Looking back this novel was one ofbthe top novel in series ranking.

One of the good story in japanese novel I think, only... only if makoto (our mc) gone or replaced.

... more>> I think if nobita or chinese MC that think with his lower body replaced the MC, it will a hundred times better story than makoto as a MC.

1. Unambitious MC check. Typical japanese MC. There is nothing wrong with that unless he keep expanding the population of asora and his business or keep expanding his influence in human and demon kingdom.

2. Neutral MC check. It's a good trait I think. MC is a neutral between human and demon. But he keep intervening the demon from invading human (although the1st one he is forced by goddess). but don't want to stop the war cause it's troublesome.

I think the MC is a hypocrite, although the author said he has "grow" but he is still ret*rded.

The story from another Pov is many times better from the Mc's pov. The story great as it is, but makoto is a big minus (bigly). The MC is the most illogical, beta, annoying I ever read. No wonder the bug goddesses (antagonist) don't want him.

But it was still readable for me and quite fun because of the side character.

But it's all changed when his thinking "it's troublesome" reach another peak.

As information : he invade one of demons territory because it was his parent territory in the past., he intervent demon when the demons victory was certain., he go as an errand for a dragon, although he know he got played by that dragon.

But when one of his student or disciple either will end up as his subordinate lab pig or s*ave charm for a hero, he just "mehhh" just go be a s*ave cause It was more fortunate than be a guinea pig. Huh helping you?? Fat chance, it's troublesome you know. what?? Make you as a clerk at my shop??, huh do you have a mirror!? With your just slightly above average skill you want to be a clerk at my shop, f*ck off. You want to be acitizen of asora?? I have annoying and many troublemaker demi humanvin asora even a spy from demon, why I have to accept you just a mere "student" as a citizen of asora. What? I have many ways to save you, not a chance it's too troublesome for me.

f*ck it's make me frustrated. his apathetic even to someone that have relationshio to him, make me disgusted. That's the biggest reason to quit this for me. <<less
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graydragon12 rated it
November 12, 2016
Status: c171
This is some how considered as one of my favorite novel and I can't really say why. The story is laid back, MC is OP but passive, don't go out of his way unless something forced him to. It is just the type of novel which you follow the MC on his way to live a normal life in another world. Since he is simply too OP
... more>>

Basically he is a God now at this point

he could do whatever he want but he simply choose not to and live his life the way he felt like it. Reading the review I see people complaining about harem. What harem ? Lately everything have been labeled harem just because the MC meet new girl. The only girl that fall for him by this point is Mio and but by now she is more about respecting the MC than just simply "KYAA NOTICE ME LOVE ME" like most annoying girls in harem gerne. About MC being naive, well that's true. He is a 16-17 yrs old boy that get thrown (kidnaped) into another world. And since violence isn't his nature, those that don't know his strength why try to pick on him since he all in all a highschool student that try to do business in a medieval like world with threaten, spy and subversion being the norm. But the good thing about that is he learn from his mistake. He is not the kind of moron that keep falling for the same thing again and his follower help him learn from his mistake as well.

All in all I find this novel quite relaxing to read. At first it's just a thing to pass time but as I progress further, it grew on me. Truly quite enjoyable to read <<less
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MondoX rated it
April 30, 2016
Status: --
The story is generic, but they were things the author could have worked with. Instead, I am not sure what the author wanted to do with the story. I felt bad for the MC at first, but then his actions later made me dislike the MC. The switching between viewpoints does not make sense, the author is doing it just for the sake of doing it. It does not blend well with the story, the author should read Kamigoroshi no Eiyuu... to have an idea to of how to do... more>> it well. <<less
42 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
knighteem rated it
June 24, 2016
Status: c290
This is an awesome novel. Very different than most novels with OP MC. It tells the story through the eyes of a normal person (Actually somewhat below avg) being forced into another world to take responsibly of a "debt" of his parents. Although the parents not informed but somewhat prepared him, he ventures into another world basically as a discarded hero. If I were to word how the story explain of him, it will be "He is a true and blue commoner but walking a completely different path of one"... more>>

Its a slow paced with some interesting plot twist and concept. The author pays quite an attention to its world creation. The world has sufficient info and growth. MC is weak mind and willed but he easily obtains power that rivals god. When reading, u need to try reading on a blank slate. Don't expect too much then u can really enjoy him and his journey to return home.

This series explores the world in the eyes of a normal guy being forced to separate from his family and discarded by the god he was supposed to "serve" and has extremely unfortunate luck that in normal cases, would kill any other people. It is more of a character development type of story where we slowly see how the world change him mentally. The change is 100x slower than mushoku tensei mainly due to MC doesnt intent to change anything of himself "willingly". <<less
40 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
grandplex rated it
March 26, 2016
Status: --
Read up to Ch. 70. The story is switching viewpoints for no reason too much. It is dry, and the MC is dull, which is definitely not helped by switching viewpoints to too many characters, too often. It isn't written that badly, but it is quite boring and you can't empathize with the MC, which is a story-killer.
37 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
micael rated it
August 13, 2018
Status: c297
The story is decent. I was enjoying it so much, many side characters have their own unique characteristic and often have their own point-of-view chapters, but the MC is too much tr*sh for me to endure.

I couldn't believe that the MC literally has no progress at all in his IQ after 200+ chapters, > 2 years, into the world living among so many capable people, even gets trained and taught by many of them.

The only thing increases is his OPness. In fact, he even becomes more s*upid the more story... more>> progresses.

He keeps getting fooled for the same reason over and over again, he keeps trusting complete strangers who he met for the first time because they just "seem nice" to him, he keeps believing in people whom his royal retainers tell him to be cautious of, he keeps neglecting in asking the most important details from his retainers when he asks something. HE NEVER LEARNS.

In short, side characters make this novel very interesting, unfortunately the MC just kills it. He is incredibly too s*upid, can even be categorized in the same level of ret*rds. <<less
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zettaizero rated it
July 31, 2016
Status: c143
Don't believe what those reviews because they are people who easily judge a novel without reading that far, the story may have a slow progress as there is no real goal but a the story goes the character of MC builts up, and right now one of his main goal is to hit the goddess that is messing with his peaceful life once. The story is laidback but it serve as a stepping stone to get you hype for the intense chapter to come when the MC starts to fight.
36 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Auroth rated it
April 10, 2016
Status: --
I have already finish read the story until the latest chapter (101) , I take back what I review last time, it seem that I can't delete my last review and can only edit it, so here is the new review,

Don't expect much from the MC, he is just a normal second year high school student with archery as a hobby, he is not cunning and he learn archery not for preparing to fight a war. So don't expect him to have a prediction to enemy's next move.I am... more>> saying this also to myself because at the last review I was complaining about how weak the MC at the decision making. But if you taking into account the natural and logical way of thinking of a modern world person, a normal high school student who stay in a peaceful country, then the MC decision making and way of thinking is actually normal. <<less
28 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ReaverXIII rated it
July 4, 2018
Status: c297
Man I really gotta stop reading comments here, no matter where I go theres a ton of people hating on everything. This novel is normal at best, and honestly that's what makes me like it so much, it reminds me of alot of normal American novels that are the same way. Yet there are so many that dislike its normality and bash the hell out of it because of which, it's fine to hate something, but it's a d*ck move to slander it because of which, maybe people should stop... more>> lying about stuff and tell the truth.

For example not this novel but Tanaka the wizard gets alot of slander that I almost didnt read it only to actually read it from a friend's suggestion and find out the comments were lies, literal lies, like people were lying through their f*cking teeth to stop people from reading it

Anyway I'm off topic it's not really a review here and just my thoughts and honest advice, dont listen to the ratings and comments on this site, read what you want without biased thought, obstructing and/or forcing you to read it. In my opinion here, I love this series and have enjoyed reading it since the translation started many years ago. Its might not be the best but who in the hell is coming here for triple A novel titles in the first place (go read Harry Potter or something if u want that shit). Never trust anything without a couple flaws I always say and this novel is worth my trust in my eyes. <<less
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That1guy rated it
July 23, 2016
Status: c141
Read up to latest and disappointed, if you were pulled in by Makoto being a badass in the beggining of the story, He died after his first major battle. He pussied out and chose the path of being in politics along with being a hypocrite when he sees his own weakness in another but doesn't notice his very own along with how he is trying to get along with both races when the other side is more of a backstabbing bunch of asses it's better to see idiotic and annoying... more>> shits then get backstabbed when you placed your trust in them.

In conclusion if you like character development and I mean really long boring DEVELOPEMENT then this is for you because MC isn't really important anymore at this point sure he'll talk game and sound badass but you will get disappointed as it's just all talk <<less
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