True Martial World


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The Human Emperor and his opponents were embroiled in a 33 day long final battle involved the strongest experts. After destroying the Abyssal World and sealing the Abyssal demon king’s godly weapon‘ a mysterious purple card disappeared into the space-time vortex‘ and tunneled through infinite space-time.

In the vast wilderness‘ where martial arts was still slowly growing in its infancy‘ several peerless masters tried to find their path in the world of martial arts.

A young adult named Yi Yun from modern Earth had unwittingly stumbled into such a world and began that journey with a purple card of unknown origin.

It’s a magnificent yet unknown true martial art world. This is the story of a normal young adult turning into a legendary peerless expert.

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Zhen Wu Shijie
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rav1980 rated it
April 17, 2016
Status: --
Ongoing series that has a world with enormous depth and we’ll balanced character’s. One of my favorite series at the moment. Throw in plenty of drama, comedy, horror and action then you have True Martial World. A strong MC that is not overpowered and has determination to succeed. Side characters that are so well done you can’t wait to see more of them. Villains who get what’s coming to them. Highly-rated and even more so highly recommended for readers.

Did I mention the brick?
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quarkrj rated it
April 11, 2016
Status: --
Slow but good. Fights are worth reading, MC isn’t too OP (still OP though). The new arc seems to be a bit cliché, but I will accept it. The only thing I don’t like is that only 358 chapters are there so I can’t read ahead using MTLs, like I did with ATG, MW, BTTH, DD and so on.
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Hantosh rated it
April 9, 2016
Status: c734
Trying to nail down why I like this so much is difficult. It's not totally immune from all Xianxia tropes, but it is resistant, executes well and scratches that itch you want from a power crawl story. The mini-adventure arcs with the Primordial Herb capture and especially the Divine Wilderness exploration arc were great. The second tournament is a a particular favorite, I’ve read that arc over & over.

There's good immersive visual imagery; basic details, especially in fights, aren't skipped like in most Xianxia I've read. Fights are a treat... more>> to read because of this. I actually enjoyed reading the cultivation chapters, which is a change. The author’s writing seems to be improving over time; he also seems to be actually planning ahead. Interesting world building; not amazing but it doesn't feel as if the entire world revolves around the MC. Thought put into monsters doesn't feel as half-assed like in a lot of other stories. The story doesn't seem to be hell-bent on adhering to a re-occurring formula like many other long-running series do. MC doesn't exhibit negative personality traits. Obvious plot holes haven't reared their head yet (other than that one flaky imprisonment + spatial ring incident).

The power system has thought put into it; the different cultivation levels have meaning and isn't just a standard RPG level system in disguise. More importantly, there’s none of the half-assed rank vs rank descriptions during fights or just outright skipping fight sequences that plague other titles. At first the "yuan qi image projections" felt very illogical (how do they even work?) and video-gamey to me, but it's grown on me after the wow factor and interesting visual imagery after the second tournament arc.

As for negative criticisms, I don't have too many. Story starts off slow in the beginning chapters. Excessive pride seems to be a common trait exhibited by many antagonists.

Translators are doing a fine job, updates are regular and the series is caught up to the source.


As much as I don't want to admit it, the criticisms about the writing quality dropping after the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom arc (beginning of the Tian Yuan world arc) are valid. It's like Martial World all over again.

- Author basically sidelines all the world building and character development to date as he throws the MC into a new zone.
- Author constantly explains the obvious (word count filler), over-uses narration to describe the story (telling instead of showing, infodumps). Many chapters are made up of filler / summaries of past events. As a result, the story pacing has slowed to a crawl where very little happens every chapter. To even compare this to the second Tai Ah Divine Kingdom tournament where every chapter had an amazing fight is disappointing.
- Descriptions of locations, characters, etc which used to be a visually interesting positive now becomes a minus as they're often entirely skipped/omitted.
- Power system which was vague in the first place is ignored even more with vague law comprehension.
- Human antagonists/characters all begin to exhibit the same arrogant, douchey archetype. It's to the extent it makes you wonder why the human race is worth saving.
- MC's personality changes to an arrogant, overbearing type. Entire world revolves around the MC.
- Lin Xintong's personality resembles even more like an emotionless robot. Has even less screentime than before.

Changed my rating to 4 stars. Reading up to the end of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom arc is still highly recommended (5 stars), but everything after is 3 stars (bordering on 2 stars for some of the more blatant troll chapters). <<less
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March 10, 2016
Status: --
Its really good. The plot follows the typical xianxia trope but its damn well done. Author is really good in building excitement in the chapters. Characters are well developed (not all antagonists are cruel evil villians.). MC is just loveable. Overall, its a really good read. One brick to rule them all
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ryuuseigami rated it
March 9, 2016
Status: --
it’s a GOOD NOVEL~ ^^

it’s slow paced, but that slow pace that makes this novel more detailed and the Charm is more brighter. this novel is within my novel top list [so far from this site (novelupdates) I read 110 novel and I only have 4 top novel]

it’s about a youth in his prime because of some incident, he experience a body swap with a poor boy 12 years old, from there with a purple card he begin his journey on true martial art world

atm, I read it till c300,... more>> and I read it in marathon style, read it~ it’s great martial arts Novel!! from what I've read so far... I highly recommend it!!! (*TーT) b <<less
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Love4NovelGuy rated it
March 4, 2016
Status: --
Although it's not amazing it's still a good read with enough funny moments and plot twists to make things interesting and the MC isn't a twat who thinks too highly of himself because of his cheat item. The MC doesn't bow to anyone but can still dodge landmines by properly using his intelligence unlike other novels in the same genre even though there are times they are useless. He steadily aims to become stronger while not overbearing or humble which makes this a pretty nice read for anyone interested in... more>> this genre. <<less
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Baddiez rated it
February 27, 2016
Status: --
I love this story. Although it is similar to most other Xianxia it just has a different feel to it. The world is HUGE, the resources are interesting and the overall characters and what not are fun too. Of course not every character is super developed and kept relevant throughout the story (As far as I have read chap 280) but those who are make it quite enjoyable. 7/10 would reccomend.
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February 1, 2016
Status: --
this is an amazing story, I actually found this when it only had around 50ish chapters translated and waited until yesterday to start reading (finished 238 chapters in a day :P)

it has a slow start the MC is not shameless or perverted or anything that could lead to comedy really.

He is very smart though and does not fear to fight against stronger enemies but since he has someone to protect he properly plans his path carefully and eventually succeeds.

The story is slow, he starts to train very early at... more>> around 10ish (?) and slowly gets stronger for the first hundred chapters, but he doesn’t show it off/doesnt travel the road of asskicking until around chapter 100+.

Also there is no romance as of the translation yet (MC is only 12 years old after all :/) but romance is something I wouldn’t completely exclude from this in the future, there might be a good chance for it.

unlike other xianxia he doesnt really have any followers or friends that travel with him (like TDG or LLS), he is pretty much solo.

this is quite different from most other xianxias but its definitely a good read its just a bit slow so 240 chapters felt a lot shorter to me compared to 240 chapters of other xianxia :/.

His background is pretty much the shittiest you will ever see compared to other MCs in xianxias (mom and dad unknown and likely to never be mentioned as for why I won’t spoil but you will understand why seeing his living conditions).

He is also not a reincarnated person and about the human emperor thing in the summary I still have absolutely no clue who that is because I dont remember seeing it mentioned anywhere even briefly.

To tell how he starts out I will spoil a bit but its something you learn in chapter 1-3 anyways. (I dont know how to get that spoiler box to work)


the MC lives in the modern world and goes hiking with 3 friends, there he finds a purple crystal in a cave then suddenly the cave collapses and he is trapped. His friends pretty much went “poof” no mention of them at all really so its fine to ignore that the author seems to exclude them as they had no roles. Then he digs himself out but when he comes out he appears in a completely different place and slowly finds out it is another world.

He actually digs himself out of his own grave (the grave belongs to someone with the same name as him but is just as 12 year old boy that died) and he noticed his body belongs to that 12 year old boy. So this is pretty much a combination of reincarnation and world travelling, not exactly reincarnation and not exactly travelling to a different world either. Like I said earlier you will learn all this within the first 3 chapters so not much of a spoiler.


I recommend reading it, if you are the type that enjoys a talented OP MC then you must have patience! Its even slower than ATG and as you know in ATG the MC doesnt start training til chapter 40+ then asskicking at 60+.

its a very good story and although it does not give me the excitement feeling of other xianxias, it gives a different feeling while you read and doesn't lose out to other xianxia stories.

The MC is cold to enemies but he is very kind to people close to him and he doesn’t go on a slaughtering spree like other MCs. His living environment like I said before is EXTREMELY shitty so not only was living tough but he couldve died any time but with his own strength and abilities he climbs out and changes his own future. <<less
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January 26, 2016
Status: --
I don’t normally post reviews but this was just too good. I’m addicted. It is slow paced but the author is very good in his world building. There’s no information dumps, and the characters are at least smarter than most xianxia/xuanhua characters. I rarely laugh when I read WN coz most of comedy is dry but this WN made me laugh my ass off. Especially at the later chapters. Its on par with CD, ISSH and all that. Definitely worth it.

I liked how zhou kui was able to reconcile... more>> with yi yun. That at least shows that the characters can think abd dont just blindly follow the typical thug stereotype. <<less
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Nordic rated it
January 1, 2016
Status: --
I like it but it is really slow and it doesn't have that much action. The real series pretty much starts at 150 and the rest is just foreshadowing.
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Fang23 rated it
August 19, 2019
Status: Completed
Good LN but it's basically a long throwback to Lin Ming's adventure... first parts of the novel are good and I don't mind the number of tournament arcs as long as they are short and passable but later it takes on a bad turn... many things are mentioned but they are dropped like they weren't of any importance like the eye of the ancestor god in Yi Yun's planet... it's mentioned in a few chapters and then poof... gone... then there is the author's need to make him OP... gets... more>> the purple card which is basically the best cheat you can get in a human cultivation system if his universe... the card basically ensured him success in basically everything... he learns martial arts quickly, learns alchemy to the level of a highest state in just a few chapters and rather has no vulnerability... he always has the situation under control and there is basically no edge in this story... throughout the whole novel there isn't any worthwhile villain who makes him run or hide or at least hurt him... so the whole story is very bland and the he doesn't look for lucky chances... the come looking for him... espec especin the later parts of the novel and the one thing which I hate is that he uses a lot of OP treasures easily... like the purple card, he can use it easily from the initial chapter but as in MW Lin Ming had to wait till a good half of the novel was over to just get to know its use other than to store souls fragments, and that rusty sword of the godly monarch, this sword is basically a all escape pass out of any danger, ' He gets trapped, he swings the sword and gets free, he faces strong enemies and he slashes and the enemy is cut in half and many more

And the final arc itself is soo bad it's basically the 'Plot of ancient Devil' arc of MW with just tiny modifications here and there... and he doesn't even use his own strength to finish the last boss... He literally does the same thing as the bad guy and the universe, which I think is really on a way lower level than the 33 heavens of martial world, let him eat it bcz it was better than letting the bad guy do the same... it's like a bad guy tries to kill you don't want to get killed but the bad guy so you go and impare yourself in the good guys sword... so awful... and the fight was like a defltaed balloon... the bad guy was absorbing the daily of the universe, MC poked him during that time, bad guy severely injured, mchut him again, bad guy hurt more, MC does what the bad guy was found that is swallows world laws, becomes as powerful as bad guy, MC hits him a few time, bad guy dies... no drama no nothing... and most of all the bad guy doesn't even try to hurt the MC... he's like I'll wait till he gets stronger so he can kill me... he just sits meditating the whole time... no plot and no tragic stuff... go straight and you will win... <<less
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d4rknezz rated it
August 16, 2019
Status: Completed
I did not read MW, so I have no expectation for this novel.

Its not bad. Its not amazing. The characters are memorable... so much so actually, that you wish you get to see more of them, instead of the MC running off and never seeing them again.

The novel itself is wordy. Everything is described in minute detail. Locations, lore, etc. Too wordy, in fact, you just kind of go, okay, already, so what happens in this chapter, stop it with the description of things.

But its the author's style, so you... more>> kind of get used to it.
The romance is poorly developed. The MC and his girl is amazing and powerful when together, so naturally, for 90% of the novel, they just can't be together otherwise there wont be a story.

Some of the skills were forgotten. After getting attached to a specific skill, the author just kind of discard it.

The ending was also rushed :


Then there is the ending. The MC, like a typical cheat character, spent 95% of the novel developing and exploring his 1 cheat item, day by day, week by week, to get stronger to fight the final fight. Then, at the final chapter, the MC somehow got his hands on 2 more cheat items, disappears for 10 years to study them, and the next paragraph shows back up as being infinitely more powerful than he ever was the other 95% of the novel.

The author somehow made a short epilogue to tie things up, but..... it felt unsatisfying. And part of the reason was because some of the characters were so likeable, they deserve a better treatment.


Should you read it? I dunno, but even with the complains I have with this novel, the writing was pretty good. I am actually looking forward to reading MW now, hoping it would be really good. <<less
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avidnovelreader95 rated it
March 28, 2018
Status: Completed
this novel wasn't bad however I enjoyed martial world way more than I did for this one. I always enjoyed cocoon cow's novels they always start out really well but the mid to late transitioning part always just leaves more to be desired. The ending its not bad but its also not good either its just kinda average. This is why I always feel like cocoon cow's novels are like the epitome of a okay cultivation novel. For me personally his novels are like a measurement used to measure other... more>> novels. Sadly not much novels are better than cocoon cow's novel even though its only decent. <<less
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February 20, 2018
Status: c756
So first few hundred chapters were awesome and really easy to read had a great potential, ofc there was that hype element from MW that brings you into this novel.

But well after those first few hundred you are starting to see repetitive story details which have no meaning and everyone else seem like a big mob of people who do nothing just cause troubles everywhere. And AGAIN when everything seems okay and story is fine you get slapped in face by some stupid sh*t that happens out of nowhere when... more>> MC comes around.

I just don't see goal or what our MC wants to do.

Saw someone wrote, that powerleveing greatly built, but IMO it's garbage oversimplistic and there a lot, I mean a lot of necessary information taken out, "The MC learned some great secret technique" and you get nothing about that technique only some laws and even then you don't get sh*t about them <<less
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EvilGenesis666 rated it
January 24, 2018
Status: c1328
True Martial World is a pretty decent novel, same with Martial World, it has tons of potential and complexity which is being explored throughout the novel. However, in my opinion, True Martial World is even more complex and diverse than Martial World is concerning cultivation, insights and the supernatural aspect of the novel (techniques, laws, treasures, bloodlines...)

Concerning Yi Yun, the main character, I found him pretty likable as he shows human emotions appropriate to most of situations, be they sympathy for the weak that are being trampled, love... more>> and caring for his close ones, rage and hate for the cruel people and those that harm his friends and allies. He was also almost never hypocritical, which is a big plus for me since I loathe those kind of MC's the most. The bad points for him (at least in my opinion) were his unnaturally fast transition from a modern-earth average teenager to a middle-ages world setup cultivator in a matter of days, and the fact he sometimes acts rashly to deal out bashing on arrogant side characters which gets him and his friends in trouble.

About cultivation, it was amazing. I like it very much when the xianxia and xuanhuan novels have a cultivating system which is diverse and every next stage is completely different than the last. It also has special stages in every realm which make warriors differ from each other which I find is much better than just going from 1st to 10th level and then repeat with only the realm name being changed.. As for the other stuff concerning cultivation (laws, techniques, special abilities, treasures, alchemy, bloodlines...) that is also very complex and interesting and you can see that author tries hard to develop it trough the story and it is still very relevant even in the latest releases.

The story overall is pretty good, most of the plot was pretty interesting, there were some cliche and boring arcs, but they weren't so bad as they are usually only a few chapters long and they get replaced with interesting story and world-exploring pretty soon so it keeps you interested most of the time. There were some bad plot points like repetitiveness of story, the fact that is from earth being nearly completely irrelevant and some inconsistencies, but since the story kept me interested all the way till the latest chapter I won't take those stereotypes to heart and rage for them being present in the novel. <<less
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Chachingmel rated it
January 21, 2018
Status: c475
Would have given this a five star rating until I realised just how repetitive this story actually is.

The author seems to have an obsession with tournaments and the way the MC is constantly being ridiculed by those around him, can make reading unbearable some times.

There is character called 'Lin Xintong' that the author places heavy emphasis on for some reason.

... more>> At the beginning I understand that she is much stronger then the MC but 400 chapters in and she is still much stronger then the MC.

It depressing really, knowing the MC went through hell to build strength but somebody who has literally done nothing to get stronger and even has something wrong with her body is constantly one upping him.

You have to wonder why even bother trying to build strength, when you know the MC will never truly shine the brightest. <<less
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June 1, 2017
Status: --
Although this novel isn't interesting at the beginning, I like it because it's different from some other reincarnation novels. In this, the MC actually faces poverty and it isn't so that the MC is from a good family but is just hated. Also in most novels usually the person who reincarnated is an expert or an assassin that died but in this, it looks like the MC isn't someone who is an expert at fighting or has any particular knowledge in medicine.

The starting isn't too bad but at some parts,... more>> he author seems to drag some things on instead of getting to the main point. It is interesting but the story doesn't look like it has much depth but still, the author knows how to make people interested in it. <<less
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badiyee rated it
May 19, 2016
Status: c424
1) Translation speed is very fast, to the point that its updated daily (so it can catch up to the raws)
2) The pacing of the story is incredibly fast (after the world building). It feels like as if the one is playing Chinese chess on a blitz mode, repetitively. Its a snowballing of events, one after another after another after another without much of a pace to slow down. The world building is simple, but makes a lasting image. Once you read through the front chapters, you'll get... more>> the gist of the current world that the story is in.
3) This is a sequel (not a direct sequel) to Martial World, if my memory serves me right. Shares the same elements, but nothing concretely related (as of translated chapters)
4) Translation quality is awesome.
5) If you enjoy Peerless Martial God's kind of "one after another" breakneck pacing, this is one you'll enjoy. <<less
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May 16, 2016
Status: c421
Really awesome story. Really interesting way the story progress. Although we can predict some progress of the story but it has its moments. I finished the story in 3 days
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LazyLuong rated it
April 28, 2016
Status: --
The novel is slow pace in the way that you do feel the chapter sometimes drags on. There are times where nothing literally happens in the chapter other than explaining the environment. The story doesn’t glorify the MC as righteous. What is right and what is wrong, who is telling the truth or lies, etc. Is all determine by the strong.

The antagonist are not your boring villians that depends on their family, or are villians just for the sake of being villians. They are their own characters that have... more>> their own stories and their own dilemmas which they try to solve in their own way. Their dilemma isn’t that much different from the MC except they took the wrong/immoral path to try to attain their goals. It just so happen that the MC ends up being an obstacles in their way and so they try to deal with the MC.

I would give this novel a 4, but due to the constant redundancy, I deduct a point off. I don’t mind info dump like in Xian Ni, but this is ridiculous. If you want to enjoy this novel, be prepare to skip tons of paragraphs because it gets worse where a whole chapter is fill with just redundant info only. To me, the reliance on constant redundancy to fill up a chapter/word count shows a lack of skills. <<less
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