TS Maiden, to Buy a Slave


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The main character died by God’s mistake. Again mistakenly reincarnated as a TS but the MC only wants his cute slave, and tries desperately to achieve that.

The story is short and becomes the pre-part of a series.

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Date Group Release
05/04/16 soulpermutation sequel part2
05/03/16 soulpermutation sequel part1
05/02/16 soulpermutation prequel part2
05/01/16 soulpermutation prequel part1
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SageRozenburg rated it
May 28, 2016
Status: sequel part2

Author screwed up the ending, Main character too stupid and let the crap rain on him, despite being a first class adventurer with a large mansion and maids.

MC is too timid, he/she let himself framed with a crime that didn't exist and degrade into a slave. He accepted his fate just to enjoy the possibility of S&M plays with a spoiled rich girl.

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SovietWeeb rated it
July 30, 2018
Status: c4
Is this great? No, But I did find parts of it enjoyable for however small it is.

I think there is something of interest here. I do like the Noble girl becoming a slave with a resistant attitude type of character. Wish we got more of that.

The pacing is off. I think this might be a decent Novel if it was actually fairly long.

I'd say the ending is the worst part. The MC getting some bogus ass slave charge and the MC being turned into a slave is really unappealing to... more>> me. You'd think the MC would fight them off and run away. It's also pretty dumb how the entire system of slavery works and that there would be a backlash from fake charges on a well-known adventurer.

It may have been charming that the former slave bought the MC. But it's not. The reveal that the former slave is wanting to dominate the MC and just forces it on her. That I don't like. I think it would've been more interesting or charming if when the MC still owned the other girl as a slave. That she and the Slave would start forming a closer relationship and eventually lead to a domination relationship with the Slave being the one in control in the bedroom and the Master being the subjugated one. Nothing great but might have been more interesting.

Overall it's just an alright story I'll forget for awhile tell I randomly find this review again in the future. <<less
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